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Introducing a Groundbreaking Partnership: Gala Games x EMERGE Group

Introducing a Groundbreaking Partnership: Gala Games x EMERGE Group

In an exhilarating development for the future of web3 gaming, Gala Games is excited to unveil a strategic partnership with the distinguished EMERGE Group. This collaboration signifies a joint effort to revolutionize the gaming industry by integrating new game development studios onto GalaChain, enriching the Gala Games ecosystem and empowering gamers with web3 tech throughout the world.

A Fusion of Expertise and Vision

The Singapore based EMERGE Group is renowned for its innovative approaches to commercializing content and managing intellectual property rights. They are experts who facilitate connections between brands and the global esports and gaming community. Their track record of successful collaborations with a wide array of brands and web3 powerhouses positions them as an ideal partner for Gala Games as we hit the ground running with our massive GalaChain expansion.

EMERGE Group Founder and CEO, Roy Kek, expressed his excitement about the recently signed MOU, noting, “We are thrilled to enter into a strategic partnership with Gala. With Gala’s mastery in the web3 gaming landscape and our vast experience as game publishing partners, we are poised to elevate GALA Games to unprecedented heights.”

The Role of EMERGE Group in the Gala Ecosystem

EMERGE Group will act as Gala’s official game publishing partner, identifying promising gaming projects for integration into the GalaChain ecosystem. They will oversee initial due diligence, bridge connections with Gala, providing support in areas like marketing, user acquisition, and Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies. 

This collaborative effort aims not only to diversify the gaming offerings within the Gala Games ecosystem but also to empower game studios with the support needed to succeed in the evolving landscape of web3 gaming. EMERGE Group can effectively act as a bridge between quality developers and the web3 empowerment that is waiting for their audiences.

GalaChain as the Foundation

At the heart of this partnership lies GalaChain, the technological bedrock designed for scalability, security, and eco-conscious user empowerment. As outlined in the Gala Ecosystem Blueprint, GalaChain was built on a vision of empowerment, innovation, and decentralization. Powered by GalaChain and the one of the world’s largest decentralized node networks, Gala Games is providing a versatile and robust platform for game developers and a unique gaming experience for players.

Looking Ahead: A Decentralized Gaming Future

This partnership between Gala Games and EMERGE Group is a testament to our shared commitment towards creating a decentralized gaming ecosystem that places power in the hands of the players. It signifies a step forward in our mission to onboard a billion users to the web3 world, simplifying complex technology to make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, including the best game developers in the world.

Stay connected for further updates as we progress on this exciting journey with EMERGE Group, redefining the gaming landscape one blockchain at a time. To learn more about EMERGE Group and their impact on the gaming and esports industry, visit their website and follow them on LinkedIn and X.

About EMERGE Group

Headquartered in Singapore, EMERGE Group focuses on developing viable and profitable commercialisation options for content creators, Intellectual Property rights holders, Advertising Inventories and brands in the SEA region.

With an established network of top esports teams and gaming influencers under its flag, EMERGE Group has also worked with multiple endemic and non-endemic brands to fulfill their business objectives.
For more information, please visit:

GalaSwap: April Updates

GalaSwap: April Updates

We’ve been thrilled to see how much the GalaChain community has enjoyed the ability to easily swap tokens on chain using GalaSwap.

As we said when we first released GalaSwap, we originally prioritized getting it in users’ hands as quickly as possible. This means that we’ve got lots of updates we plan to implement, and the next round is here!

Partial Swaps

Starting with this update, you’ll no longer need to fulfill an entire swap to accept it. Likewise, this makes it so it isn’t ‘all or nothing’ for those listing swaps. 

When searching for a swap, you’ll now see a checkbox labeled “Selected Amount”. Using this checkbox, you may accept a percentage of the swap being offered.

You’ll be able to customize the amount of the given swap that you fill, and the rest will remain as an available swap.

You can use this in addition to other full swaps as well to get exactly what you need, without having to try and get an optimal combination of swaps for the exact amount of tokens. you’re looking for.

New API Functionality

We’ve added new API integrations into GalaSwap to allow developers to easily access the GalaSwap API. 

This will open the door to new developments, as builders on GalaChain can now integrate API for GalaSwap functionality authenticated directly through a user’s keys.

GalaSwap itself doesn’t have a monopoly on token exchanges within the GalaChain ecosystem. We built this tool because it was functionality that we thought everyone needed for the good of GalaChain. The end goal is always to make it more useful to those building on and using GalaChain!

Much More Ahead

GalaSwap is still in the early days. There will be a lot more coming – more tokens, more ways to swap and more use for GalaChain devs! 

For now, we hope that these few updates make your swaps a little easier. We’ll be back soon with new features!

Big Start to a Massive Year: GalaChain Q1 Recap

Big Start to a Massive Year: GalaChain Q1 Recap

2024 is an exciting year for GalaChain, and we’ve already hit the ground running! There’s lots coming in the months ahead, but first let’s look back on how much we’ve built so far this year.

Solid Foundation

GalaChain has been live and operational for a while, facilitating live games and transactions within the Gala Ecosystem since October 2022. GalaChain during that time of internal may have seemed quiet to outside observers… but we were in fact very busy streamlining our systems on GalaChain and refining platform and chain processes… all to open the floodgates!

The release of our GalaChain SDK and Creators Portal at the beginning of 2024 was the culmination of this diligent testing and refinement. We spent the time learning the early lessons, and served the community up with tools we knew had the power to implement real solutions to GalaChain.

While many of our experiences with GalaChain were in games, we’ve had the chance to experiment with a wide variety of applications on GalaChain. The infrastructure of the chain isn’t designed exclusively for games… it’s designed to easily live up to the heavy demands of gaming, which is one of the highest bars in the tech world.

GalaChain stood up to the task of live games and highly specialized platforms like Gala Music. The first business of the year for us was taking everything we learned and packaging them up into tools that the next generation of GalaChain builders could use.

Building Up

Just opening the gates to the chain isn’t enough. With the GalaChain SDK in hand, any developer can start crafting a project on GalaChain or plug an existing project into the wonderful web3 world. A robust ecosystem requires more than just the tools to build amazing things though.

The launch of tools like GalaSwap and the community built block explorers provided vital support to anyone innovating for GalaChain. As new projects started to pop up, each provided valuable insights on how to make the chain better for everyone.

This led us to the GalaChain Hackathon during GDC. We’ve done a few hackathons on GalaChain already, but we knew this time needed to be different. With GalaChain open to the world, it was time to think bigger and get more people building on GalaChain.

During the hackathon, we saw lots of really cool things get built on chain. From Team NFTD’s reinterpretation of the classic tower defense genre using GalaChain NFTs to Team NoREST’s creation of a more efficient rest API for GalaChain, GALAthon brought new momentum. New people are building on GalaChain and new applications are pushing the limits of what’s possible through blockchain technology.

Filling Out

We’re confident in the abilities of GalaChain. Its scalability, speed and customization potential are unparalleled, and we think its practical applications speak for themselves. That having been said, the “if you build it, they will come” philosophy is a trickle… and we want a flood.

We’ve been going on the road and telling the world about GalaChain. Aside from worldwide expansions like recently announcing our plans to build a liveops center in Chile, we’ve been getting to conferences all across the world and getting people on GalaChain to start building!

We’ve been announcing partnerships and collaborations with companies planning to be on GalaChain at a rapid pace. We’re establishing new relationships with innovators and expanding the scope of everything we’ve done prior. 

Gala isn’t just changing entertainment anymore. GalaChain can change the world.

The Future Is GalaChain

The first three months of 2024 have raced by, but there’s no checkered flag and champagne. This is just the beginning of GalaChain, and the best is yet to come.

With so many developers and businesses jumping into GalaChain and starting to build, the rest of 2024 will be exciting. We’ve got exciting plans to expand access and utility for GalaChain, but the best innovations in the future are out of our hands. 

Thank you to everyone building on GalaChain. You are the future.

Guardian Papers 2 – Private Keys

Guardian Papers 2 – Private Keys

Imagine losing the keys to your house… in a world with all unbreakable windows where locksmiths do not exist. This is what’s at stake when we talk about private keys, one of the most important tools in the web3 world.

Welcome to the second edition of The Guardian Papers, the series in which we’re taking you through some of the most important security issues in blockchain, one by one. The future of decentralization can create opportunities for bad people as well as good ones; that’s the nature of empowerment.

We’re here to not only empower our community, but also to help equip everyone with the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves 

What Are Keys?

Keys grant you access to your assets or information on a blockchain. Just like a password, you can use your private key to access your holdings in a wallet address, but the security of a key far exceeds the security of a typical password. Passwords can be hurdles to the villains that stalk the shadows of the digital world, but cracking or brute forcing a private key is a hurdle too high for anyone to jump.

There are typically two types of keys associated with any blockchain address. A private key is your personal proof of ownership and should not be shared with anyone. This private key is known only to you, and due to blockchain’s decentralized nature your private key is how you prove to the network that the assets held at that address are actually yours. This itself prevents many of the methods that the bad guys will employ to prey on individuals in less sophisticated digital spaces.

A public key is the one that your wallet will share while transacting. Your public key is actually derived from your private key through complex mathematical calculations, but due to the high level of encryption, the process can’t be reverse engineered. This means that your public and private keys are matched pairs– one is your visible footprint on the blockchain while one is your personal access code.


Though not every blockchain uses the same names for them, most use some form of private and public keys.

On the Ethereum network, your wallet address actually represents the last 20 bytes of your public key. It is expressed in hexadecimal–  indicated by “0x” at the beginning of the address. Since each byte is represented in two hexadecimal digits, a full address is 42 digits long (0x+20×2)

Your GalaChain address is also expressed in hexidecimal characters. It is comprised of 24 digits, with the prefix “client|”, which can double as a unique user ID for the Gala platform.

On GalaChain, the ability to transact through the Gala platform or dApps built on chain simplifies the day to day use of your keys. Your public and private keys still control access to your on-chain items, however.

There are many independently functioning blockchains and not everything here will always be true for all of them. This is intended to be general information about how keys typically work on a blockchain, but you should always do further research to understand the specifics of any blockchain you use.

How Keys Protect Your Assets

In blockchains that use both a public and private key, asymmetric cryptography is employed to ensure that assets remain protected for a private key holder. This keeps security high even though transaction data and the public key are readily available as public information on chain.

GalaChain operates on asymmetric cryptography, just like many other chains. While your public key is used to sign transactions, your private key always stays exactly that – private.

First, your private key generates a public key with encryption software to complete the pair when you first set up your wallet. Your public key then secures data as it interacts with the blockchain so that it can only be decrypted using the private key that it pairs to. Your wallet safely stores your private key, which now is the only key that can give anyone access to your assets.

There are many nuances and exceptions to the way asymmetric cryptography works on blockchains, and there are even some chains out there that run entirely on symmetric encryption. Understanding how private keys and public keys interact and relate to each other, however, is the first step in keeping control over your crypto treasures.

It’s All In the Name

One of the key components of blockchains is transparency and history. Transaction information and data is readily available and stored within the chain itself, thus making ownership of your assets fully provable. While your public key will be visible on the network and identify your address to the chain, your private key needs to stay just that– Private!

Your private key should never be shared with anyone! This private key is designed to be stored within a wallet and should stay in one. Your private key can be imported to apps and extensions like Metamask, but make sure that you 100% trust the encryption and integrity of anywhere you are sending your private key. 

If someone has that key, they then suddenly own your entire digital hoard. While your private key may be able to be recovered with a seed phrase or recovery phrase, nothing can be done to prevent anyone who gains this key from immediately accessing your wallet. This cannot be restated enough times: Any individual asking for your private key is up to no good!


A wallet doesn’t actually store your currency, but rather stores and controls access to the keys that can access the address the currency is stored at.

This means offline solutions like hardware wallets store your private keys in a secure environment, not accessible remotely.

When your private key is secure in a wallet, it signs transactions without being exposed to the network because your public key recognizes its other half. Though we use alphanumeric characters to express a private key, it’s in fact a seemingly random number of hundreds of digits long– the type of math us mere mortals use to keep your defenses impenetrable. Reverse engineering a private key from a public key is something that is beyond the technology of even a real life supervillain.

Control Your Lock and Your Key

The revolution that blockchain technology represents is all about sovereignty over personal property without barriers in between you and your assets. Maintaining control over your assets opens countless new possibilities, but that comes with responsibility.

Blockchains give you sophisticated tools to protect your assets, but in the end it all comes down to you. Maintaining a thorough security infrastructure on any device that your wallet is connected to will ensure that the lock on your vault is essentially impenetrable… but any lock is easy to penetrate if you hand over the key.

Your private keys are yours and yours alone. They should never be shared with others or transmitted digitally, and should preferably be stored offline whenever possible. Your keys are direct access to your treasures, so that’s what the enemies of digital sovereignty will come after… but you’re not alone in this fight. 

As long as there are easy victories to be had in our community for the bad guys, they’ll be hungry for more. Only by educating and empowering everyone within the blockchain world to protect their private keys can we shut out the brigands who seek to cheat their way through this digital frontier.

The First and Last Guard

We’ve already covered a lot of ground in The Guardian Papers on how to keep yourself secure in the decentralized world, and our next installment will take us even further yet as we explore how 2-Factor Authentication is crucial for healthy defenses.

In the world of Web3, you are the first and last guardian of your assets. This may sound overwhelming, but that is the cost of the power of controlling and owning assets without the interference of a larger organization. You have the tools at your fingertips to easily maintain defenses that can’t be matched in the pre-Web3 world. 

Here at Gala, we believe that empowering the players is about more than just ownership. It represents a responsibility to educate and arm the community with the knowledge they need to protect their control over their assets. As a community, the responsibility to spread wisdom that could help any member protect themselves is carried by all of us… until none of us are threatened. 

Our security on chain may be strong, but we are always infinitely stronger together.

Revolutionizing Travel: Gala Partners With Staynex

Revolutionizing Travel: Gala Partners With Staynex

Following the massively successful GALAthon 24 hour GalaChain hackathon event during GDC 2024, the crypto world has taken notice of GalaChain’s developer friendly versatility. Since opening our chain to external developers earlier this year with the Typescript enabled GalaChain SDK, we’ve connected with lots of awesome companies and innovative projects.

We’re especially excited when we’re able to announce strategic partnerships that create new possibilities and expand the horizons of web3. Today we’re pleased to announce a partnership that will literally power the empowering journey of GalaChain users to new destinations.

A Partnership that’s Going Places

We’re partnering with Staynex, the next-generation membership based travel agency set to redefine the travel experience through the innovative integration of web3 technologies. This collaboration signifies a leap forward in travel, combining Staynex’s forward-thinking platform with GalaChain’s advanced blockchain technology.

A New Era of Travel

Staynex stands at the forefront of the travel and membership industry, harnessing the power of GalaChain to offer a travel experience like no other. This partnership promises a seamless, secure and enhanced travel journey, elevating the way we explore the world.

Staynex is currently onboarding hotel and resort partners worldwide, giving hospitality providers a chance to secure their place on the platform. Soon, users will have the ability to book travel at partner resorts and hotels with a variety of secure web3-powered payment methods, collecting unique perks to further enhance the travel experience.

Perks and Personalizations

Through the decentralized infrastructure of GalaChain, Staynex offers unique benefits to its members. From exclusive perks and rewards to personalized experiences, Staynex is not just changing how we travel but also how we connect and engage with travel communities.

A Vision Shared by Leaders

“The Travel, Stay & Hospitality industry is worth trillions, and we see web3 as a game-changer. Blockchain introduces innovation, accountability, and transparency, improving the industry significantly.”

-Yuen Wong, Staynex CEO and Founder

The CEO of Staynex highlights the transformative potential of blockchain in the travel industry, emphasizing innovation, accountability, and transparency as key benefits. This vision aligns with Gala’s commitment to leveraging web3 technologies for a more empowering user experience throughout multiple world industries. As a company that began in fully remote work, we recognize the importance of travel in creating a more empowering and connected world.

The Journey

As we embark on this exciting journey with Staynex, we invite our community and the broader web3 world to explore the possibilities of a travel agency fully leveled up with the latest in web3 tech, powered by GalaChain. Stay updated on this adventure through our news and community channels, as we together explore and expand the future of travel.

You’re invited to experience the world through a new lens, powered by the innovative technology of GalaChain and the visionary platform of Staynex. Welcome to the future of travel.

Staynex website
Staynex on X
Staynex Facebook