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Gala Music’s Community Governance Feature: Next Up

July 10, 2024
NextUp is Gala Music's weekly community voting feature that lets users decide who's next on the platform.
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Moving toward the decentralized world of music we’re creating together, Gala Music is pleased to offer an exciting feature called NextUp, our innovative community governance system. The future of music means a more democratized and community-driven approach to the art, empowering you to have a direct say in curation and addition of new music and artists on Gala Music.

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What is Next Up?

“Next Up” is designed to bring decentralized governance to the forefront of Gala Music. This feature allows our community to vote on new artists and tracks, making you an integral part of shaping the platform. 

Every week, the Gala Music community is invited to vote, deciding on three tracks to add to the platform and one new artist

To learn more about the vision of Gala Music and our plans for a more decentralized world of music, read the Whitepaper.

How Does It Work?

Eligibility to Vote

If you have a Gala Account and a transfer code set up, you are eligible to vote. The transfer code is necessary because all voting is transacted on GalaChain, ensuring transparency and security. You can set up a transfer code in the Security area of your account’s Settings page.

Learn more about transfer codes

Voting Power

Each Gala Music account gets one free vote. Additionally, for every Jukebox Node you own, you receive an extra vote, up to a maximum of 20 votes per voting period.

$MUSIC to Enhance Voting Power

Think of your $MUSIC as a great way to endorse your favorite artists and tracks, giving them an edge. In addition to your free vote, you can purchase additional votes for 5 $MUSIC each (any quantity. The world of web3 music runs on $MUSIC, so let’s let the $MUSIC do the talking.

Why NextUp Matters

The introduction of Next Up is a pivotal moment for Gala Music. Beyond a simple voting system, it is a testament to our commitment to decentralization and community involvement. By participating, you are helping to curate the new music and artists that will define the industry’s future, ensuring that our platform reflects the diverse tastes and preferences of our community.

Be a Part of the Future

With Next Up, we are laying the foundation for a robust and inclusive governance system. But this is just the beginning. Your feedback and participation will be crucial in refining and expanding this feature to make it even more impactful in the future.

Ready to make your voice heard? Ensure your Gala account is set up with a GalaChain transfer code. A new voting round kicks off at the beginning of every week, so cast your vote now and be part of this revolutionary step towards a more community-driven music ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates and be prepared to welcome new artists and tracks every week with NextUp. Let’s create the future of music together.

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