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New Champion: Beware the Eyes of Argos

March 28, 2024
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The battle in the arena continues to intensify. Summoners are now experimenting with powerful new combos more after recent Nexus expansions, and a new Battle Pass has arrived… bringing with it a new Champion!

Argos, The Thousand Eyes

Argos was innocent once. He almost remembered it… like trying to grasp at a dream as it disappears into the morning.

He knew that everything had changed when the demons came to Ka-Drax. He knew he had changed, but he didn’t quite recall how he was before. He didn’t care, really. There had been so much pain…he just wanted to make the world feel the terror of all that pain he had felt.

Normal Attack will deal damage to a single enemy, with a match dealing even more damage.

Evil Ray deals damage to two random enemies. A match will inflict more damage, as well as adding stacks of Cursing Gaze to targets.

Gaze of Curse deals damage to all enemies. A match will increase the damage dealt, add stacks of Cursing Gaze to targets and grant Argos Watchful Eye.

Gaze of Fear grants Argos Watchful Eye at the start of the battle, which will cause enemies with too many Cursing Gaze debuffs on them to become petrified. While Argos has Watchful Eye, he will also deal extra damage to petrified targets.

The Arena Calls

The battle has begun, and Argos is already live in the game, inside the 7th Champions Battle Pass! The Battle Pass is the only way to acquire Argos, so make sure and grab one if you want to really keep an eye (or many eyes!) on your opponents.

Good luck on the new Battle Pass, Summoners. See you in the arena!