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Track Pairing in the Gala Music Ecosystem

Track Pairing in the Gala Music Ecosystem

What is Gala Music and How Does It Work?

Gala Music is powered by a network of GalaChain nodes known as Jukebox Nodes. These nodes have a critical role in hosting music content on the platform, allowing all users to listen to their favorite tracks seamlessly.

Think of these nodes as individual radio stations broadcasting songs over the internet, but operated by users like you. Unlike traditional radio stations however, there’s no need to “tune in.” Instead, the audio content you want is automatically delivered through web3 magic, straight to your ears via the next available Jukebox Node.

Pairing Your Track with a Jukebox Node

When you ‘pair’ a track with an active Jukebox Node, you are essentially uploading your track to the blockchain. This means your track is hosted on the network and available for others to listen to. There’s no additional cost to do this, and you don’t need to own a Jukebox Node yourself. If you do own one, however, you can choose to pair your track with your node to optimize your rewards.

Unlocking Rewards Through Music

Once your track is paired and receives listens on the platform, it starts generating rewards in the form of $MUSIC. These rewards are distributed among three parties: The Jukebox Node operator (the host), the track owner and the musician who produced the track. This incentivizes not just the hosting of tracks, but also active participation and promotion within the Gala Music ecosystem.

Rewards generated in each 24 hour period are divided among all instances of the track that are successfully paired with an active Jukebox Node.

Learn more about all the details of $MUSIC rewards and the Gala Music economy in the Gala Music Whitepaper.

The Simplicity of Track Pairing

Pairing a track to an active Jukebox Node is straightforward and can be done easily through your Collection page. By making it easy and free to pair tracks, Gala Music encourages widespread participation and decentralization. Anyone with a track can contribute to and potentially benefit from the ecosystem, fostering a community-driven environment where anyone’s success is everyone’s success.

The Bigger Picture

The Jukebox Node network is a form of DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure), just like GalaChain’s many other node networks with their specialized workloads. Unlike traditional music streaming services that rely on centralized servers (like those from AWS), Gala Music leverages its community to power the network. This not only reduces reliance on major corporations but also puts the control and rewards back into the hands of the community members — the music lovers and creators themselves.

Why This Matters

This method of hosting NFT tracks through Jukebox Nodes underlines Gala Music’s commitment to a decentralized music system. By empowering its community to host and share music, Gala Music disrupts the traditional music industry, shifting power from centralized bodies to individual artists and fans. This new model not only enhances engagement and interaction within the music community but also aligns with broader trends towards decentralization in digital content distribution.

By joining the Gala Music ecosystem, you’re part of a revolutionary approach that reshapes how music is enjoyed and valued across the globe.

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More and More Mayhem: Week 3 Preview

More and More Mayhem: Week 3 Preview

Mayhem Has Begun is approaching its halfway point, but there’s still plenty of time left to get in on week 2 Mayhem this weekend!

As far as week 3, today we’re here to give you a little preview of the Mayhem that’s kicking off next Monday.

Mayhem Again

The coming week brings continued competitions and events from some familiar projects, but also some new twists and turns to add to the sweet chaos that is May Mayhem.

Everything covered in this article will pertain specifically to May Mayhem week 3, May 20th through May 27th. For events going on right now, refer to last week’s preview below!

Common Ground World

This weekend the nitty gritty grind of fierce competition continues in the ‘Best of the Best’’ competition, but we’ll open the field up one more time in week 3… we’re going back to ‘Everybody’s Welcome’!

This format will work the same as week 1, with reward seats expanded to 2500 winners and 31% additional $GALA added to the prizes! Get in there when the competition starts next Monday to build for your rewards.

Next week will feature yet another 2nd chance sale… this time 100 Arcane Rings will be up for sale! Each of these Epic rings will be available for $120.

Another week of Mayhem brings two more NFT reworks. Look forward to seeing overhauled versions of the Tunnel of Love and Barista Palace!

Another week of Mayhem brings two more NFT reworks. Look forward to seeing overhauled versions of the Tunnel of Love and Barista Palace!

If you missed the Common Ground World weekly Town Hall, you’ll have to circle back and listen to hear even more about next week’s festivities and guilds in Common Ground World!

Legends Reborn

Even more Mayhem will be coming to the tables this week!

Last week, we messed up the announcement for Legends Reborn a bit 🫢. Due to a change at the beginning of week 2, five places are eligible to receive rewards in each category of total matches played and total matches won!

We’ll be doing the same thing this week, with each winners in each category able to claim the following rewards:

  • 1st place – $200 of $GALA
  • 2nd place – $150 of $GALA
  • 3rd place – $75 of $GALA
  • 4th place – $50 of $GALA
  • 5th place – $25 of $GALA

Remember, there’s still time to land some free NFT card rewards for Legends Reborn! Rack up 50, 100 and 150 matches played respectively to get your hands on a new Glacial Spear, Viridian Dragon and Phoenix!

Remember, there’s still time to land some free NFT card rewards for Legends Reborn! Rack up 50, 100 and 150 matches played respectively to get your hands on a new Glacial Spear, Viridian Dragon and Phoenix!


GalaSwap’s May Mayhem event continues, and we’re yet again switching up the tokens you could get extra rewards from swapping again!

This week, the top volume swapper for each of the following tokens will receive extra rewards:

  • $GALA
  • $GUSDT
  • $MUSIC
  • $LECC
  • $GSWAP
  • $ETIME
  • $TOLK


Our friends at NFTD are getting in on the Mayhem too! Have you deployed your towers to see how long you can last!? If not, next week is a great time!

Next week the team over at NFTD is even introducing a brand new tower. This tower is usable by players with particular NFTs that some galaxians may already have around. 

Now, it’s not our place to say what NFTs these are. I wonder what items from the galaverse cube could be indicating 🤔…


Every VOX in your wallet allows you to place one Cube Tower!!!



The VOX invasion continues, and it’s headed where VOX have never gone before next week! Have you been racking up the wins at the tables in Legends Reborn? There’s still time left to land in the top 100 and get your hands on an exclusive ProtoVOX!

Next week, the invasion is heading to NFTD! We’ve partnered with their team to bring a special reward to the top finishers on the leaderboard next week. The top 20 finishers in NFTD’s leaderboard through May 27th will receive Common VOX Land!

Maybe you can use some of those new towers to help you out? We can’t for the life of us guess what NFTs could unlock these cuboid colossi! 

Continual Mayhem

We’ve covered all the new events and changes above (that we’re willing to reveal right now 😉), but there’s still tons going on across the whole month. We’re approaching the halfway point, so the time to take advantage of these events is running low!

  • Gala Music – Listen for Rewards is live on Gala Music!!! Get points for each unique track you listen to and grab a daily distribution of $MUSIC!
  • Gala Film – You can still get an extra RZR Mystery Box for watching each new episode of RZR! One will be delivered shortly after watching and bonus boxes will drop into your account each week.
  • Eternal Paradox – EPX still has time left for you to farm Mayhem Boxes and complete your Mayhem Pass for a pile of extra rewards!
  • Champions Arena – Have you been loading up on M-Tickets? Did you get everything you wanted from the shop yet!?

Mayhemming All Month Long

That’s all we’ve got to announce for week 3…  we’ve inevitably left at least something as a surprise here. Such is the way with Mayhem. 😁
Remember, you’ve still got 3 days left in week 2 festivities… make them count!

Good luck out there galaxians. Get the Mayhem while you can, because we’re halfway through the month already. Mayhem does have a way of intensifying over time though, so make sure you leave a little in the tank for the finale in week 4!

Guilds are Live in Common Ground World

Guilds are Live in Common Ground World

Read the Common Ground World Litepaper

The wait is over! The Common Ground World team is thrilled to announce the official launch of Guilds, a game-changer set to transform your gameplay in Gala’s flagship game of town and city builders.

We invite all players to join a Guild today to unlock new levels of collaborative strategy and new reward opportunities.

Manage Your Own Guild

You will be able to create a Common Ground World Guild in any Game Mode by selecting a Common Ground World Node Workload NFT (previously known as Town Star Node) that you own in your Gala Inventory. Note that the Guild will be linked to the Node NFT so transferring it will also transfer leadership of the Guild itself!

Your Guild will feature a unique name and a Guild Icon of your choice. A Level 1* Guild will hold up to 20 Members including the Guild Leader and 20 Library Slots!

*Guild Levels are part of the Upgradable NFTs feature coming up later in 2024.

You can invite Guild Members by searching for their Gala Username in the search bar within the Guild Invite Menu. They will receive an invitation they can Accept or Reject!

Guild participation is not required to enjoy the game, but it opens up a world of new possibilities. By running a Guild, you can lend your friends a helping hand by letting them use NFTs that you’ve added to your Guild Library!

Join a Guild

If you’d rather just join a Guild, you will need an Invitation from a Guild Leader. After accepting, you’ll gain access to the Guild’s Library of NFTs that your Guild Leader has shared, which means you can check out the NFTs you need to maximize your role in the current build, contributing to your Guild’s winning strategy to take home the prizes!

You can leave a Guild anytime, but if you want to join a new one you must wait 24 hours!

Guild Roles

Guilds feature three Roles for members:

The Guild Leader is the owner of the Common Ground World Node Workload NFT that created the Guild. As the head of the team, the Leader can invite, kick or promote Guild Members, and set up NFTs for check out in the Guild NFT Library. The Leader can also Force Return an NFT checked out by a Member.

Guild Officers are trusted members of the Guild. They can kick or promote members to Officers as well! Of course, they can check out shared NFTs from the Library too!

Guild members are the cornerstone of your Guild, the devoted team who can check out the Guild’s shared NFTs from the Library for use in Competitions to bring victory and honor to your Guild! You don’t need a Node NFT to join a Guild, just an Invitation!

Manage Your Guild’s NFT Library

If you own a Common Ground World Node Workload NFT, you can set up a Guild of your own! As a Guild Leader, you have the power to curate your Guild’s NFT Library. Players can “check out” NFTs from this Library to use in both competitive Guild events and solo events, maximizing their potential and strategy. This new system adds new layers of cooperation and strategic planning that will enrich the already challenging competitive gameplay of Common Ground World. As of the first version of Guilds, only NFTs that can be placed in the in-game grid (Buildings, basically) can be set in the Library. Each NFT set in your Guild Library can be checked out only once at a time, but each member can check out more than one NFT at a time.

The First Ever Guild Competition

In honor of this exciting update, we are kicking off the first-ever Common Ground World Guild competition next week as part of CGW’s May Mayhem events! This competition will provide a fantastic opportunity for Guilds to showcase their strategic prowess and teamwork. We expect serious Guild contenders to rise to the top and show us what we can accomplish in Common Ground World when we work together!

More details about the competition are coming soon, so don’t miss this week’s Common Ground World Town Hall, Friday morning at 8am PT!

Prepare Your Guild Now

If you own a Common Ground World Node Workload NFT, now is the time to prepare your Guild and start recruiting players who have the potential to outbuild and outsmart the competition. 

Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of a historic moment in Common Ground World.

At Gala Games, we are committed to creating an immersive and rewarding gaming experience. Even though CGW is our earliest game, the launch of Guilds in Common Ground World is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Your passion, feedback, and engagement are what drive us forward.

To ensure you never miss out on the latest discussions and the thriving CGW community, join us in the Gala Games Discord server.

Join us in this new chapter and let’s cultivate a world of unity, creativity, and competition. We can’t wait to see you in the game! Let’s build, strategize, and compete together like never before.Happy farming and happy Guilding!

We can’t wait to see you in the game! Let’s build, strategize, and compete together like never before.

Play Common Ground World

Common Ground World Guilds FAQ

As important questions are addressed in the community, they will be added and answered here.

How many players can be in a guild?

A level 1 Guild will start with 20 Member slots including the Guild Leader.Once the upgradable NFTs feature set goes live you will be able to increase your Guild’s Library spaces by upgrading your Node NFT.

How many NFTs can be placed in a Library?

A level 1 Guild will start with 20 NFT Library spaces. Once the Upgradable NFTs feature set goes live you will be able to increase your Guild’s Library spaces by upgrading your Node NFT.

If I kick a member from my guild, how long does it take for the member slot to be open and the NFTs to return to the Library?

This happens instantly.

Can I be the owner of a Guild, and join another Guild at the same time?

No you cannot be in more than one Guild at once.

Can I change my Guild during a competition?

Yes! You can leave a Guild anytime during a competition and join a new one after the 24 hours Guild change cooldown is up. Remember that the LAST Guild you join will be considered as your final Guild for the competition.

What does promoting a recruit to an officer do?

Promoting a Guild member to Guild Officer allows the user to Kick and Promote or Demote other Guild members.