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$GALA – The World’s Most Secure Altcoin

February 23, 2024
$GALA is the most secure altcoin in the world according to the leading crypto security auditor, Certik.
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At Gala, security is paramount. We’re committed to building a robust and trustworthy gaming ecosystem, and that starts with a solid foundation of impeccable security. We’re proud to announce that according to Certik, a leading authority in blockchain security, $GALA is the most secure altcoin in the world!

In Great Company

On Certik’s leaderboard, $GALA stands tall at #3 among more than 11,000 tokens listed, just behind the titans of the industry: Bitcoin (#1) and Ethereum (#2). This achievement speaks volumes about the meticulous measures we’ve taken to safeguard our ecosystem and user assets.

Source – Certik Leaderboard

AAA Security Rating & Score

Certik has also awarded $GALA an exceptional AAA security rating, placing us among the top 9 listed projects on the massive list. This rating is based on a comprehensive analysis of our smart contracts, code, and overall project security posture. Additionally, our security score of 95.34 is a testament to the rigorous standards we uphold.

Why Certik Matters

Certik isn’t just any security auditor. They’re recognized as a global leader in blockchain security, with a proven track record of identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in prominent crypto projects. Their audits are meticulous, their methodologies are cutting-edge, and their reputation for independence and expertise is unparalleled.

What This Means for You

As a $GALA holder, you can rest assured knowing your property is protected by the highest standards of security. We’ve partnered with the best and subjected our project to third party audits to ensure the integrity and safety of our ecosystem, and this achievement is a direct reflection of that commitment.

Join the Secure Future of Web3

Gala is more than just an entertainment platform; it’s a community built on trust and security. With Certik’s validation, we’re solidifying our position as a leader in secure and innovative user empowerment. So come join us on this exciting journey, where freedom reigns, rewards are plentiful, and your assets are always safe.

Together, let’s build a future of secure and immersive GalaChain user experiences, no matter the industry. Welcome to Gala!