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GalaChain Hackathon: Meet the Judges – Mikhail Yerganjiev, Ensuring the Future of Web3 Is Secure

March 15, 2024
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In our ongoing series to introduce the panel of judges for the GalaChain Hackathon at GDC 2024, we are very proud to spotlight Mikhail Yerganjiev, Business Development Manager for Certik – a name that is synonymous with web3 security.

Certik’s unwavering dedication to auditing and securing blockchain projects has made it an essential part of the web3 ecosystem. Yerganjiev’s role brings a critical focus on security, trust and integrity to the hackathon, as he’s been a major force in underscoring the importance of these elements to create a web3 world… one with better, safer projects.

Mikhail Yerganjiev: A Guardian of Blockchain Integrity

At Certik, Mikhail Yerganjiev has been at the forefront of identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities within blockchain projects. He works to ensure that they meet the highest standards of security to provide credibility to the most diligent developers, as well as giving more safety to those engaging with products in the web3 space.

His expertise in navigating the complex landscape of web3 security, combined with a deep understanding of the potential risks and threats facing blockchain technologies today makes him an entirely unique addition to the Galathon judging panel.

Unique Perspective on Security

In a competition that emphasizes innovation on GalaChain, Yerganjiev’s perspective on security is indispensable. His evaluation of hackathon entries is expected to include several critical criteria that reflect the necessity of building secure, reliable and trustworthy blockchain solutions:

Security by Design: Projects that incorporate security considerations from the ground up, demonstrating a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities.

Smart Contract Robustness: Given Certik’s specialization in smart contract audits, Yerganjiev will likely emphasize the importance of well-written, thoroughly tested smart contracts that are resistant to common and advanced exploits.

Compliance with Best Practices: Entries that adhere to established security best practices and standards, showcasing a commitment to maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of the web3 world.

Innovative Security Solutions: Projects that not only secure their own operations but also contribute to the broader goal of enhancing security across the web3 space – potentially introducing new tools, methodologies or frameworks for safeguarding users on chain.

Elevating Blockchain Security Standards

Mikhail Yerganjiev’s involvement as a judge in the GalaChain Hackathon signals a clear message about the paramount importance of security in blockchain development. As participants vie to showcase their technical ingenuity, they are also challenged to prioritize the safety and reliability of their creations, ensuring that they contribute positively to the web3 ecosystem with responsible development.

The role that Yerganjiev and Certik have served in the web3 world is absolutely necessary to protect users and foster good faith collaboration. How will you build to ensure safe and secure use?

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