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Gala Games–Spring into Savings on your Favorite Games

March 14, 2024
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Spring is almost here, so we’re unlocking special pricing and discount opportunities on a bunch of items in the Gala Games store! 

Remember–Many items are limited in supply, so be sure to check the sales on!

Rebate Madness

With our Spring Sales lineup, we’re introducing a sweet new platform feature for certain new qualifying purchases: Rebates!

Look for $GALA rebates on select items when purchased with a credit card, or either of the USD stablecoins offered as Gala purchase options (including USDC and USDT). When you purchase a qualifying item with any of those currencies, you’ll then receive a $GALA mint allowance rebate for a portion (up to 100% in some cases!) of the purchase price.

Check the list below for participating rebate items for the Spring Sale.

Sale Items

Gala Games Mystery Boxes

These magical boxes come in 5 different rarities–The higher the rarity, the greater the chance of pulling more exquisite items! Diamond Mystery Boxes have sold out, but you can still get a discount on all other Mystery Box rarities when you purchase with a credit card, USDC or USDT if you use the following codes:

25% off Bronze Mystery Boxes

Bronze Coupon Code:


10% off Silver, Gold and Platinum Mystery Boxes

Silver, Gold, Platinum Coupon Code:


For a list of what you may find inside each Mystery Box, check out the links below:

Bronze Mystery Box
Silver Mystery Box
Gold Mystery Box
Platinum Mystery Box

Champions Arena

The RPG battle game of NFT Champions is also running a special promotion through the duration of the Spring Sales event. Players who buy items in the Champions Arena store will receive additional rewards based on how much they spend from March 15th (midnight PT) to March 21st (11:59pm PT).

Note: Each account that qualifies will receive a single reward from the list below.

It’s a great time to stock up on Gems in the store!

  1. Spend at least $100 to get 2 Epic Champion Boxes
  2. Spend at least $250 to get 1 Legendary Champion Box + 1 Epic Champion Box
  3. Spend at least $500 to get 1 Legendary Champion Box + 1 Epic Champion Box + 1 Legendary Equipment Box

Eternal Paradox

A new season just began for Eternal Paradox, the mobile RPG battler and 4X game from NDream, making it the ideal time to start your strategic adventure on your favorite device!

Download Eternal Paradox

All Gem Packages are discounted 20% in the Eternal Paradox store–No code necessary!

35 Gem Package
175 Gem Package
350 Gem Package
1050 Gem Package
1750 Gem Package
3500 Gem Package

Meow Match

Both of the Meow Match kitties in the store are offering an incredible 100% $GALA Rebate throughout this sale. That means if you buy either of them during the sale period with a credit card, USDC or USDT, you’ll receive as a mint allowance $GALA equivalent to 100% of your purchase price! Pick yours up at the links below:

Epic White Tiger SOLD OUT

Common Toyger SOLD OUT

The Walking Dead: Empires

As the public development build continues in full swing, free to play for all Gala account holders, we’re offering some incredible discounts on every TWDE item in the store.

Use Code GALASPRING50 for 50% off any of the following items:

Georgia Arsenal (Epic)
Georgia Arsenal (Legendary)
Georgia Arsenal (Ancient)
Georgia Lab (Uncommon)
Georgia Lab (Epic)
Georgia Lab (Legendary)
Georgia Forge (Epic)
Georgia Forge (Legendary)
Georgia Forge (Ancient)

Additionally, the Prepper Pack is marked down a whopping 75% off original price (no code required)

Common Ground World

Spring is a great time to get into the Gala flagship farming sim game and start your collection of in-game NFTs. With some available rebates and plenty of strikethrough sales, you’re looking at blue skies and sunny deals!

Rebate Offers – when purchased with credit card, USDC or USDT

Nonna’s Trattoria – 25% $GALA Rebate
Spooky Wheel of Nightmares – 40% $GALA Rebate
Golden Apple Tree – 50% $GALA Rebate

Rare Spooky Halloween Decoration Pack – 100% Rebate

Automatic Discounts – no code required

Tunnel of Love – 25% off
Lantern Festival – 20% off
The Barista Palace – 20% off
Fireworks Tower – 25% off
Hot Cocoa Chalet – 25% off
Crystal Reindeer – 25% off
Mistletoe Arch – 25% off
Table of Appreciation – 25% off
Spooky Ghost Tracks – 20% off

PokerGO Play

This is your chance to top up your stack, with almost all Chip Packs on sale!

Automatic Discounts – no code needed

80M Chip Pack – 40% off
25M Chip Pack – 30% off
10M Chip Pack – 30% off
6M Chip Pack – 30% off
3M Chip Pack – 30% off
1.75M Chip Pack – 30% off
500K Chip Pack – 30% off

Enjoy the sales, Gala Gamers!