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Champions Arena–$GALA Infusion Event

February 29, 2024
The Champions Arena $GALA infusion event is adding $1k each day for a week to the game's rewards!
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Download and Play (PC or Mobile)

If you haven’t started playing Champions Arena yet, this might be the perfect time to build a collection of NFT Champions and hit the arena!

For one week, we’re adding $1k in $GALA every day to the Champions Arena reward pool, giving players an opportunity to earn even more rewards!

The Infusion Event runs Friday, March 1st through Friday, March 8th. 

Lots of Ways to Play

With its strong focus on RPG combat mechanics, Champions Arena is a truly unique experience for players, created by RPG megafans who grew up playing the classics. With well over a hundred individual Champions to collect, each with a set of unique abilities, the combinations are virtually endless.

Collect daily rewards and blast through PvE campaign battles to buff your collections and craft the perfect team of Champions. Then when you’re ready, hit the PvE arena and play with NFT Champions to earn victory points, which translate each day into $GALA in the daily reward distribution.

You can even collect in-game (non-NFT) Champions, then mint your favorites into NFTs by purchasing and spending the corresponding number of Minting Scrolls in-game. Once minted, your Champions are yours to play and earn with, or even to list on a secondary market or bridge to another blockchain.

Exciting Updates

There’s always something new in Champions Arena, from new Champions to exclusive rewards, from limited time promos to increased drop rate events. Anytime is a great time to start building that Champion collection and playing on your favorite mobile device.
Browse NFT Champions on the OpenSea secondary market here.