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Introducing the GalaChain Creator Portal

February 5, 2024
The Gala Creators Program is live!
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While we’re pioneering web3 tech to prepare for the incoming masses, one of our most important long term goals has always been ease of access. We want to make the projects built on our blockchain shine, and that means making it easy for developers to create here, regardless of their level of web3 expertise. This is where the Gala Creator Portal comes in.

Our Creator Portal is an innovative and highly user intuitive self service platform that simplifies the incorporation of blockchain tech via GalaChain for creators and developers, no matter the complexity or ambition of their projects.

Ease of Use

The Creator Portal offers a user-friendly interface to anyone who creates or manages projects on GalaChain. Currently, this includes music and film artists and game developers with in development or live titles. With no complex blockchain coding required, devs can upload tracks and other files, create NFTs, or even deploy tokens onto the GalaChain network.

Live game devs use the creator portal to manage NFT sales, database items and more.

Dev Flexibility

Using the recently released GalaChain public Software Developer Kit (SDK), developers who wish to go a little deeper also have the option to customize as they please, writing their own chain code in Typescript. If the more standardized and streamlined approach suits their needs, they can simply use the Creator Portal.


Most importantly, this portal is designed for all types of developers, whether or not they are familiar with web3 tech. This is a big deal because blockchain development has previously been gated behind a wall of prerequisite knowledge and most developers are most comfortable working with systems they already understand. Essentially, the Gala Creator Portal lowers the entry barrier to get started with blockchain tech, inviting a much more diverse range of creators to leverage the benefits and abilities of GalaChain.

If you have an idea that lends itself beautifully to web3, or if you’re an innovative developer who has been hesitant to jump into the web3 deep end so far, this is your chance–We’ve made it simpler than ever.

In the spirit of democratization of some of the most cutting edge tech in the world, we’re extremely excited to offer this Creator Portal to current and future GalaChain developers. We can hardly wait to see your genius ideas come to life, and we’ll make sure you’ve got the decentralized web3 power to make it happen.

GalaChain SDK

Gala Creator Portal

Note: For a time following the Creator Portal’s initial release, developer involvement will be curated by the core Gala team.