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Will you Qualify for DeFi Pioneer Rewards?

With the recent addition of GalaSwap and its $GSWAP token that allows and incentivizes GalaChain users to trade tokens on-chain, we wanted to do something special for the pioneers who paved the way!...

Don’t Miss this Week’s Drops: What’s New on Gala Music

The music community is abuzz with the latest news from Spotify, announcing a subscription hike and the accompanying addition of audiobooks as a Premium membership feature. While you may think that a...

Unveiling Killboy’s Latest Track “3 Steps Back” on Gala Music

Emerging from the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, KILLBOY—a self-taught songwriter, producer, and engineer—has crafted another compelling track that resonates with the raw emotion and grit of...

Step into the Champions Arena – Live with Gala Games

Join us today from 3-5pm PT for some Champions Arena gameplay action, live on the Gala Games Youtube channel! The streaming team has had a blast lately showing off some of our favorite games in the...

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