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Pitches–Empowering Independent Filmmakers & the Future of Gala Film

Pitches–Empowering Independent Filmmakers & the Future of Gala Film

The first four episodes of David Bianchi’s sci-fi thriller series, RZR, are available now, exclusively on Gala Film. Collect NFT Moments now to secure daily platform rewards or open Mystery Boxes to unlock additional content from the show!

At Gala Film, we’re building more than just a place to watch movies– We’re fostering connections between fans and creators, creating deeper connections to the stories they love. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Pitches, a revolutionary platform feature that will empower anyone to step into the exciting industry of film.

Pitches–Unleash Your Inner Filmmaker

Gala Film’s Pitches is an upcoming platform feature that will make it easier than ever for creators to bring their projects to life while offering community members opportunities to play a key role in any project’s success.

With the power of GalaChain, the pitching and backing of films is no longer limited to the Hollywood elite and those with the deepest pockets. Anyone and everyone will be invited to participate in this new approach to film pitches on any level they choose.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan yearning for a sequel to your favorite film or a budding director with a groundbreaking story to tell, with Pitches, you can make it happen. 

Community at its Core–Supporting Pitches

At the heart of Pitches lies the power of community. Use your $FILM tokens to support projects that spark your passion. In return, you’ll unlock exclusive benefits like early access, backstage passes, credit listings, or even cast appearances! More info will be coming soon about specific opportunities as Pitches prepares for launch.

Reshaping the Filmmaking Landscape

Pitches fosters a collaborative environment where fans can actively influence the creation of content they love. This innovative approach redefines filmmaking, making it more inclusive, vibrant, and accessible than ever before. This is yet another example of how Gala Film is planning to breathe new life into a beloved industry while empowering everyone involved, from artist to fan.

Crafting Your Dream Project–Creating Pitches

Gala will equip you with a user-friendly template to craft compelling pitches for your dream projects. We believe every great film starts with a compelling pitch, and Pitches makes that process seamless and empowering. This crucial part of the process should be fun–not frustrating, simple–not strenuous, and rewarded–not regretted.

Join the movement! With series and film content like David Bianchi’s RZR, it’s time to envision what you want to see, then start putting in the rewarding work to make it a reality!

RPKprincess Returns with “Don’t Check on Me”

RPKprincess Returns with “Don’t Check on Me”

Meet RPK, your newest e-girl alter ego in the Gala Music galaxy. With her second Signature Edition, “Don’t Check on Me“, RPKprincess brings a raw and unfiltered slice of her heartbreak and isolation straight to your ears. Created in the solitude of March 2021, the track features haunting chords echoed by delay effects, underscored by robust 808s and drill drums. The lyrics, a blend of pain and spur-of-the-moment inspiration, are delivered in the raw intonation of the original recording, embodying the emotional weight of the moment they were conceived.

About RPKprincess

Bella, as she is known outside her digital persona RPK, encapsulates a vibrant DIY spirit. From crafting her own lyrics to producing her music and cover art, Bella’s creative autonomy shines through her work. 

“Meet me on the moon.”


Signature Edition Release

“Don’t Check on Me” drops on Gala Music as a Signature Edition on May 1st, 2024. Limited to only 100 copies, this release offers fans a piece of Bella’s personal saga. Own this track to unlock daily $MUSIC rewards while directly supporting a vibrant emerging alternative pop artist on Gala Music.

Listen to “Don’t Check on Me” now on Gala Music

Engage with the Track

To unlock regular rewards based on the track’s platform success, pair it with an active Gala Music Jukebox Node. With a reward multiplier of 20X (the max possible) and a guaranteed free drop of future editions of the track if/when they are unlocked, Signature Editions are the best way to maximize your $MUSIC rewards. You’ll find more details about Gala Music rewards in the Gala Music Whitepaper.

This is your chance to own a piece of the music and reap continuous benefits from your support.

Listen and Connect

Feel the depth of Bella’s artistry by visiting her official website and diving into her world. Prepare to be transported to a realm where each chord strikes a resonant blow and every lyric is a peek into the soul of RPK.

Previously, RPKprincess dropped “You Were Right” on April 11th. Check it out! 

Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity. Own a piece of RPKprincess’ music and help elevate her journey as a web3 artist. Listen now and be part of her rise in this revolutionary music ecosystem.

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Calling Musicians: Artist Upload is ready to empower your career

GALAthon Winners and Prizes

GALAthon Winners and Prizes

GalaChain is growing all the time, with more people jumping in and building on-chain every day! Last month’s hackathon, however, was a moment like no other in the growth of GalaChain. We saw amazing developments and innovative new ways to use the chain for a better web3 world.

After intense deliberation by our esteemed GALAthon guest judges and our chain team, the time has finally come to announce the results! Congratulations to each and every one of the winners… and thank you to every single participant! It’s all of you who make GalaChain amazing!

Judges’ Favorites

We’ve already discussed the in-person judges’ favorites, but we wanted to sing the praises of these innovators again.

  1. NFTD.GG –

200,000 USDT + $10k AWS Credits, $25k VGX and a $400 Alienware Monitor

  1. Team No Rest –

150,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits and $15k VGX

  1. Corgi AI3D Forever –

100,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits and $10k VGX

We’re proud of all the projects that participated at this hackathon, and we think the judges made incredibly astute observations to pick these three top projects.

Remote Participation Prizes

After going through each project and presentation, we have awarded a number of additional prizes in several categories:

Best Use of AI: Fuzzle Prime

Fuzzle Prime is a project that embodies the ideology of blockchain technology in so many ways. For this Hackathon, they created Fuzzle UniverCity to leverage the powers of AI to create instructional course content using GalaChain!

Prize Awarded: 50,000 USDT + $10k AWS Credits

Most Creative Project: Dragon Slayers

The Dragon Slayers crafted the Dragon Board, a way to burn NFTs directly for fungible tokens on chain. This could be a way for users to recycle NFTs they are no longer using, allowing a natural increase in scarcity and overall letting users engage with their on-chain items in more ways.

Prize Awarded: 50,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits

Most Innovative Solution: KFS

During GALAthon, KFS built out their concept of “CourseHub”, an educational platform powered by GalaChain. CourseHub is designed to reinforce education through blockchain, by monetizing educational content with incentivized learning. Eventually, KFS hopes to issue digital certificates using NFTs.

Prize Awarded: 30,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits

Best Representation of Gala Community: Valley Games

Valley Games is the brainchild of Happy Valley Arcade Bar in Beacon, NY. Valley Games will bring web3 gaming to the classic cabinet, by integrating a multi-game arcade cabinet with GalaChain games. Eventually, the team hopes to streamline rewards on Valley Games with a token on GalaChain. Talk about incentive for that high score! 

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Best Integration with Gala Film or Gala Music: Taco Truck

Taco truck set out to create the first memecoin on GalaChain – $TACO!  Along the way, they engineered a pipeline for users to mint their own coins. In cooperation with Emily Lazar from September Mourning, they hope to soon use this system to allow artists to create their own verifiable tokens directly on GalaChain.

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Best Use of On-Chain Data:

Achis was mentioned as a community option in our recent Founders Node vote about block explorers… but is far more than just a block explorer. Using powerful data analytics, Achis continued to build out its functionality during the hackathon. Using powerful data analytics and on-chain data, can show users what’s happening on GalaChain in terms they don’t need decades of programming experience to understand.

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Most Useful Day-to-Day: THX

THX works with Gala on marketing initiatives on occasion, and we were overjoyed to see them hop into the hackathon and work on something to make our work even better together! Previously, someone redeeming points for rewards on THX was just receiving a unique URL that would help manually fulfill rewards. They crafted an integration so that rewards can now be distributed directly from GalaChain!

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits

Most Enthusiastic Project: did what many successful innovators have done in the past… recognized a problem and designed a solution. Pearswap recognized that the bid to ask spread on GalaSwap could be improved with liquidity pools, so they created the groundwork for that system through!

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Non-Stop Development

This will wrap up this GALAthon, but GalaChain never stops! The net progress that will be made leveraging all these developments on GalaChain cannot be understated. GalaChain is an entire ecosystem, and any and every application on it works together to make it a chain that can accomplish nearly anything. Every link builds us up.

We’ll have more events like this in the future, but we’d like once again to thank everyone who participated in, followed along, or even just read a thing or two about last month’s GALAthon! GalaChain is here for all of us, and we can’t wait to build the next innovation with all of you.

Defending Towers with NFTD on Today’s “Gala Plays” Live Stream!

Defending Towers with NFTD on Today’s “Gala Plays” Live Stream!

Today, we’re thrilled to invite the Gala community to another exhilarating episode of “Gala Plays.” Join us from 3pm to 5pm PT as we delve into the community-created tower defense sensation, NFTD – Non-Fungible Tower Defence. Watch live as our team, alongside Mark (Cynister in Discord), explores the latest build and discusses fresh updates.

NFTD, born from the creative minds of our dedicated Gala Games community members, stood out at the recent GALAthon hackathon during GDC 2024, earning the judges’ top honors and additional funding to further enrich this exciting project.

Leveraging the GalaChain SDK, the NFTD team has exemplified the power and creativity of our community developers. Don’t miss out on the action and insights during today’s stream!

Event Details

  • What: Gala Plays Live Stream
  • When: Today, 3pm-5pm PT
  • Where: Gala Games Youtube
  • Featured Game: NFTD – Non-Fungible Tower Defence
  • Special Guests: The NFTD dev team
GalaChain Community Block Explorer Winner

GalaChain Community Block Explorer Winner

Development on GalaChain seems to be accelerating every day, and many long-time members of the Gala community are stepping forward with massive innovations to make GalaChain better for everyone.

The great contributions by our community are part of what makes GalaChain amazing, and the development of block explorers for users to really understand GalaChain have been among the biggest milestones.

Seeing Blocks Better

A solid and reliable block explorer is beneficial to everyone working on chain, so we were more than happy to offer a reward to the best the community could cook up. The Gala Founder’s Node Network will always continue to be a major part of GalaChain, so giving them the option to make the choice seemed natural.

Thank you to everyone who rose to the challenge and built block explorers. Your contributions to this ecosystem are invaluable. Thank you to all the Founder’s Node operators who voiced your opinion in the poll – this was something entirely new for Founder’s Node Network governance, and hopefully we will have more robust votes in the future to involve operators more in GalaChain.

Finally, thank you to everyone who is part of the Gala community or who does anything at all on GalaChain. We’re all building together!

…And the Winner Is…

Congratulations to GingerBreadMan and his GalaChain Explorer!

All four options in this poll had their individual strengths, and the choice for Founder’s Node operators was anything but cut and dry. While we can’t speak for the Founder’s Node operators who made this call, it’s likely they were impressed with the user-friendly UI and intuitive design of

I want to highlight the Fuzzle team. It’s amazing to see a passionate group work so well together in their free time. We have a lot of improvements to make to the explorer that were in the original design. We plan to complete the explorer and show everyone the power of AI and community in the process.


GingerBreadMan will receive his choice of 1 million $GALA or a Founder’s Node License. Congratulations to him on both the prize and his amazing craftsmanship on the block explorer.

Building Better

The development on GalaChain isn’t slowing anytime soon! With the usefulness of these block explorers, many bigger developments are on the horizon.

We hope the hard work put in by all the candidates in this vote inspire others to build their own innovations on GalaChain. GalaChain is here for you… imagine it and make it today!