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Same Great Games, All New Launcher

Same Great Games, All New Launcher

Gala Games has been around for a while now, and while great games like Common Ground World have grown up over the years with us… other parts of our platform could use a coat of fresh paint.

V2 Gala Launcher

You may have noticed recently that you’re prompted to install a new launcher when entering any game from That’s normal! We know that unexpected install requests can raise some red flags for any security-conscious denizen of the web3 world – no need to worry, we are just replacing the old launcher with a newer and better model!

The first time you enter any game you’ll need to install the new launcher.

Once you’ve downloaded the new launcher, just click the .exe file in your downloads folder and you’re ready to get started after a quick install!

Note that your browser may ask for new permissions to open this new Gala Launcher.

Better Experience, Better Gaming

While this new launcher may not seem like a very big deal once you install it and forget it, it’s going to let us do a lot more in the future. 

The Gala Games platform has been facilitating gamers getting their fix of fun for over four years now… FOUR YEARS! Let that sink in. So much has changed over four years as we’ve grown together. 

The new launcher gives us more efficient deployment and better capabilities overall to support games on the platform now, as well as any new titles in the future of GalaChain!

Your install is definitely done by now…go get in the game!

All Access Experiences Are Back! Marty Grimes and S2art

All Access Experiences Are Back! Marty Grimes and S2art

Gala Music is thrilled to announce the newest All Access exclusive Experiences, bringing fans closer to their favorite artists than ever before. 

AA Experiences tend to sell quickly. These limited and highly sought-after items are now available for purchase in the Gala Music All Access Store, offering unique opportunities to enhance your music experience and connect with Gala artists on a personal level.

To kick off the next generation of weekly All Access Experience drops, we’ve got three awesome exclusives from Marty Grimes!

Marty Grimes Experiences

With 12 NFT track releases under his belt, hip-hop artist Marty Grimes is a Gala Music must-have. Check out his latest Signature Edition tracks and get a load of these new super limited exclusive Experience items!

Physical Collectibles: Autographed “Marty’s Pocket Rocket

This custom glass-tipped collector’s piece is signed by Marty Grimes and limited to 100 pieces– Available for $30 USD​​.

“Marty’s Pocket Rocket” – Special Collector’s Edition

Virtual Studio Session: Live Songwriting & Recording Session

Marty Grimes in studio

Witness the creative process as Marty Grimes composes and records a song live. Includes a live feed, Q&A session, and moments of interaction, this event is limited to only 50 spots​​.

Physical Collectibles: Autographed “The Marty Missile

“The Marty Missile” – Special Collector’s Edition

This exclusive gargantuan glass trophy piece comes with a custom LED-lit glass rocket stand and extra paper for a second roll. This piece is autographed and limited to only 100 pieces, yours for $400 in the All Access Store.

S2ART Experiences

They See Savages Insight Bundle (Digital)

Dive deep into the creative mind behind “They See Savages” with handwritten notes, lyrics, and exclusive stories about the song’s creation. Limited to 150 bundles, priced at $15 USD each​​.

S2’s Day Sessions (Virtual)

Engage in a personal 30-minute video chat session with S2art, offering fans an intimate opportunity to ask questions and connect. Twenty slots are available at $50 USD each, scheduled on Tuesdays​​.

All Access Experiences are one of the most innovative ways to directly connect with and support your favorite artists. Gala Music artists love the way we can customize these experiences to their unique fanbases, and we look forward to dropping the next round of AA Experiences!

These All Access Experiences are designed to forge a deeper connection between artists and their fans, offering unparalleled insights and personal moments. Whether it’s owning a piece of memorabilia, participating in the creation of music, or having a one-on-one conversation, these experiences push the boundaries of artist-fan interaction.

Quantities are limited on these exclusives, whether physical or virtual. Visit the Gala Music All Access Store today to secure your unique piece of music history and support your favorite artists in a new and meaningful way.

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Ahead of the MUSIC – The Latest from the Gala Music Ecosystem

Ahead of the MUSIC – The Latest from the Gala Music Ecosystem

There’s no better place to start dialing into Gala ecosystem news than Ahead of the Game–Join us this week for a special Gala Music “takeover” episode!

We’re not surprised if the last few weeks had too much GalaChain news for you to follow. With a 24 hour GALAthon hackathon event during GDC 2024, big news about Gala Film, a superstar Hip Hop drop on Gala Music and more, March was a record breaking month at Gala.

Each week for nearly the last year, we’ve brought the latest updates together on a weekly basis for a fantastic live stream event that we lovingly call “Ahead of the Game.” But it’s more than just a title. This is literally your chance every week to get ahead of the game. If you watch closely, you’ll often hear things on the show even before we’ve officially announced them in Discord or on other official Gala channels.

In today’s special Gala Music edition of Ahead of the Game, we’ve got updates and news from across the Music team. This is your chance to hear about the latest drops, newest artists and some exciting exclusive All Access Experiences!

Remember to check out the music video for “Swear,” viewable exclusively on Gala Music.

Music Mystery

In addition to the excitement of drops, artists and major updates, Gala Music is hosting a special giveaway event during the show. In honor of the recently released “Swear” from Hip Hop emerging artist J.K. Mac and industry veteran YoungBoy Never Broke Again, we’ve put together an exclusive $9.99 Mystery Box sale.

Each box, containing three prize items, is your chance to win exclusive artist experiences, bespoke merchandise, piles of $MUSIC or $GALA and much more.

"Swear" is the new NFT track from Gala Music, but J.K. Mac and YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Get a Mystery Box for a limited time, packed with exclusive prizes!

Win Some Mystery

Just by tuning into the live show this week, you’ll have an opportunity to win one of 20 J.K Mac x YoungBoy Never Broke Again Mystery Boxes.

Get really lucky and you might find 500,000 $GALA in one of those boxes.

Listen to “Swear” on Gala Music

If you haven’t checked out the new track on Gala Music, what are you waiting for? You’ll also find the “Swear” music video, exclusively on Gala Music.

Listen to “Swear” on Gala Music

It’s not too late to get your own NFT copy of this groundbreaking exclusive track. Once the Pioneer Edition (300 max) sells out, it’s on to the Limited Edition, and there’s no telling when these NFTs will be secondary market only.

Make sure you join the fun on today’s episode of Ahead of the Game, at 3:30pm PT on the Gala Games Youtube channel!

Welcome Sage: “I See” Marks A New Chapter in Indie Hip-Hop on Gala Music

Welcome Sage: “I See” Marks A New Chapter in Indie Hip-Hop on Gala Music

Gala Music is thrilled to introduce a new voice that resonates with raw honesty and introspective depth, Sage, with debut NFT track “I See” drops today at 12pm PT. Sage, a young Nigerian talent with European roots, brings a fresh perspective to the indie scene, weaving tales of realization and growth through the fabric of hip-hop.

“I See” is a journey through the complexities of relationships, spotlighting the courage it takes to acknowledge the truth and move forward. Sage’s ability to capture the essence of introspection and acceptance through rhythm is both rare and inspiring. This track dives deep into the hearts of its listeners, encouraging them to recognize warning signs in relationships and embrace personal growth.

Having graced stages from Soho House and DT LA to SXSW and various European festivals, Sage steps onto the Gala Music platform with an undeniable presence. “I See” not only marks Sage’s compelling entry into the music world but also highlights the artist’s unique ability to connect with audiences on a profound level.

As “I See” makes its debut, we invite you to experience the beginning of Sage’s Gala Music journey. Join us in welcoming Sage to the Gala Music family and be part of this significant moment in indie hip-hop.

Listen to “I See” now on Gala Music

Remember, owning an NFT track from Gala Music means you can get daily $MUSIC rewards when you pair your track with an active Jukebox Node. The amount of $MUSIC you’ll receive depends on the song’s popularity across the platform during that 24-hour period.

Most Gala Music tracks start off with the super-limited Signature Edition, limited to only 100 NFT copies and coming with the greatest $MUSIC reward bonuses. Plus, getting in on a Signature Edition drop means you’ll also get a free copy of every future Edition if and when the track unlocks the next Edition. To learn more about Editions and NFT drops, check out the extensive Gala Music Whitepaper

Let “I See” illuminate your path towards understanding and growth. Listen now with a free Gala Music account, then get the NFT starting at noon today, only on Gala Music.

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