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Last Expedition – The Mission Ready Premium Event is Coming Soon

Attention hunters! Get ready for a major update to Last Expedition’s pre-alpha Mission Ready build, currently free to play with your Gala account! Play Last Expedition now About Last Expedition This...

Welcoming TARELA to Gala Music with his New Track “Oh Mama”

We’re pleased to announce that TARELA, the multifaceted singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur, is joining the Gala Music family. Known for his distinctive blend of Afrobeats, Dancehall and...

This Week’s Competition | A Starlight Market Box Bash!

Gather round, Common Ground World players and get ready for another exciting weekly competition, starting tomorrow (Tuesday July 23rd) at 10am PT! Watch Friday’s Town Hall Replay Thanks to the magic...

Guardian Papers 7: Email

You sit down at the breakfast table with your coffee. As the yawns squeeze out of you and you wipe the sleep from your eyes, you pull out your phone to catch up on your emails.  Just routine...

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