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Revolutionizing Travel: Gala Partners With Staynex

Revolutionizing Travel: Gala Partners With Staynex

Following the massively successful GALAthon 24 hour GalaChain hackathon event during GDC 2024, the crypto world has taken notice of GalaChain’s developer friendly versatility. Since opening our chain to external developers earlier this year with the Typescript enabled GalaChain SDK, we’ve connected with lots of awesome companies and innovative projects.

We’re especially excited when we’re able to announce strategic partnerships that create new possibilities and expand the horizons of web3. Today we’re pleased to announce a partnership that will literally power the empowering journey of GalaChain users to new destinations.

A Partnership that’s Going Places

We’re partnering with Staynex, the next-generation membership based travel agency set to redefine the travel experience through the innovative integration of web3 technologies. This collaboration signifies a leap forward in travel, combining Staynex’s forward-thinking platform with GalaChain’s advanced blockchain technology.

A New Era of Travel

Staynex stands at the forefront of the travel and membership industry, harnessing the power of GalaChain to offer a travel experience like no other. This partnership promises a seamless, secure and enhanced travel journey, elevating the way we explore the world.

Staynex is currently onboarding hotel and resort partners worldwide, giving hospitality providers a chance to secure their place on the platform. Soon, users will have the ability to book travel at partner resorts and hotels with a variety of secure web3-powered payment methods, collecting unique perks to further enhance the travel experience.

Perks and Personalizations

Through the decentralized infrastructure of GalaChain, Staynex offers unique benefits to its members. From exclusive perks and rewards to personalized experiences, Staynex is not just changing how we travel but also how we connect and engage with travel communities.

A Vision Shared by Leaders

“The Travel, Stay & Hospitality industry is worth trillions, and we see web3 as a game-changer. Blockchain introduces innovation, accountability, and transparency, improving the industry significantly.”

-Yuen Wong, Staynex CEO and Founder

The CEO of Staynex highlights the transformative potential of blockchain in the travel industry, emphasizing innovation, accountability, and transparency as key benefits. This vision aligns with Gala’s commitment to leveraging web3 technologies for a more empowering user experience throughout multiple world industries. As a company that began in fully remote work, we recognize the importance of travel in creating a more empowering and connected world.

The Journey

As we embark on this exciting journey with Staynex, we invite our community and the broader web3 world to explore the possibilities of a travel agency fully leveled up with the latest in web3 tech, powered by GalaChain. Stay updated on this adventure through our news and community channels, as we together explore and expand the future of travel.

You’re invited to experience the world through a new lens, powered by the innovative technology of GalaChain and the visionary platform of Staynex. Welcome to the future of travel.

Staynex website
Staynex on X
Staynex Facebook

Legends Reborn: Economy Litepaper

Legends Reborn: Economy Litepaper

Legends Reborn is a one of a kind CCG that combines elements of a Team RPG battler, card game mechanics and a unique card draw system. Players create decks (each consisting of 5 Creatures and 30 Action Cards) then pit them against other players in competitive card battles.

In addition to its unique combination of gameplay mechanics, Legends Reborn is a far more immersive experience than a typical collectible card game. Players are represented by 3D Hero characters sitting at tables in detailed arenas, and battles are carried out by fully animated 3D creatures instead of just animated cards.

Our focus with the play-and-earn (P&E) reward economy is to make it as simple as possible for players to understand the game and potential rewards.  Legends Reborn is free to play, meaning that players don’t need an NFT to start playing the game. Additionally, great care has gone into a game balancing model that ensures a compelling PvP experience right from the start, whether or not a player chooses to own NFTs. Skills should rise to the top, incentivizing top card players to elevate their experience and empower themselves through additional web3 benefits.

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain and gaming, it’s vital to keep our tokenomics flexible, ensuring the ecosystem remains balanced and thriving. As such, adjustments to the tokenomics model may be on the cards, guided by the game’s health and the community’s prosperity. This isn’t about making changes for the sake of change but about fine-tuning the system to benefit the whole community, enhancing the gaming experience, and ensuring fairness for all. It’s a commitment to the game’s future and the vibrant community that supports it. After all, the health of the ecosystem and the satisfaction of its members are what truly drive us forward.


The native reward token of Legends Reborn is called $TOLK. This currency will help players build their collection of creatures to ensure they have all the tools needed to build decks to meet their strategic needs.

$TOLK will have a max supply of 10,000,000.

$TOLK Faucets


The amount of $TOLK generated is determined by two economy metrics: Dragon Stone purchases and game engagement, each of which is described below in greater detail. 

Tying token emission to these factors will foster a long term sustainable economy for Legends Reborn. Once the total $TOLK emission has been calculated, 99% will be allocated to the reward pool and 1% will go to the operators of active Gala Founder’s Nodes.

These are the metrics that will impact the reward pool for a season:

Purchased Dragon Stones Used in Game

The total value of Purchased Dragon Stone from the store used in game in a week will contribute a weight of approximately 57% of the total $TOLK generated for the reward pool.

Game Engagement

Total number of matches played in competitive PvP as well as the average session time will contribute a weight of approximately 43% of the total $TOLK generated for the reward pool.

Staggered Seasonal Distribution

In the interest of simplifying players’ ability to understand the rewards they can win, Legends Reborn will use a staggered seasonal distribution.

With this model, the reward pool is generated not for the current season, but the next one. This means metrics for the current season are used to arrive at a total reward pool for the upcoming season. Once this total number is available, it will be displayed in the game throughout the season so players clearly know what’s at stake.

For example, the generation metrics for season 4 would dictate the distribution pool for season 5. Similarly the metrics from season 5 impact the pool for season 6.

Currently, each season is set to a duration of 7 Days. Many gameplay systems (such as Limited Time Creature and Arena(PvP) Leaderboards) will build off this cadence, providing synergy between economy and gameplay.

$TOLK Sinks

$TOLK is reserved as the primary currency for purchasing the most desirable asset of Legends Reborn; the full 3D NFT creatures at six different rarities. The dev team plans to deliver exciting gacha-style offerings and various seasonal promotions surrounding NFT creatures following launch of the game.

Arena Points(AP)

The distribution of $TOLK rewards to players will be regulated by the Arena Points (AP) system. The system comprises a set of scoring rules, a leaderboard structure and a clear reward proposition for players.

Scoring Rules

AP are only scored by winning a competitive PvP match within an owned Venue. Using NFT creatures can provide bonus AP, with additional AP bonuses based on the rarity of your creatures. Venue owners will also receive AP for every match that is hosted on their Venue.

In an effort to simplify the AP tabulation; we will have an easy to access in-game panel that will display the exact AP a player would get based on the actions stipulated. Total AP would just be the addition of the AP scores across these actions.


As players engage with the core PvP system; all accumulated AP are tallied in an overall leaderboard. At the season’s end, the reward pool (predetermined by the previous season) is distributed to the top performers in the leaderboard.

The leaderboard resets at the end of each 7-day season, when the new season begins immediately.

The Future

This is only phase 1 of the economy plan for Legends Reborn. Additional features and ideas will be added to the game’s economy with future updates. Some examples may include innovations around NFT minting, card crafting, rental systems and enhancements to Venue ownerships, which are all in the works.

With your support, the sustainable power of GalaChain under the surface, and a rapidly growing Gala community, Legends Reborn is a thriving title in the Gala Games ecosystem. The team will continue closely monitoring the results of this sustainable economic model, adapting and tweaking as needed in future updates.

Thank you for your ongoing support and see you at the tables!

All information presented in this Litepaper is subject to change, and any significant changes will be added and noted at the bottom of this document with the date of the change.

This Week’s Exclusive Drops & Fresh Features on Gala Music!

This Week’s Exclusive Drops & Fresh Features on Gala Music!

As the beating heart of the web3 music scene, Gala Music is thrilled to announce a lineup of electrifying track drops that are set to make this week unforgettable. From deeply emotional narratives to infectious dance rhythms, our platform is the stage for these artists to shine. Here’s what’s in store:

“Dead Eyes” by Promoting Sounds ft. Powfu & Ouse

Release Date: Wednesday, April 3rd, 12 pm PT

Promoting Sounds, in collaboration with Powfu and Ouse, brings you “Dead Eyes” – a track that’s resonated with over 100 million listeners globally. This piece dives into the emotional turmoil of a dwindling relationship, offering a raw and authentic musical experience. Signature Edition NFTs will be available, marking a significant moment for fans and collectors alike.

“STUFF THAT THANG” by Point 5ve

Release Date: Tuesday, April 2nd, 12 pm PT

Point 5ve makes an unforgettable debut on Gala Music with “STUFF THAT THANG.” This track promises to get you on your feet with its vibrant energy and summery vibes. Perfect for those who love to dance the night away, the Signature Edition drop is something you won’t want to miss.

“What’s the Deal” (feat. Yelly) by Jwalt

Release Date: Thursday, April 4th, 12 pm PT

Jwalt, featuring Yelly, explores the complexities of modern romance in “What’s the Deal.” This steamy track combines introspective verses with soulful vocals, creating a narrative that’s as thought-provoking as it is emotive. Mark your calendars for this debut NFT track.

“I See” by Sage

Release Date: Thursday, April 4th, 12 pm PT

Nigerian artist Sage brings his profound emotional depth to Gala Music with “I See.” Delving into the themes of relationships and personal growth, Sage’s hip-hop track is a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Don’t miss the chance to experience this powerful debut.

“Watch Me As I” by Marzetti ft. MC Subdolo

Release Date: Tuesday, April 2nd, 12 pm PT

UK’s very own Marzetti, alongside MC Subdolo, introduces “Watch Me As I” – a track that blends hip-hop and UK garage into an exhilarating mix. With an irresistible call to the dance floor, this Gala Music exclusive is set to captivate audiences with its Signature Edition drop.

Gala Music App: New Features Alert!

Dive deeper into the Gala Music experience with our latest app updates for iOS. Discover the joy of creating playlists and explore the new in-app Rewards explorer. It’s music, rewards, and community, all in the palm of your hand.

iOS | Android

Drops Through the Week

Dropping on Tuesday at 12pm PT 👇

Teddibear – “Joshua Tree”
dyMelo – “Cash Team”
Maffmatix – “Experience” (feat. Keivyn Graves & Atiya)
Josh Dreon – “Running From Love
Marzetti – “Watch Me As I” feat. MC Subdolo (Gala Excsluive Mix)
Point 5ve – “STUFF THAT THANG”

Dropping on Wednesday at 12pm PT 👇

leapyear – “Above the Clouds”
Lh – “hope for sale”
Maffmatix – “Busy” (feat. J Kai)
Promoting Sounds – “Dead Eyes” (feat. Powfu & Ouse)

Dropping on Thursday at 12pm PT 👇

Maiza – “Stay By My Side”
Sajaad – “Summ I Can Feel”
Sage – “I See”
Billyracxx – “Alien Origins”
Jwalt – “Whats the Deal (feat. Yelly)
AEONS – “Wayside”
leapyear – “Apollo”
leapyear – “Don’t Leave”

Dropping on Friday at 12pm PT 👇

Marty Grimes – “With the Famm” (feat. Cody Benjamin & C5)
just shockey – “firestarter”
Pharaoh Gamo – “Boo Thang”
OKAY! KENJI – “flowers still bloom”
Krista Youngs – “NO FUX ERA”

Each track represents a unique story, an artist’s vision, and the collective heartbeat of the Gala Music community. As we unveil these masterpieces, we invite you to join us in celebrating creativity, emotion, and the revolutionary spirit of decentralized music. Stay tuned, listen deeply, and be part of the movement reshaping the music industry one note at a time.

Note: Links to “Listen Now” will be added as soon as they are available, ensuring you have direct access to these groundbreaking tracks.