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GalaChain Hackathon: Meet the Judges – Celynne Layug, Fostering Global Collaboration and Innovation

March 16, 2024
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As the GALAthon Hackathon draws near, we’re excited to reveal another distinguished member of our judging panel – Celynne Layug! As Trade Commissioner of the Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Silicon Valley, Celynne plays a pivotal role in creating connections between the Philippines and global markets, particularly in the realms of trade, Investments, and technology and finance.

Her inclusion as a judge brings a unique international and economic development perspective to the hackathon. The web3 world truly is the entire world, so her view on innovations from a uniquely global perspective is an incredibly important addition to our judging panel!

A Vision for Global Impact and Connectivity

In the context of the GalaChain Hackathon, Celynne’s focus is likely to be on projects that demonstrate clear potential for decentralized collaboration, economic empowerment and scalable solutions that seriously address global challenges.

She represents a bridge between technology and its real-world applications, especially those that can contribute to economic development, inclusivity, and the creation of opportunities across borders. Any technology has real effects on real people… Celynne will likely be interested in both the innovative power of any development and its real-world effects on human beings across the globe.

What Celynne Layug Might Look for in a Winning Entry

Given her background and responsibilities, Celynne might be particularly drawn to projects that:

Promote Global Connectivity: Entries that leverage GalaChain to create new opportunities for international trade, market participation and communication, making it easier for countries to collaborate and share resources.

Drive Economic Empowerment: Innovations that offer solutions to economic challenges – particularly those that connect underserved communities or further sustainability goals across the world.

Showcase Scalable and Inclusive Innovations: Projects should be scalable across different markets, but also stand out as inclusive – ensuring that the benefits of blockchain technology can be accessed by anyone, including those in developing economies.

Building Bridges with Celynne Layug

Celynne Layug’s inclusion in the Galathon judging panel underscores the event’s commitment to projects that are more than just tech for the sake of tech. Innovations that create global impact that fosters economic growth and development will likely stand out to Celynne, as they are definitively in her wheelhouse.

 Her perspective should guide participants toward creating solutions that are not just unique but also capable of making significant contributions to international collaboration and economic empowerment.

As participants prepare to showcase their projects, let Celynne’s role drive you to think beyond the technical aspects of blockchain and reach into the real world for inspiration.

Consider how your innovation can serve as a bridge between different cultures, economies, and industries. Harnessing the power of GalaChain to create a more connected and empowered global community is within our power. How will you change the world?

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