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Same Great Games, All New Launcher

April 4, 2024
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Gala Games has been around for a while now, and while great games like Common Ground World have grown up over the years with us… other parts of our platform could use a coat of fresh paint.

V2 Gala Launcher

You may have noticed recently that you’re prompted to install a new launcher when entering any game from That’s normal! We know that unexpected install requests can raise some red flags for any security-conscious denizen of the web3 world – no need to worry, we are just replacing the old launcher with a newer and better model!

The first time you enter any game you’ll need to install the new launcher.

Once you’ve downloaded the new launcher, just click the .exe file in your downloads folder and you’re ready to get started after a quick install!

Note that your browser may ask for new permissions to open this new Gala Launcher.

Better Experience, Better Gaming

While this new launcher may not seem like a very big deal once you install it and forget it, it’s going to let us do a lot more in the future. 

The Gala Games platform has been facilitating gamers getting their fix of fun for over four years now… FOUR YEARS! Let that sink in. So much has changed over four years as we’ve grown together. 

The new launcher gives us more efficient deployment and better capabilities overall to support games on the platform now, as well as any new titles in the future of GalaChain!

Your install is definitely done by now…go get in the game!