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GalaChain Hackathon – Compete in Person to Win Big

March 15, 2024
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With a web3 event as legendary as GALAthon, there’s something special about coming together in person…

Maybe it’s the massively influential panel of more than a dozen judges from around the world. Look for our “Meet the Judges” announcements coming out every day until the event begins to learn more about this panel and what they might be looking for in winning entries.

Maybe it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in USDT prizes up for grabs only to in-person contestants for the coveted “Judges’ Favorite” category. Here’s a complete list of GALAthon prizes up for grabs in our 24-hour hackathon event.

GALAthon Prizes

Maybe it’s the palpable sense of camaraderie, community and cooperation toward a common goal that can only be found at a GALAthon event. We’ve always said that we’ve got the best community in the web3 world; join us at GALAthon and we’ll prove it.

Maybe it’s the awesome bag of swag including an exclusive event tee, Gala coffee mug, Legends Reborn physical card collection, Gala wrist-rest mouse pad, Tiki phone wallet and more. You know you want some Gala branded merch.

Maybe it’s just a chance to get out of your house for a couple days. You might form lifelong friendships and build strong business relationships. You might even have a chance to pick the brains of some of your favorite Gala or web3 personalities! We’d love to host your team’s dev frenzy in San Francisco, so come on out!

Register Now

Before it’s too late, get your registration in. The event is happening in San Francisco next week, starting at 11am PT on  Wednesday March 20th and ending exactly 24 hours later.

If your team already registered to participate remotely, there is still a chance to upgrade your team’s participation to onsite, but hurry! We expect to fill the space, and once enough onsite contestants have confirmed, we’ll have to shut down onsite registrations.

Register or change your existing registration at the link below!

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