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A Million Tappers Strong | What’s Next?

A Million Tappers Strong | What’s Next?

Play Treasure Tapper now

How about that, crypto wizards and early adoption experts? We hit a huge milestone and this little tap-for-rewards game is just getting started. 😎

First off, if you haven’t started tapping and collecting TREASURE coins yet, there are only a million people ahead of you, so you can still be early.

Send a Telegram message to @Treasure_Tapper_Bot to get started, or just scan the big ol’ QR code with your trusty mobile device. 👇 In a matter of seconds, you’ll be tapping and collecting your first token rewards with Treasure Tapper.

Click here if you need a little more help getting started

Why a Million is Just the Beginning

This Treasure Tapper train has only been rolling for a few weeks now, but we’ve already received an amazing reception from the wider web3 community, who apparently love tapping their phones for in-game rewards. 

Thanks to Telegram’s recent mini app platform and integration with the web3 functionality of The Open Network (TON blockchain), crypto games are now simpler than you ever imagined. With mini apps like Treasure Tapper, there’s no need to download a game– It’s launched within Telegram, the trusted messenger app you’re probably already using.

So why are they all here, tapping away day after day? The token frenzy!

The rewards that players are collecting like crazy will soon be minted as crypto tokens on both TON and GalaChain, where owners will have the ability to swap them for other crypto using sites like GalaSwap!

When is Token Minting?

As you’ll often hear in the crypto world, we cannot yet divulge that information, so let’s just say soon. 

Here’s the thing. No matter when it happens, it will be in the future, which means you can definitely collect more TREASURE in the game than you currently have. We think you’ll agree that having more will be better in the long run, especially once minting rewards has begun.

How Will it Work?

Once it’s time to mint your $TREZ tokens, you’ll have to meet a couple simple requirements to ensure there’s somewhere to deliver your tokens. Minting reward tokens will not be automatic, but will require some action on your part, so be sure to keep watch over the Treasure Tapper Announcements channel and other official communication.

Watch out for Scammers!

A true web3 visionary is vigilant at all times, ensuring that they don’t fall for anything. Such vigilance is easier than you may think:

  • Be suspicious of links
  • Say something if you see something suspicious
  • Only believe what’s announced on official channels
  • Don’t trust messages about Treasure Tapper from strangers or the Treasure_Tapper_Bot

👉Official channels:
Gala Games Twitter
Gala Games Youtube
Gala Games Facebook
Gala Games Instagram
Gala Discord
Gala blog
Treasure_Tapper_Bot (Telegram)
Treasure Tapper Announcements (Telegram)

Tapping to Two Million

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed tapping into TREASURE so far. We’re having a great time building this game!

We’ll let you know when we get to 2 million Treasure Tappers. Until then, keep those fingers warm!

Play Treasure Tapper now

Reliving Arcade Glory… on GalaChain!

Reliving Arcade Glory… on GalaChain!

Flashing lights and loud noises dominate your senses. Last quarter. This time you’ll get it for sure.

You pop it in and the screen comes to life. Dirk the Daring fearlessly gets to his heroic work. You use what you’ve learned all afternoon to navigate the treacherous path. It’s a perfect run so far. Just as you’re starting to get cocky, the Lizard King creeps out of nowhere. Game over. 

Just one of many horrible fates that befell Dirk the Daring.

Totally defeated and having lost your last quarter, you start to slink away from the machine. Almost automatically you sweep the coin return with two fingers – A quarter! Maybe one last game of Ninja Gaiden instead of trying your luck at this one again.

The Golden Age of the Arcade

If you were born before the 90s, chances are this sounded pretty familiar to you. All those of us who grew up in the time when the arcade was king distinctly remember those last quarter feels, or the sensation of poking at the coin return in the hopes that some other kid forgot their last coin in it.

Yes, arcades are still a thing. My daughter is quite fond of them. It’s hard to take her to a half abandoned and dilapidated arcade though and not have my mind drift to those days where games meant more than just tickets. When the arcade was the spot to be all summer long. 

Back then, the video games we could play at home were limited. Sure, depending on what decade we’re talking about there were Ataris, Commodores, NES and eventually even those late 90s persistent 300+ game shareware discs. The quality and quantity of games you could play from your couch, however, paled in comparison to wall to wall arcade cabinets and the sure chance of finding at least some of your friends at the arcade.

These were the days of no internet. The days of very limited multiplayer outside multi-joystick arcade games. The days when gaming culture was born… and that culture lived full-time at the arcade.

Dragon’s Lair, which I was referencing above, came out in 1983. Dragon’s Lair BLEW OUR MINDS! This was a time when most games were lines and dots on a screen, or at best they were made up of moving static images. Some of the highest tech out there had sprites for characters that had 2-3 poses at most.

Dragon’s Lair showed up with a Disney-quality, rotoscoped movie as its gameplay. They used the entirely new LaserDisc data format to encode a movie with multiple branching paths… one of the first examples of interactive media at this quality! It was impressive… so impressive, in fact, that sometimes you’d keep draining quarters into it even after you realized how punishing and impossible it was.

Not So Distant Beginnings

We’ve come a long way in a very short time with video game tech. The glory days of the arcade weren’t that long ago. Looking back, however, it’s really no wonder why we moved so fast. At the arcade, you could play 40+ new games in one day, talk about them with your friends, and watch hundreds of other kids playing (who were probably better than you) over their shoulder. We learned quick, which is why gaming learned quick.

Simple shapes and basic mechanics of games like Breakout gave way to slightly less simple shapes of games like Arkanoid. One by one, the kids pumping quarters in the games started to recognize genres and core mechanics. At first it was “Oh! It’s like Double Dragon”, but as our knowledge grew it quickly became “Oh! It’s a beat ’em up, co-op platformer”. 

Arcades were education. In those early days of the 70s and 80s, there were great game designers and programmers working on games. That was nothing compared to the kids they were training up though. No one had ever absorbed so much of the previously non-existent media of video games. 

Spoiler, some of us who put our time in at the local arcade ‘studying’ would go on to push gaming forward with this education. Soon the kids recognizing patterns in the games they pumped their quarters into grew into the young professionals propelling gaming into the next generation.

The Legacy of Arcades

Arcades may still exist, but they’re not always the bastion of culture they once were. That having been said, that culture is still very much alive. When my daughter used to lure three friends into her Minecraft world so they could run her newly created obstacle course, that felt very arcade. When I watch a Twitch stream and think my commentary actually adds to the group conversation, that feels a lot like crowding around the arcade champ’s shoulder while they’re taking challengers on in Killer Instinct.

I think you’d be hard pressed to find many who work in game dev today that don’t have fond memories of the arcade. This was the shared experience that helped raise us and led to the rapid progression of games through the past few decades. Whether you were setting your coins on deck for Space Invaders in the late 70s or trying to solo run The Simpsons Arcade Game in the early 90s, you helped create this industry.

There are cultures throughout the world where arcades still hold some of their former glory. Japan, notably, has sprawlingly huge arcades with an often ridiculous assortment of all kinds of games. Even those, however, are on the decline compared to their heights in previous decades.

Pictured: The Kabukicho pedestrian crossing in Tokyo, at the corner of Shinjuku Moa 2 Avenue and the Godzilla Road.
Though arcades are statistically on the decline in Japan, there are still whole districts with entire buildings devoted to nothing but arcade games.

Luckily, one thing out there is preserving the classic arcade feel… And I’m not talking about a room full of machines that dispense tickets so you can buy worthless prizes. That great force working to save some piece of this culture is probably the same thing that made you read this far – nostalgia. Adults love games too, and over the past decades we’re seeing far more arcades formatted for grownups.

It’s really no surprise that these ‘barcades’ have risen so quickly. Adults do love to play just as much as everyone else. Billions of people out there all have this shared experience of the arcade… is it any wonder we’d want to relive a little of that? Also, compared to the price of some leisure activities out there… my wallet and wife would much prefer I play some Ms. PacMan with a cheap beer in my hand for an hour or two rather than some of the alternatives.

Fun is fun, and arcades are fun that everyone can enjoy together.

Arcade Culture Comes to GalaChain

This long, nostalgic ramble has finally brought me to the point.  Those of you who have been around the Gala Community for a while may be aware of the Happy Valley Arcade Bar in Beacon, NY. The owners of this establishment have long been incredibly supportive and involved community icons across all things Gala… and they’re working on something absolutely amazing for all arcade fans.

They are currently building some of the world’s first web3 gaming cabinets. These arcade machines will connect to GalaChain and reward high scorers with $VALLEY. Eventually, these games may be playable on the PC, but the arcade cabinets is where the bulk of these tokens will come from.

Early footage from one of Happy Valley’s arcade games!

We here at a Gala are a bit on the outside looking in on this one, but I personally am VERY excited. Not only is it amazing to see people doing new and innovative things with GalaChain, but I really like the idea of a worldwide arcade high score battle. 

Information will be coming out soon from the Happy Valley team. I hear they are planning to sell arcade cabinets with $VALLEY potential among other things.

You don’t have to take my word for it though… head on over to to join their Discord server today!

See you at the arcade!!!

Treasure Has Barely Begun | Exciting New Updates

Treasure Has Barely Begun | Exciting New Updates

Play Treasure Tapper now on mobile

Do you have what it takes to become a distinguished crypto genius, tapping and amassing huge treasure in time for the big minting event?

Treasure Tapper is a game of collecting and (wisely) spending tokens to maximize your future rewards. It’s easy to play on your favorite mobile device:

  1. Launch Telegram – Treasure Tapper is a mini app within the massively popular messaging app, so there’s no need for any additional downloads or purchases!
  2. Interact with the Bot – Treasure_Tapper_Bot is your gateway to gameplay, launching the game for you in a matter of seconds so you can spend more time gathering TREASURE!

Message the bot with or scan the QR code below on your mobile device 👇👇

Collecting $TREZ

The game’s main mechanic is simple: Collect as much Treasure Coins as you can. Some actions will help you gain Coins (tapping, inviting friends, watching videos in the “Earn” area) and others will upgrade your ability to collect Coins even when you’re not tapping (Quests).

Stay sharp, Tappers, because soon enough your rewards will be mintable on both TON and GalaChain, allowing you to trade them with other tokens in the ecosystem through sites like GalaSwap. When that ability is added, make sure you have a nice pile of Coins to work with!

Latest Updates

The team is working fast, shipping new gameplay updates almost every single day. The best place to stay up to date is by watching the Treasure Tapper Announcements channel in Telegram, but we’ll also periodically let you know here on the blog!

Introducing “Challenges”

Challenges give you a chance to play with your friends, inviting them to a quick hi-lo contest. The best part? The winner gets extra TREASURE and the loser loses nothing! The more friends you invite, the more you can win, and you can even invite friends who haven’t played the game yet.

Don’t Forget the Dailies

With another recent addition to the game, you can now collect extra Coins in a daily reward that will increase to up to 5,000,000 additional Coins!

Day 1–500
Day 2–50,000
Day 3–2500
Day 4–5K
Day 5–15K
Day 6–25K
Day 7–100K
Day 8–500K
Day 9–1M
Day 10–5M

“Earn” Tasks

In the “Earn” area, you’ll find regularly updated videos that once viewed will gather quick 100K Coin rewards. But you can miss out on these tasks if you don’t get to them in time, so be sure to check in every single day.🤑

New Languages

The following language options have been added to the game, with more to come! 🌎

  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Russian
  • German
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Spanish
  • Ukranian
  • Turkish
  • Polish

Tap, Tap, Tap!

Don’t assume it’s not worth your time just because it’s easy! This game is absolutely free and will eventually result in real minted crypto rewards, so make sure you’re putting in your taps, inviting your friends and upgrading your Quests!

Play Treasure Tapper now on mobile

How to Play Treasure Tapper | Free & Easy

How to Play Treasure Tapper | Free & Easy

Maybe you haven’t gotten in on the action yet, but we won’t hold it against you.

Play Treasure Tapper now on mobile

The Latest Web3 Sensation

We don’t want you missing out on this. No need to overcomplicate anything. Treasure Tapper is a simple game that is played within Telegram. Yep, no need to download any new apps or sign up for anything new– It’s right there in the free messaging app you’re probably already using.

Stacking $TREZ

The reason this game is such a hit is that the TREASURE will eventually become real, thanks to web3 magic powered by GalaChain and The Open Network (TON). 

Soon enough, you’ll be able to:

👉mint your TREASURE.

👉trade your TREASURE on GalaSwap.

$TREZ will be more than a memecoin. It’s the future reward and utility token of Treasure Tapper, and this early access period is your chance to build a big pile of it before the minting event.

How to Start

Treasure Tapper is only available on Telegram for mobile.

  1. Send a message to the Treasure Tapper Bot or scan the QR code below:
  1. Tap LAUNCH GAME and you’re in. That’s all it takes to get started.

Day 1

  1. Earn” Tasks – To make the most of your first few minutes, head straight for the Earn tab, where you’ll find a regularly updated list of tasks. Quickly complete those tasks one by one to stack a big ol’ pile of instant rewards.
  1. Invite Friends – Reach invite milestones to unlock big rewards, like 100K for just inviting your first friend!

When a friend accepts your invite, you’ll each get 5K coins!

  1. Pick some Quests – IN the Quests menu, you’ll find ways to spend your coins to increase your Profit per hour without tapping. Tapping into these Lifestyles, Locations and Institutions is key because this will let you continue to collect rewards even when you’re NOT tapping, giving your tired fingers a much needed rest from time to time.
  2. Tap, Tap, TAP! – Most importantly, spend as much time as you can tapping to build up your treasure pile! When you level up, you’ll get more coins with each tap, and when you get a decent pile of TREASURE, don’t forget to use some of it to level up your Quests and unlock new ones!
  1. Check In Regularly – With daily updates like new gameplay modes and new Earn tasks, there’s always a valuable opportunity waiting if you take a minute to check in.

Keep your eyes on the Treasure Tapper Announcements channel for the latest updates and game features so you can stay ahead of the tapping pack!

What are We tApping Into? Huge Potential and Mass Onboarding

What are We tApping Into? Huge Potential and Mass Onboarding

  • Treasure Tapper launched just over a week ago.
  • We’ve already surpassed 500K users.
  • Soon, the $TREZ token will be minted on TON, bridgeable to GalaChain and tradable on GalaSwap.

Play now 👉 

One of the most valuable (and overlooked) aspects of web3 is sheer recruiting power.

There is more to “tapping” than meets the eye. We’re not just inviting you to tap your way into tokenized treasure– We’re tapping into an entire population of people who have not yet realized the simple value of web3, and the potential is huge.

Another tapping game, Hamster Kombat, has recently risen out of nowhere to become the most popular Telegram mini-app in the idle game genre. According to Telegram Founder Pavel Durov…

  • It took Hamster Kombat only 73 days to reach 100 million monthly users.
  • “[Hamster Kombat’s] growth shows the viral potential of the Telegram mini app platform.”
  • “A new era is arriving, and we are witnessing its arrival in real time.”
  • The Hamster Kombat Youtube channel has applied for a Guinness World Record as the first Youtube channel to ever gain 10 million subs within one week.

SOURCE – July 4th Cointelegraph article

Telegram, TON & Superpowered tApps

Telegram has long been embraced as a communication platform for web3 users around the world. Through the release of its new web3-enabled mini app platform, the messaging app cemented its position as a key player in the global mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Community curated list of trending tApps

The creation of this robust mini app platform was the fruit of a partnership between Telegram, The Open Network (TON blockchain) Foundation and Tencent, the parent company of messaging and calling app WeChat. By integrating a TON-based wallet and the ability for developers to integrate web3 functions into mini-apps, Telegram has seemingly created the most effective tool for mass web3 onboarding that the world has yet seen.

SOURCE – “What are Mini Apps in Telegram’s Web3 ecosystem?” – Cointelegraph

At Gala, we’re excited to join in the fun and do our part to open more eyes to the empowerment of web3. This is why we’ve created and unveiled Treasure Tapper over the past few weeks, which stands to bring more new users into the GalaChain ecosystem than ever before.

Let’s explore the idea that while this may not have been the type of mass adoption we expected, it’s the one that was bound to happen.

Trends Into Onramps

When you look back at the recent history of blockchain tech, you’ll see a series of trends that got people talking.

From the early days of play-to-earn gaming and overhyped PFP NFTs to the gamification of fintech with yield farming. From the more recent meme-coin craze to today’s mini app clicker game revolution powered by Telegram and TON, these frenzied trends share one important quality: They made the idea of web3 rewards easy to understand.

As a pioneering web3 company here for the long haul, we’re interested in winning users from web2 to a profound realization of what web3 can do to empower and enrich their day-to-day lives. But there are plenty of challenges inherent in getting “normies” to understand these benefits…

Web3 Jargon is Confusing

Technology innovators love their big words and lofty ideas. But for every “interoperability,” “decentralization,” “metaverse” and “paradigm shift,” there has always been a “win free tokens,” “earn crypto” or “claim rewards” to take the cake. The biggest winners in the space have been the ones who figured out a way to keep it simple.

Bottom Line Trumps Back End

The multitude of users we’re looking to empower don’t need to understand how any of it works. Instead, they need a real demonstration of its benefits in action, directly empowering them. Basically, they don’t care about what makes a blockchain a blockchain, and they’re not looking for a history lesson.

To attract a new user to the web3 world, we have to think like the new user. We aren’t all tech pioneers, after all. Some of us are elementary school teachers, delivery drivers, plumbers, accountants, etc. The vast majority of potential users need to be shown that the benefits of buying into this new technology outweigh its inconveniences. 

Where to Begin?

The average web2 user is getting mixed messages from a whole lot of companies, each claiming that their company is the place to begin the journey. But could we all have taken a more simple and unified approach?

By embracing something as simple as a clicker game powered by an open source Telegram bot, it’s starting to look like the wider web3 world has found the key to a unified onboarding approach that will prove effective, finally bringing people en masse from web2 to web3.

Getting Attention, Changing Lives

There is something special about the idea of converting your time and energy directly into tokens that are actually yours. In comparison to all the video games we have ever known, this mechanic is a breath of fresh air, promising a new level of freedom to the gamer. 

Time/Attention 👉 Tokenized “Treasure”

This conversion is perfectly representative of what web3 can do for its masses of future users. A quick examination of web2’s “social internet” will make the problems clear: Social media companies have essentially turned users into products, monetizing your attention at every turn but never sharing that money with you.

The fact is that your time and attention have value, and no matter how much the largest web2 corporations in the world want to keep it hidden from you, that tea cannot be unspilled.

As more attention is drawn to the web3 world and its benefits for everyday users, the web3 revolution becomes stronger as a whole.

The (oversimplified) Steps to Mass Adoption

  1. Get their attention.
  2. Help them understand that their attention has value.
  3. Reward them.

More than Cute and Fun

Our adorable game of Tapping for Treasure is more than a fun way to use your fingers and phones. It represents an effective solution to the web3 onboarding puzzle with all its confusion and competition.

When we mint reward tokens and they become tradable, millions of users could suddenly be rewarded for their time and attention in the form of crypto tokens.

The minting of $TREZ has the potential to become a mass conversion event, drawing hesitant normal users into the light of web3 to empower the industries of the world.

You’re Invited

Please join us in this exciting and fast-moving new chapter of cryptocurrency, which will surely be remembered for years to come.

To Play Treasure Tapper

  1. Get Telegram on Mobile
  2. Send a message to the Treasure Tapper bot.
  3. Launch the game and start collecting Treasure.

We’ll let you know as the minting event for $TREZ comes closer. We’re releasing new features all the time and new ways to multiply your in-game rewards.

Thanks for being part of the Gala community!