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Last Expedition: Are you Mission Ready?

Last Expedition: Are you Mission Ready?

The hunt has been lucrative for everyone here on the platform. Aura is remote… you know though, word spreads quick about treasure like this. 

You haven’t noticed? It’s on everybody’s mind – no one has to say anything. With the riches we’re finding on this planet, a hunter could do a year’s worth of business in a few days. That kind of opportunity doesn’t stay undiscovered for long. 

Everybody’s gearing up to get as much as they can as fast as they can. Never mind the parasites and the ravagers… more dangerous things will be here soon.

Prepare for some big updates coming to the planet Aura! This hunt just got serious.

Last Expedition: Mission Ready is a massive update to existing gameplay. Get ready for tons of new content, systems, fixes and much more danger.

The Mission

The hunter grind isn’t the easiest, we get it. That’s why Platform management has graciously agreed to recognize the sacrifices of intrepid hunters with a new performance-based advancement system! Thank you for your continued excavation of Aura in the face of workplace risks such as abandonment, disembowelment or alien ingestion!

Hunters will now gain XP from each play session, which will gradually let them unlock new ranks in Last Expedition.

As you achieve each new rank, you’ll receive rewards in Last Expedition’s new Character Token – LECHAR.

As new hunters rush to the Platform to hunt invaluable resources on Aura, LECHAR can be used to unlock new playable characters, each with a new assortment of abilities and strategic importance for a team of hunters. There may be a new one to unlock very soon… 👀

Modern Style

The Platform is exceedingly remote, so they don’t often get much exposure to the latest fashion trends across the galaxy. With the escalating influx of new hunters eager to plunder aura for big time loot, however, many new styles and trends have inundated the Platform.

Care to freshen up your style and sport some new fashion? Mission Ready will bring 16 new character skins along with nine new weapon skins.

Have you been stocking up on Minerals Core Chunks and Fragment Chunks? With this update, these hoarded resources are how you’ll gain access to these new character skins. Each of the 16 new Character skins has four different rarities – Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Remember though, only one team can keep the resources that they find to spend on new threads. There’s not enough room on this extraction platform for all of us!

More Danger = More Rewards

Higher threat level creatures and servers will have increased loot drops for the Mission Ready release. In tougher matches, you’ll get more XP, more resources and maybe even exclusive loot drops for escaping with the core.

The nine new Mission Ready weapon skins will be dropping from some of the most vicious aliens out there. Get ready to fight for it, because they’re not letting go of it easily!

Be Ready for the Mission

Expect to hear more soon from us about all the new content coming up in the Last Expedition: Mission Ready release. Until then, good luck out there… and good hunting!

Will you Qualify for DeFi Pioneer Rewards?

Will you Qualify for DeFi Pioneer Rewards?

With the recent addition of GalaSwap and its $GSWAP token that allows and incentivizes GalaChain users to trade tokens on-chain, we wanted to do something special for the pioneers who paved the way!

Do You Qualify for the Drop?

We’re awarding past participants in Uniswap airdrops a special free Mystery Box containing $MUSIC and $GALA!

The easiest way to tell if you’ve qualified for the free Mystery Box drop? Connect your Metamask wallet to a free Gala account. Even if you don’t have a Gala account yet, you can make one now and connect your qualifying wallet to find a Mystery Box surprise!

If you’ve qualified for the free Mystery Box and already have a connected Metamask, just check your Inventory to find and open your Mystery Box.

What’s Inside?

In this massive reward drop, a total of 39 million $MUSIC will be distributed (currently valued at nearly $3 million!), divided among approximately 221K participating wallets, but you must connect your wallet to a Gala account to access the drop!

Inside the Mystery Box, you’ll find a mysterious amount of $MUSIC, the official token of Gala Music. This token is tradable for any other token offered on GalaSwap, and the fee to swap is only 1 $GALA (which you’ll also find in the Mystery Box)!

You’ll find various amounts of $MUSIC, anywhere from $5 to $100k (1 lucky winner) in these boxes, so it would be wise to check your box as soon as possible!

Step by Step

To Check:

  1. Create a free Gala account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Connect the Metamask wallet that received a UNI airdrop in the past.
  3. Check your account Inventory under “Openable NFTs”

To Redeem:

  1. Create a GalaChain Transfer Code in your Account Settings.
  2. Open your Mystery Box using your transfer code.
  3. $MUSIC and $GALA will then appear in your token Inventory.

To Trade:

  1. Login with your Gala credentials at
  2. Wrap your $MUSIC to turn it into $GMUSIC on GalaChain.
  3. Create a swap using $GMUSIC.

GalaSwap Updates

GalaSwap is growing fast, offering the community a place to swap their favorite GalaChain-based tokens peer-to-peer without the need to bridge to another blockchain.

$MUSIC to Our Ears

Partials and API

$GSWAP: The Official Token of GalaSwap

Don’t Miss this Week’s Drops: What’s New on Gala Music

Don’t Miss this Week’s Drops: What’s New on Gala Music

The music community is abuzz with the latest news from Spotify, announcing a subscription hike and the accompanying addition of audiobooks as a Premium membership feature. While you may think that a membership rate hike would mean more pay for artists, that is not the case. They’re restructuring royalty payments in a way that will vastly reduce royalties earned by US songwriters and publishers. Learn more in this blog.

This new development from the massively popular mainstream platform has come at a shock to the industry, whose creators are already earning only a fraction of what they deserve. This is why it’s so important to create a new haven for these musicians, allowing them to earn fairly while maintaining control over their content.

When you support the decentralized vision of web3 music with Gala, you’re playing a key role in uplifting and empowering the artists with an entire corporate system stacked against them. There are tons of ways you can support the future of music with Gala Music:

  • Build an NFT track collection and collect $MUSIC rewards.
  • Operate a Jukebox Node for daily $MUSIC rewards.
  • Listen to unique tracks every day to qualify for $MUSIC rewards.
  • Unlock All Access Experiences from your favorite Gala artists.
  • Open Mystery Boxes for chances to win big.
  • Support artists directly by locking your $MUSIC behind them.
  • Tip your favorite artists directly in $MUSIC.
  • Engage with live virtual concerts from Gala Music artists.
  • Many more…

Download the free Gala Music app now

This Week’s Highlights

Among a killer lineup of track drops from both new and returning Gala Music artists this week, we’re highlighting 2 debut Signature Edition drops.

KILLBOY Drops “3 Steps Back”

Has anyone you loved ever asked you to just take a couple steps back? This is a trap-heartbreak song written, produced, mixed & mastered by KILLBOY.

Listen now on Gala Music

The Years Drop “Electric Intervention”

“Electric Intervention” by The Years critiques society’s obsession with fleeting fame and the pervasive influence of technology. Through pulsating rhythms and dynamic melodies, the song urges listeners to break free from the digital noise and reconnect with their authentic selves in a world dominated by social media and virtual personas.

Listen now on Gala Music

This Week’s Drops

Take some time to browse through the latest releases and upcoming track drops on Gala Music. If you hold at least 1 $MUSIC in your GalaChain inventory or 1000 $MUSIC in your Ethereum inventory, you’ll qualify for additional $MUSIC rewards just for listening each day to at least 10 unique tracks!

Dropped Monday, May 13 👇

CYPARISS – “Reflection”
OKAY! KENJI – “change of pace”
6ixBux – “Unforgiving”
c152 – “Analog Dreams”

Dropping Tuesday, May 14 👇

Neil Degas – “Braveheart” (feat. Scarlett)
Avila Santo – “Eleda’s String”
Blood Bronco – “Walking Around Money (All I Need)”
Josh Dreon – “Lying to Me”

Dropping Wednesday, May 15 👇

The Years – “Electric Intervention”
Darren Claxton – “Escapism”
KILLBOY – “3 Steps Back”
Daisy Gray – “Cinnamon Sun”
PLS&TY – “Sometime, Somewhere”

Dropping Thursday, May 16 👇

EpicFail – “Chaos” (Original Mix)
Krysta Youngs – “Cheap Therapy”
Jaq – “Angels vs Devils” (prod. Pettros)

Dropping Friday, May 17 👇

KIMERA G – “King me”
Phenix Red – “My River, She”
Sandi Thom – “War Paint”
PuffPass – “Shooting Stars”

A New Way to $MUSIC

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a casual listener looking to get the most out of your free music streaming, Gala Music is here to reimagine the way you listen and experience the latest music.

Check the latest drops in the All Access Store

Create a free account and start getting rewarded

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