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RingWatch: EPX Season 3 Halfway Mark!

RingWatch: EPX Season 3 Halfway Mark!

We’re halfway through the third season of Eternal Paradox, and the fate of Elysium hangs in the balance. Captains are valiantly fighting off The Doombringer and gathering their forces, but most eyes are fixed squarely on this Saturday’s Conquest event!

Will you be ready for the battle?

Alex: Oh, I assure you that I was born ready! 

Torsten: Oh no… not here again!

Alex: What’s the matter friend? I personally cherish our little chats. Really clears the palate after destroying all your armies! BWUAHAHAHAHHA!

Torsten: Why you little… I’ll show you what destroy means. Wait – what’s hissing under my chair…


Alex: MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Always a pleasure Torsten!

The Coming Conquest

The second Conquest event is right around the corner. With the Spring Event serving up big rewards and discounted specials in the shop, everyone is posturing their armies to take on the competition at the end of the week.

[XII]SQUAREXII won the first round, but [DUB]Deadly is hot on their trail. [EPx]Eternals likewise glided into a third place finish, but [GFX]GFGROUPX is keeping the pressure on them close behind in fourth.

S12 is firmly in control after the first Conquest. Can they hold it?

As Captains are starting to farm up the best prisoners and just getting into T9 and T10 soldiers, Conquest 2 is when everything really starts to heat up. Make sure you’re ready for it – this Saturday, April 13th at 5pm-6:30pm UTC (That’s 10am-11:30am PT)

The Season of Wang

Each season in Eternal Paradox, a new Mercenary rises to battle for the destiny of Elysium.

Beware the judgment of Wang… his most powerful attack also revives a fallen ally if it strikes down an opponent.

The arrival of Wang this season had a major effect on strategies, both in the arena and the field. The addition of another Light Mercenary alone created new ways to create an endgame War Synergy team, but Wang also features the Command Skill, Strategy Guide. This allows Light soldiers extra crit chance… up to 5% at max level!

Light soldier CRIT is a massive boost during conquest, when Dark and Light troops are the premier fighting force of a clever Captain

With the role of Captain Gear so important in how quickly you can progress and grow, Wang’s Internal Affairs Skill is also now sought after by all Captains. Eloquent Speaker will reduce the cost of enhancing Captain Gear up to 10% at max level.

Wang isn’t just here for field support though. A first glance at his Battle Skills may make you think that Wang plays a more passive role in campaign and arena combat… that would be a recklessly incorrect assumption though. Don’t underestimate the pure power Wang can deliver.

Worn out for Conquest? Use Wang’s Reflux skill to get your energy back up for the battle!

Battle Looms

Alex: Even if Torsten couldn’t quite handle the heat, I’m very excited for this next Conquest. You may even say it’ll be… explosive. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Well said Alex. Join us on April 13th at 10am PT for all the conquest mayhem, and we’ll see you after to recap all of the glorious battle!

Ryahn’s “Rick James” Elevates Music Freedom

Ryahn’s “Rick James” Elevates Music Freedom

Join us in welcoming Ryahn to Gala Music with her debut NFT track, entitled “Rick James.”

Dropping its Signature Edition on April 11th, this track is a fresh breeze from the Alternative/Indie scene, a journey of emotional liberation and sonic exploration.

“Rick James” is about those moments when you find yourself at a crossroads, choosing liberation over stagnation. The song encapsulates the essence of letting go, dancing away the ties that bind you to someone who’s unwilling to change. Ryahn’s storytelling invites listeners into a world of musical freedom, where letting go is just as much a celebration as it is a challenge.

Listen to “Rick James” on Gala Music

This Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and guitarist brings a depth to her music that is both rare and raw. Her journey from South Florida to the heart of LA’s indie scene has been marked by a relentless pursuit of authenticity. Through “Baby Boy,” her debut single, to the acclaimed “Light Blue” EP, Ryahn has not just shared her music; she has shared herself, her struggles and her triumphs.

“Baby Boy” on Youtube

“Pop Star” on Youtube

The significance of “Rick James” extends beyond its lyrical depth and musical mastery. As a Signature Edition release, limited to only 100 copies, it represents a unique opportunity for fans and collectors alike to own one of the first pieces of Ryahn’s webj3 music history.

When paired with an active Jukebox Node, these NFT tracks entitle the owner to daily $MUSIC rewards based on the track’s platform popularity. As the rarest NFT edition possible on Gala Music, Signature tracks also come with the greatest possible reward multipliers.

In its most genuine form, music has the power to transcend barriers, connect hearts and catalyze change. “Rick James” is for those wandering in the limbo of waiting, a reminder that sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is let go and dance.

As we welcome her into our rapidly growing world of web3 music, Ryahn is inviting us into her world, offering a soundtrack to our own stories of liberation and joy.

Listen now to “Rick James” by Ryahn on Gala Music, and become part of the movement that champions the raw, unfiltered essence of music and the artists who dare to bare their souls. This is more than music; it’s a revolution.

Enhanced Artist Uploads

It’s now easier than ever to become a Gala Music artist and start dropping NFT tracks, thanks to the new Artist Upload feature. Artists can schedule, price and manage their own track drops from dream to stream. This feature addition is a huge leap forward in web3 empowerment for artists, putting total control back into their hands!

Join Gala Music and start collecting

$GCHIPS–Teaming up with Battle Showdown: Gambit to Raise the Stakes in Web3 Gaming

$GCHIPS–Teaming up with Battle Showdown: Gambit to Raise the Stakes in Web3 Gaming

After the release of the developer-first GalaChain SDK earlier this year, GalaChain is just getting warmed up. But aside from the advances toward mass web3 adoption across multiple world industries, GalaChain is still prepared to revolutionize the gaming industry, empowering players like never before through ownership and rewards.

We’re always on the lookout to join forces with quality projects that share our mission of player empowerment and today we’re announcing the beginning of a new partnership that will do just that: Gala… Get ready for Battle Showdown: Gambit.

The Partnership

With a specific focus on intermingling our upcoming Gala Casino token, $GCHIPS, with the Battle Showdown: Gambit economy, this strategic partnership takes a different approach from some of the other partnerships we have recently announced. Right now we can only give you an appetizer, but the main courses of this partnership are sure to leave you satisfied, collaboratively demonstrating the latest in generative AI gaming and web3 SkillFi.

As first announced in this Litepaper, the Gala Casino token will soon bring a new way to get rewarded for playing your favorite casino style games on GalaChain. As Ethlas prepares for launch of its Gambit web3 gaming platform and “SkillFi” flagship game Battle Showdown: Gambit, we’re kicking off this partnership with a token swap to facilitate and incentivize interaction between both thriving communities.

Following the creation of the new $GCHIPS token, Gala will swap some $GCHIPS with an equivalent amount of $ELS, the governance token of Ethlas and the Battle Showdown: Gambit ecosystem.

More info is coming soon about the details of this initial token swap. The teams at both Gala and BSD Gambit are each eagerly exploring ways to create interoperable functionality for NFTs from the other’s ecosystem, and we’re excited to share more news in the near future!

Prepare for Battle

The Gambit launch and Battle Showdown: Gambit will allow players of the mobile platform shooter to receive rewards in-game, but tokens will also be deducted for deaths.

Additionally, a special spectator mode will allow a different kind of play dubbed “SkillFi,” which allows spectators to back players of their choice by purchasing Bits for specific players.

With reward multipliers available for various levels of NFT ownership, referral bonuses and multiple ways to farm rewards even before Battle Showdown gameplay is live, you can start collecting Gambit Points right away! Learn more about these opportunities on the BSG: Gambit blog

Familiarize yourself with BSG: Gambit’s economy plans in the Whitepaper and you’ll begin to understand why we’re so excited for $GCHIPS and Gala Casino to team up with Ethlas, $ELS and Battle Showdown: Gambit.

Look out for updates and announcements about this SkillFi gaming partnership as BSD: Gambit and Gala Casino prepare for launch!

The Dropout Returns with “Present”: An Ode to the Now

The Dropout Returns with “Present”: An Ode to the Now

Today we’re happy to announce a new release from returning electronic sensation, The Dropout. Known for his boundary-pushing soundscapes and deeply personal narratives, The Dropout’s latest track, “Present,” drops tomorrow, April 11, 2024 at 12pm PT

A Glimpse into “Present”

“Present” is a philosophy wrapped in melodies. Described by The Dropout as “a little reminder that the present is a present,” this piece serves as a beacon of mindfulness in the bustling world of electronic beats. The Dropout holds “Present” close to his heart, hoping it serves as a timely reminder to cherish the now. The authenticity and rawness of this track promise to resonate deeply with listeners, offering a moment of reflection amidst the chaos of daily life.

Listen to “Present” now on Gala Music

The Artist Behind the Beat

The Dropout’s journey is as unconventional as his music. After leaving high school to pursue a passion for guitar, he has carved a unique path in the music industry all the while. From securing a spot on the front page of The Pirate Bay to being featured in Showtime’s “Shameless” and gracing the stages of some of his favorite music festivals, The Dropout’s career is a testament to the power of following one’s passion to overcome expectations and odds.

Taking his commitment to music and adventure a step further, The Dropout has transformed his life into a journey on wheels. With a music studio built into the back of an RV, he now travels across the USA, drawing inspiration from the diverse landscapes and experiences the country has to offer. This nomadic lifestyle not only fuels his creativity but also brings him closer to his fans, embodying the essence of living in the present.

Get Yourself a “Present”

“Present” is an invitation to pause, breathe, and immerse yourself in the moment. As The Dropout continues to explore and expand the boundaries of electronic music, this latest release is both a gift to his listeners and a milestone in his artistic journey.

Join us on April 11, 2024 for the Signature Edition NFT drop of “Present.” Remember that when you own an NFT Gala Music track, you’ll earn regular $MUSIC rewards for pairing your track with an active Music Node and powering the web3 world of music. Collecting NFTs from your favorite emerging artists is the best way to gather rewards to keep enhancing your web3 music collection, and when you cop a Signature Edition track, you’ll get the best reward multipliers around.

Previous Drops from The Dropout

“Present” marks The Dropout’s fourth NFT track released on Gala Music. Listen to his other songs at the links below:

“Habits” – Signature dropped 2/29/24 – STILL AVAILABLE
“Mixed Messages” – Signature dropped 1/31/24 – STILL AVAILABLE
“How Far?” – Signature dropped 2/15/24 – STILL AVAILABLE

New All Access Experiences

Don’t forget to check out the latest All Access Experiences in the Gala Music store, where you’ll find merch, meetups and much more from some of your favorite Gala Music artists!

Enhanced Artist Uploads

It’s now easier than ever to become a Gala Music artist and start dropping NFT tracks, thanks to the new Artist Upload feature. Artists can schedule, price and manage their own track drops from dream to stream. This feature addition is a huge leap forward in web3 empowerment for artists, putting total control back into their hands!

Dive into the depths of The Dropout’s musical world, where each note is a reminder of the beauty of now. Listen now and let the reminder find you at the right moment. Remember, in the world of The Dropout, the present is indeed a present.

Create a free Gala Music account

Artist Upload – Take Control of Your Music

Artist Upload – Take Control of Your Music

The collision of blockchain tech and the music industry exemplified by Gala Music is nothing short of revolutionary, empowering artists and fans like nothing that came before.

As we continue to pioneer in this space with the help of top experts from both web3 and music, we’re psyched to introduce our brand new Artist Upload feature on the Gala Music platform, making it easier than ever for musicians to share their music on a web3 scale. This is a game-changer for artists in the decentralized world of music.

Gala Music is already known for our creative approach to bridging the gap between artists and their audiences, reducing industry barriers through the power of GalaChain’s cutting edge tech.  This new feature takes a huge leap into the future, with no wallets or gas fees needed to release NFT tracks.

After securing approval as a Gala Music artist, musicians can now effortlessly navigate through the self-service portal to upload and release their tracks. Soon, they will have the ability to add music videos, assemble All Access Experiences and much more. This groundbreaking functionality empowers artists with the autonomy to schedule and price their NFT track releases to align seamlessly with their own promotional strategies and audience expectations while benefiting from the wider Gala Music audience.

The flexibility and control offered by this feature enable artists to plan their music distribution without the traditional constraints of intermediaries or record labels. Artist Upload’s ability to plan their own releases signifies a monumental shift towards artist independence, allowing them to adapt swiftly to the dynamic demands of the market.

This development represents a paradigm shift towards creating a decentralized world of music where artists and fans are empowered like never before. At Gala Music, we’re committed to breaking down barriers and fostering a vibrant ecosystem where creativity flourishes without bounds.

But this is just the beginning. As an introductory release, users can anticipate updates and refinements as Gala Music continues to develop a system that aims to empower artists worldwide, ushering them into the web3 era. This ongoing evolution promises to level up countless artists, offering them unprecedented control over their careers.For artists eager to join this revolutionary platform, the journey begins at This is a pivotal moment in the music industry, marking the dawn of a new era where artists and fans are united in a world of decentralized music, heralding an unprecedented level of empowerment and freedom.