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Lloyd Yates Makes His Gala Music Debut with “Bring Back The Life”

Lloyd Yates Makes His Gala Music Debut with “Bring Back The Life”

Gala Music proudly welcomes the exceptionally talented indie folk artist Lloyd Yates to our platform, marking his debut NFT with the evocative track “Bring Back The Life.”

Releasing today, April 24, with a limit-100 Signature Edition, this song captures the poignant journey of reflecting on the past to revive the spirit of the present. Lloyd’s music transcends simple melodies, weaving narratives that draw deeply on his life experiences.

From the serene landscapes of Jersey in the Channel Islands to the bustling energy of global stages, Lloyd has traveled the world, gathering inspiration from the waves and the profound journey of fatherhood. His collaborations span notable artists like James Walsh, Tom Mcray, and Rudimental, enhancing his vibrant musical tapestry. Having graced stages like BBC radio’s Maida Vale and Hyde Park, and supported acts such as Soja and Xavier Rudd, Lloyd returns to his roots to pen songs that resonate with his deepest muse—his family.

“Bring Back The Life” is a testament to Lloyd’s artistic depth, exploring the nuances of revisiting the past to spark the vibrance of today. This track is not just a listening experience; it’s an invitation to explore the layers of life’s stories through melody and lyricism.

Listen to “Bring Back the Life” now on Gala Music

As part of the Gala Music ecosystem, fans can lock in their support for Lloyd’s music by owning “Bring Back The Life” and secure daily $MUSIC rewards for their NFT track. This release, part of our Signature Edition, is limited to 100 copies, ensuring that early supporters hold a unique piece of Lloyd Yates’ musical journey.

Don’t miss out on this standout addition to your music collection. Listen to “Bring Back The Life” by Lloyd Yates now, and join us in celebrating the rich tapestry of life through music. Listen Now and become a part of this musical narrative that connects the past and the present.

Disco Fries Debut on Gala Music with High-Energy NFT Track ‘Turn the Lights Off’ – Dropping Tomorrow!

Disco Fries Debut on Gala Music with High-Energy NFT Track ‘Turn the Lights Off’ – Dropping Tomorrow!

Join us in welcoming the iconic American duo, Disco Fries, to Gala Music with their electrifying debut NFT track “Turn the Lights Off”, set to release on 4/24. Known for their explosive energy and unique sound that transcends genres, Disco Fries is set to ignite our musical landscape with a track with the potential to become a staple in every dance music enthusiast’s playlist.

“Turn the Lights Off” encapsulates the quintessential Disco Fries sound, a blend that has electrified clubs and festivals around the world. With high-energy vocals powered by Kits.AI, the track delivers the perfect kickoff to any set, echoing club hits like “The Cut” and “Body Pop.” As described by Nick Ditri and Danny Boselovic (the duo behind the magic) this track aims to “bring back a timeless sound,” making it a must-have for fans and collectors alike.

Disco Fries

As Disco Fries gears up for their debut on Gala Music, it’s the perfect time to delve deeper into their journey from college buddies to dance music icons.

Nick and Danny met during their time at Berklee College of Music, where they quickly realized their shared passion for groundbreaking sounds. This connection led them to adopt the moniker Disco Fries, inspired by a late-night snack, symbolizing their fun and eclectic approach to music. Over the years, they have expertly walked the sonic tightrope between mainstream appeal and the vibrant energy of club scenes worldwide.

The duo’s early work gained rapid traction when Tiesto debuted their track “Lose It” at Electric Zoo in 2013, marking a turning point in their career.

This introduction sparked a fruitful collaboration with Tiesto, beginning with “iTrance” and followed by a successful release on Tiesto’s label, Musical Freedom. Inspired by the impact of Musical Freedom Records, Disco Fries launched their own label, Liftoff Recordings. Liftoff has grown to include a radio show and has become a vital platform for nurturing up-and-coming talent.

Disco Fries’ sound is characterized by blown-out basslines and classically driven melodies, blurring genres and captivating dance floors around the globe. Their work spans significant collaborations and production credits, including tracks with Hardwell, Snoop Dogg, and Krewella, and their involvement in Tiësto’s album “A Town Called Paradise” — featuring the platinum hit “Wasted.”

Their influence extends beyond music production to business ventures like, where they help artists perfect their recordings, and their strategic investments in the e-sports arena with organizations like FaZe Clan and X-Set. This diversification highlights their innovative approach to the music industry and their commitment to exploring new horizons.

With “Turn the Lights Off,” Disco Fries continues to push the envelope, bringing their unique blend of high-energy dance music to a global audience through the innovative and uncharted world of music NFTs. This track is a celebration of their enduring friendship, shared musical vision and their relentless drive to keep the party going.

Join us in welcoming Disco Fries to Gala Music and get ready to own an NFT track that encapsulates the essence of their journey and the vibrant spirit of dance music.

As Disco Fries makes their Gala Music debut, “Turn the Lights Off” is an invitation to experience the adrenaline of dance music fused with the innovation of NFTs. This release is not only a milestone for Disco Fries but also for Gala Music as we continue to bring pioneering artists and exclusive tracks to our community and push the boundaries of music in the digital age.

Listen to “Turn the Lights Off” now, and join us tomorrow to be part of this landmark moment with the Signature Edition NFT drop of the track. Don’t miss out on owning a piece of dance music history with Disco Fries’ debut NFT release. Let the party begin, and as always, the lights go off!

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Kxng Crooked Joins Gala Music with New Track Drop “Teddy”

Kxng Crooked Joins Gala Music with New Track Drop “Teddy”

Gala Music is thrilled to announce the Signature Edition NFT track debut of acclaimed rapper Kxng Crooked.

Dominick Antron Wickliffe, better known as Kxng Crooked (formerly Crooked I), is an American rapper from Long Beach, California. As a former member of the hip-hop supergroup Slaughterhouse, Kxng Crooked has carved out a formidable solo career, making significant waves in the music industry. He is the CEO of his own record labels, Dynasty Entertainment and C.O.B. Digital, and a seasoned figure in the music business.

Kxng Crooked Instagram
Kxng Crooked on X

“Teddy” featuring 80 Empire drops on Wednesday, April 24th, marking Kxng Crooked’s inaugural venture into the web3 music space with Gala Music. This track showcases his lyrical prowess and unique style, further enriched by the collaborative flair of 80 Empire. “Teddy” is expected to resonate strongly with fans and newcomers alike, adding an exciting new layer to Kxng Crooked’s impressive discography.

Listen to “Teddy” now

Fans of Kxng Crooked can look forward to more than just streaming. By owning the Signature Edition of “Teddy” on Gala Music, they not only support the artist directly but also become eligible for daily $MUSIC rewards through our Jukebox Node system. When the NFT track is paired with an active Jukebox Node, both owner and node operator receive daily $MUSIC rewards. All Signature Editions are limited to only 100 copies, providing fans a rare piece of musical artistry to own.

Don’t miss out on this landmark release. Listen to “Teddy” by Kxng Crooked now and explore the future of music distribution and artist empowerment with Gala Music.

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Emily Faye’s Uplifting Anthem “Fearless” Drops a Reimagined Signature Track NFT on April 23

Emily Faye’s Uplifting Anthem “Fearless” Drops a Reimagined Signature Track NFT on April 23

Get ready to explore the depths of emotion and authenticity with Emily Faye‘s latest track drop on Gala Music, “Fearless” (Reimagined). Available as a Signature Edition limited to just 100 copies and dropping on Tuesday, April 23, this release marks a poignant moment in Faye’s career, showcasing her unparalleled ability to connect with listeners through raw and heartfelt music.

Listen to “Fearless” (Reimagined) now on Gala Music

“Fearless” (Reimagined) strips back the layers, presenting a version of the song that is even more intimate and stripped down than ever before. Emily describes it as “one of the best songs I’ve ever written,” now reimagined to expose the core of its emotional resonance and uplift the spirits of her listeners. This Signature Edition offers listeners a unique auditory experience they can actually own, sharing in the track’s platform success and receiving $MUSIC rewards.

Check out the inspiring video for the original version of “Fearless”👇

Emily Faye

Born in the lush landscapes of the English countryside, Emily Faye has always had music intertwined with her essence. Her journey through the sonic realms has earned her a spot among the most compelling artists of her generation, known for her profound lyrical narratives and captivating melodies. Having shared stages with renowned artists and garnered critical acclaim, Faye continues to use her music as a beacon for those navigating the complexities of life.

This release not only reinforces Emily Faye’s status as a veteran Gala Music artist but also highlights the innovative spirit of Gala Music, where music meets blockchain to empower artists and enhance listener engagement through direct interaction and rewards.

Emily Faye on X

Previous Releases

This track marks Emily’s 7th NFT release on Gala Music. Check out her other songs through the links below– The “Free Coffee” Signature Edition is still available, but only while supplies last!

“Me First” – Signature dropped on 9/14/23 – SOLD OUT

“Girlfriend Material” – Signature dropped on 2/8/24 – SOLD OUT

“Still Do” – Signature dropped on 2/29/24 – SOLD OUT

“Festive Feeling” – Pink Edition dropped 12/12/23 – SOLD OUT

“Playstation” (Gala Edition) – Legacy dropped 7/4/23 – SOLD OUT

“Free Coffee” – Signature dropped 3/22/24 – STILL AVAILABLE

Make sure to secure your copy of this limited release on April 23rd and immerse yourself in the haunting beauty of “Fearless” (Reimagined). Experience the raw, unfiltered essence of Emily Faye’s artistry and support her journey directly starting a track collection!

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King Quan’s “Yung N Turnt” – Anthem for the Unrestrained

King Quan’s “Yung N Turnt” – Anthem for the Unrestrained

Meet King Quan, the fresh force from Baltimore’s McCulloh Home Projects, as he debuts his first Gala Music NFT track, “Yung N Turnt,” tomorrow, April 23rd. This track is a celebration of youthful vigor and the thrill of the hustle, embodying King Quan’s journey from the gritty streets to glamorous highs.

“Yung N Turnt” is wrapped in hard-hitting beats and lyrics that resonate with anyone chasing their dreams. With only 100 Signature Edition copies available, this track offers the greatest possible multiplier to your daily $MUSIC rewards when you pair it with an active Gala Music Jukebox Node. $MUSIC allocation per track is based on platform plays for the day, so this is your chance to share in the success of King Quan’s debut.

Are you ready to get turnt with King Quan? Dive into “Yung N Turnt” and feel the pulse of relentless aspiration and unapologetic joy. This is your soundtrack for celebration – loud, proud, and fiercely authentic. Listen now and join King Quan in his ascent to stardom, only on Gala Music.

Listen to “Yung N Turnt” on Gala Music

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Daisy Gray’s New Single ‘Almost to the Moon’ – Dropping Tomorrow!

Daisy Gray’s New Single ‘Almost to the Moon’ – Dropping Tomorrow!

As we continue pioneering the music industry into uncharted web3 territory, Gala Music is excited for tomorrow’s release of Daisy Gray’s latest track, “Almost to the Moon.”

This song is an emotional odyssey that delves into the very essence of human connections—love, loss, and the fragility of life itself.

“Almost to the Moon” is Daisy Gray’s personal reflection on the highs and lows of relationships. It beautifully captures the emotional journey of loving deeply, the heartache of loss and the profound introspection that follows. Its poignant lyrics and haunting melodies convey the delicate balance of love’s strength and vulnerability, making it a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever loved and lost.

Listen to “Almost to the Moon” on Gala Music

At just 24 years old, Daisy Gray has already made a significant mark on the music industry. Her journey began with viral success on YouTube, where her unique covers captivated millions, and has since evolved into an innovative force in pop music. 

Daisy’s ability to infuse her personal experiences into her music, creating vulnerable and unforgettable sounds, sets her apart as a true artist. Her electrifying writing not only entertains but resonates and connects on a deeply human level.

Daisy’s official “Wicked Game” Tribute video has amassed an astounding 26M+ views on Youtube and it’s easy to see why. Her famed cover of Chris Isaac’s classic and haunting melody has also been released as a Signature Edition NFT on Gala Music and if you hurry you can still snag a reward enabled copy.

“Almost to the Moon” serves as a mirror to our own experiences, reflecting the universal themes of love’s transformative power and the personal growth that comes from embracing its trials.

Experience Daisy Gray’s “Almost to the Moon” now and get ready for its exciting (limit 100) Signature Edition NFT drop tomorrow at 12pm PT. This track promises not only to enrich your music collection but also to touch your heart and soul, reminding us all of the profound journey that love can take us on.

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