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GameOps and Nehemiah–Community Enrichment in the Philippines

March 7, 2024
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Last November, Gala was giving out free tickets for the Ginebra San Miguel PBA game. We were down to a few tickets when Deadweight (a member of Gala’s CS team) met the kids and co-founders of Nehemiah Inc. as they were on their way back home from Thanksgiving dinner. The boys were so glad to have the free tickets as they were basketball fans themselves and big fans of the Ginebra team as well! 

Right after the game, the Nehemiah kids got to meet Jared Dillinger and had their Gala t-shirts autographed by him. That night was unexpected and unforgettable for the kids. They celebrated Thanksgiving dinner and then got to watch one of Ginebra’s most anticipated PBA games in the Philippines against the Magnolia team.

Nehemiah Philippines was established in 2017 when co-founders Ana and Chris worked together to create a small drop-in center for out-of-school youth in Barangay Holy Spirit. 

  • Nehemiah Mission: To give children in need a chance to rebuild their lives.
  • Nehemiah Vision: To see children reclaim their future and restore their communities.

Nehemiah also uses video games to teach their kids problem solving while promoting the development of essential life skills for a stable and healthy future, so Gala and GameOps Inc. joined forces to conduct an office tour inside the GameOps building, led by Andro Baluyut, CEO of GameOps Inc.

Thanks to GameOps for a fantastic tour of their offices.

During the tour, Andro guided Gala and Nehemiah through the various facets of GameOps’ operations. Not only that, but we were able to check out Andro’s incredible collections of action figures, game art books, office murals and toys. The kids witnessed how GameOps provides support to their clients and tests games on various platforms, really giving them a chance to experience the work culture of GameOps. Furthermore, the tour lets the kids learn about new opportunities and how there is much more available to them than the jobs they see others doing.

This tour has been inline with Nehemiah’s goal, which is to equip kids with the skills they need to become independent, resilient, and responsible citizens.

Before the office tour, we also get to hang out with the Nehemiah boys by seeing the latest Demon Slayer movie and having dinner and dessert afterwards.

GameOps has been a great partner for this tour, and it was our privilege to learn from their 20+ years of industry experience (7 as publishers, and 10+ as solutions providers, making them one of the main video game support services providers in the Philippines). They have collectively worked with over 80 video games of various genres and on many different platforms.

  • GameOps Mission: To be the benchmark of quality and commitment in our sector of the industry. The company to work with if you want long-term relationships, a sincere sense of duty towards the client’s business, and extra-mile dedication.
  • GameOps Vision: To be the premier internationally renowned service provider in the field of video game services such as Live Operations, Player Support, and Quality Assurance.

GameOps Website:

Nehemiah Website:

Andro showing us a fancy way of sheathing a katana: Video (1:00 timestamp)

Andro slashing katana: Video (1:25 timestamp)

More media files here.