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Moment Packs and Mystery Boxes: Redefining Film Engagement With Gamified Collectibles

Moment Packs and Mystery Boxes: Redefining Film Engagement With Gamified Collectibles

Gala Film is about to emerge as a revolutionary platform in the world of entertainment with its April 14th launch. We’re on a mission to completely transform the way films are enjoyed, deepening the experience and getting everyone involved in the storytelling.

At the heart of this transformation lies the concept of Moments, gamified collectibles that seamlessly blend entertainment with ownership, rewards, and an irresistible urge to share.

Moments: Capturing the Magic of Cinema

Imagine owning a piece of your favorite film, a tangible representation of a pivotal moment that resonated with you. This is the essence of Moments, NFT collectibles that represent literal moments from films or series available on the Gala Film platform. Each Moment is uniquely identified, representing a specific frame from an episode or feature imbued with the emotional significance of that moment.

Moments are the Gala Film user’s primary way of collecting NFTs that are eligible for $FILM rewards, directly supporting their favorite projects in the process.

Scenes: Curating Cinematic Narratives

Gala Film users can also collect curated sets of Moments to form Scenes, embodying pivotal sequences from feature films or episodes. Scenes provide the broader narrative context of NFT Moments, offering additional rewards to collectors who complete Scenes.

Scenes cannot be purchased on their own, but only assembled through the collection of the Moments contained within that Scene. Bonus reward multipliers will await those who manage to collect entire Scenes, and even greater multipliers are in store for those who collect all the Scenes available for a specific title. Collecting all the Scenes in a title will be a monumental feat in the Gala Film ecosystem.

Ownership and Rewards

The ownership of Moment NFTs goes beyond mere collection; it unlocks a world of rewards and opportunities. Users will receive $FILM rewards by collecting Moments, directly participating in the ecosystem’s growth and sharing in its success. The more platform views for a specific piece of content, the larger share of the $FILM reward pool that goes to owners of Moments from that content.

To learn more about $FILM and rewards in the Gala Film ecosystem, read the Litepaper.

Unboxing the Mysteries of Film

Throughout the web3 world, the container that holds NFTs is often exciting for users on a level that parallels the excitement of the NFT itself. Users enjoy the thrill of collecting a digital container with untold potential, the contents of which cannot be known until it is opened. Embracing this mysterious spirit, we have made Mystery Boxes a core piece of the Gala Film economy.

Some Gala Film Mystery Boxes (Starter Boxes and Common Boxes) can be procured through interaction with the platform, and others (Premiere Boxes) may be purchased directly from the store using various currencies accepted by Gala Film.Users will also eventually have the option to trade on the secondary market to directly find the Shards they need. 

Gamified Engagement: A World of Possibilities

Moments, along with the Moment Packs in which they’re found, introduce a new element of gamification to the film experience, transforming passive viewing into an engaging activity with the potential to become very rewarding. Users can embark on quests to collect complete Scenes or compete with friends to amass the most valuable collections, becoming active participants in the cinematic universe.

The Gala Film “game” is 100% free to play, but to unlock its deepest levels, users will have to work hard on their NFT collections and spend time engaging with the platform.

Sharing: Unleashing the Power of Word-of-Mouth

The gamified nature of Moments and Mystery Boxes extends beyond the Gala Film platform, seamlessly integrating with social media for an unparalleled sharing experience. Users will enjoy the ability to easily share their Moments on their favorite social media channels, showcasing their collections, gathering rewards, and introducing the Gala Film platform to a wider audience.

This viral sharing mechanism not only amplifies the platform’s reach but also transforms users into active participants in the platform’s decentralized success, spreading the word about Gala Film and attracting new users. The social media buzz generated by Moments and Scenes creates a snowball effect, propelling Gala Film to the forefront of the decentralized entertainment revolution.

Redefining Film Engagement: A Deeper, More Rewarding Experience

Gala Film is creating a paradigm shift in film engagement, moving away from passive consumption towards an immersive, gamified, and socially shareable experience. It empowers users to not only enjoy films but also own a piece of them, participate in their success, contribute to the evolution of filmmaking, and share their passion with the world.

Gala Film is redefining the way we interact with our favorite audio-visual stories, creating a world where entertainment seamlessly blends with ownership, rewards, and a deeper connection to cinema, all while harnessing the power of social media to spread the word and amplify its impact.Gala Film
Gala Film Litepaper

New Champion: Beware the Eyes of Argos

New Champion: Beware the Eyes of Argos

The battle in the arena continues to intensify. Summoners are now experimenting with powerful new combos more after recent Nexus expansions, and a new Battle Pass has arrived… bringing with it a new Champion!

Argos, The Thousand Eyes

Argos was innocent once. He almost remembered it… like trying to grasp at a dream as it disappears into the morning.

He knew that everything had changed when the demons came to Ka-Drax. He knew he had changed, but he didn’t quite recall how he was before. He didn’t care, really. There had been so much pain…he just wanted to make the world feel the terror of all that pain he had felt.

Normal Attack will deal damage to a single enemy, with a match dealing even more damage.

Evil Ray deals damage to two random enemies. A match will inflict more damage, as well as adding stacks of Cursing Gaze to targets.

Gaze of Curse deals damage to all enemies. A match will increase the damage dealt, add stacks of Cursing Gaze to targets and grant Argos Watchful Eye.

Gaze of Fear grants Argos Watchful Eye at the start of the battle, which will cause enemies with too many Cursing Gaze debuffs on them to become petrified. While Argos has Watchful Eye, he will also deal extra damage to petrified targets.

The Arena Calls

The battle has begun, and Argos is already live in the game, inside the 7th Champions Battle Pass! The Battle Pass is the only way to acquire Argos, so make sure and grab one if you want to really keep an eye (or many eyes!) on your opponents.

Good luck on the new Battle Pass, Summoners. See you in the arena!

Emerging Artist Spotlight: J.K. Mac on Gala Music

Emerging Artist Spotlight: J.K. Mac on Gala Music

From the vibrant streets of Montgomery to a meteoric rise into the metaverse spotlight,  J.K. Mac is a testament to the transformative energy of Gala Music.

With the recent drop of “Swear,” featuring the renowned YoungBoy Never Broke Again, J.K. Mac has demonstrated the power of decentralized platforms, making an explosive Gala Music debut in the ranks of Gala Music’s emerging artists.

Gala Music is leading the charge in music’s web3 revolution, offering a blockchain-based ecosystem that breaks down traditional barriers between artists and their audiences. By leveraging the unique capabilities of NFTs to blur the lines between the physical and digital, Gala Music provides artists like J.K. Mac with unparalleled opportunities to connect with fans, monetize their creations and gain the recognition they deserve.

“Swear” on Gala Music

You’ll also find the music video for “Swear” exclusively on Gala Music.

The Journey

J.K. Mac’s journey from a passionate young musician to a breakout hip hop sensation exemplifies our artist empowerment ethos. From his early days, J.K. was always deeply committed to refining his craft, a fact evident in the dedication of his rapidly growing fan base. His music, rich with classic hip hop influences and infused with contemporary production techniques, speaks volumes of his artistic depth and resilience.

The release of “Swear” on Gala Music is more than just a milestone for J.K. Mac—it’s a declaration of the platform’s commitment to nurturing talent and redefining the music industry’s future. Alongside the track, the innovative Mystery Box release offers fans a chance to engage with J.K. Mac’s work on a deeper level, featuring exclusive merchandise, additional NFT tracks, and even the opportunity to interact with the artist himself.

As we witness J.K. Mac’s ascent, it’s clear that Gala Music is not merely a platform but a movement. By aligning the interests of artists and fans through cutting edge web3 tech, Gala Music is setting new standards for artist support and audience engagement. J.K. Mac’s success story should light the way for countless emerging artists, showcasing the boundless possibilities when creativity joins forces with cutting-edge technology.

Stream “Swear” on Gala Music and be part of this exciting journey. We’re not just listening to music– we’re shaping the future of an industry. Join us in celebrating the artistry of J.K. Mac and the innovative spirit of Gala Music, where music knows no bounds, and every artist has a stage.

Partnering with CoinEasy for Crypto Education in South Korea

Partnering with CoinEasy for Crypto Education in South Korea

Bridging Knowledge Gaps with CoinEasy

Hot on the heels of our massively successful GALAthon 24 hour hackathon event during GDC 2024, we’re proud to announce a new GalaChain strategic partnership with CoinEasy, the all-in-one web3 education platform. CoinEasy is a pioneering project committed to making cryptocurrency education accessible and understandable in South Korea.

This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way individuals interact with and understand blockchain tech and cryptocurrency. To reach our ambitious goal of onboarding the world’s first billion users to web3, education is an essential piece of the puzzle.

CoinEasy: Your Gateway to Crypto Knowledge

CoinEasy streamlines crypto education, designed with the goal of demystifying the often complex world of blockchain. By leveraging the cutting-edge technology of GalaChain, CoinEasy offers secure, comprehensive, and easy-to-navigate educational content and tools. Whether you’re a beginner curious about crypto basics or an advanced user looking to deepen your knowledge, CoinEasy provides a wealth of resources tailored to the Korean audience.

A Platform Built for All

What sets CoinEasy apart is its focus on inclusivity and accessibility. Understanding that the journey from web2 to web3 can be daunting for many, CoinEasy employs account abstraction to seamlessly onboard users onto its platform, preparing them to interact with GalaChain. This approach ensures that no matter your level of technical expertise, engaging with a robust digital economy has never been easier.

Download CoinEasy Today

To start your crypto education journey with CoinEasy, download the app now available on both iOS and Google Play:

Empowering the South Korean Crypto Community

Through this partnership, Gala and CoinEasy aim to empower individuals in South Korea to confidently navigate the digital economy. By providing accessible education and practical tools, we hope to foster a knowledgeable and engaged crypto community, ready to take advantage of the many opportunities that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have to offer.

A Vision for the Future

As we join forces with CoinEasy on a mission of crypto education, Gala remains committed to our mission of leveraging web3 technologies for empowerment, innovation and inclusivity. This partnership is not just about providing education; it’s about building the foundation of a more informed and confident crypto community in South Korea and beyond.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting partnership, and join us in welcoming a new era of crypto education with Gala and CoinEasy. Together, we’re making the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone.

Keep a close eye on GalaChain, because the massive rollouts, updates, and partnership announcements are just getting started. Welcome to a new world of user empowerment in the blockchain age.

CoinEasy on X

GALAthon: Post-Hackathon Recap

GALAthon: Post-Hackathon Recap

Last week’s hackathon brought a wave of new innovation to GalaChain! We saw new tools and platforms come to life before our very eyes. Thank you to everyone who participated and to everyone who followed along with the development frenzy!

We’re already starting to think about future developments on GalaChain based on some of the major innovations from this event! Before we leave the GalaChain Hackathon in the past, however, we wanted to just recap some of the biggest developments from the event!

Big Names, Big Prizes

As you may have noticed over the past few weeks, we had some big names show up to help judge entries from the Hackathon!

Judge’s carousel

While our chain team and the judges are still deliberating over category prizes for the entire hackathon, the Judge’s Choice Awards for in-person participants has already made some GalaChain hackers into big winners!

Caption: (Left to Right): Jason Brink, Team NFTD, Team NoREST, Team Corgi AI3D Forever (+ data dog)

The winners of the in-person Judges’ Choice Awards took home a combined $450,000 prize pool! The awards are far from over though, as more than $500k of prizes will soon be awarded for the rest of the general category winners!

Congratulations to the winners of The Judges’ Choice awards… and a special thanks to all the judges who joined us for this major development event!

Caption: Check out the presentation for the first place Judges’ Choice – NFTD!

Innovation on Chain

Each of the three teams picked by the judges contributed massively to GalaChain, but that only scratches the surface of what came out of this hackathon!

Those in-person represented just a portion of total participants, and there were projects that we haven’t even touched on yet diligently coding away through the 24-hours. We want to give each of those projects a chance to get the attention they deserve. Expect us to be talking more about individual efforts in the near future after our chain team has had time to appreciate the nuance of each project.

Open source development isn’t just a sprint and then done. Everything that is crafted on chain creates more tools and opens the floodgates for better and better innovations. 

Those gates are open on GalaChain, and this is just the first trickle of the torrent to come.

Thanks for Joining Us!

Whether you were laboriously swatting bugs and troubleshooting code all night along with us or you were at home just following along on Discord or our livestreams… thank you!
The GalaChain Hackathon is about creating a better ecosystem for our community, and not only the techies among us benefit from that. Your comments, suggestions, support and excitement are a vital part of this process. Even if you’re not actively building on GalaChain, GalaChain is building for you!