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GALAthon Winners and Prizes

GALAthon Winners and Prizes

GalaChain is growing all the time, with more people jumping in and building on-chain every day! Last month’s hackathon, however, was a moment like no other in the growth of GalaChain. We saw amazing developments and innovative new ways to use the chain for a better web3 world.

After intense deliberation by our esteemed GALAthon guest judges and our chain team, the time has finally come to announce the results! Congratulations to each and every one of the winners… and thank you to every single participant! It’s all of you who make GalaChain amazing!

Judges’ Favorites

We’ve already discussed the in-person judges’ favorites, but we wanted to sing the praises of these innovators again.

  1. NFTD.GG –

200,000 USDT + $10k AWS Credits, $25k VGX and a $400 Alienware Monitor

  1. Team No Rest –

150,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits and $15k VGX

  1. Corgi AI3D Forever –

100,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits and $10k VGX

We’re proud of all the projects that participated at this hackathon, and we think the judges made incredibly astute observations to pick these three top projects.

Remote Participation Prizes

After going through each project and presentation, we have awarded a number of additional prizes in several categories:

Best Use of AI: Fuzzle Prime

Fuzzle Prime is a project that embodies the ideology of blockchain technology in so many ways. For this Hackathon, they created Fuzzle UniverCity to leverage the powers of AI to create instructional course content using GalaChain!

Prize Awarded: 50,000 USDT + $10k AWS Credits

Most Creative Project: Dragon Slayers

The Dragon Slayers crafted the Dragon Board, a way to burn NFTs directly for fungible tokens on chain. This could be a way for users to recycle NFTs they are no longer using, allowing a natural increase in scarcity and overall letting users engage with their on-chain items in more ways.

Prize Awarded: 50,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits

Most Innovative Solution: KFS

During GALAthon, KFS built out their concept of “CourseHub”, an educational platform powered by GalaChain. CourseHub is designed to reinforce education through blockchain, by monetizing educational content with incentivized learning. Eventually, KFS hopes to issue digital certificates using NFTs.

Prize Awarded: 30,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits

Best Representation of Gala Community: Valley Games

Valley Games is the brainchild of Happy Valley Arcade Bar in Beacon, NY. Valley Games will bring web3 gaming to the classic cabinet, by integrating a multi-game arcade cabinet with GalaChain games. Eventually, the team hopes to streamline rewards on Valley Games with a token on GalaChain. Talk about incentive for that high score! 

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Best Integration with Gala Film or Gala Music: Taco Truck

Taco truck set out to create the first memecoin on GalaChain – $TACO!  Along the way, they engineered a pipeline for users to mint their own coins. In cooperation with Emily Lazar from September Mourning, they hope to soon use this system to allow artists to create their own verifiable tokens directly on GalaChain.

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Best Use of On-Chain Data:

Achis was mentioned as a community option in our recent Founders Node vote about block explorers… but is far more than just a block explorer. Using powerful data analytics, Achis continued to build out its functionality during the hackathon. Using powerful data analytics and on-chain data, can show users what’s happening on GalaChain in terms they don’t need decades of programming experience to understand.

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Most Useful Day-to-Day: THX

THX works with Gala on marketing initiatives on occasion, and we were overjoyed to see them hop into the hackathon and work on something to make our work even better together! Previously, someone redeeming points for rewards on THX was just receiving a unique URL that would help manually fulfill rewards. They crafted an integration so that rewards can now be distributed directly from GalaChain!

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits

Most Enthusiastic Project: did what many successful innovators have done in the past… recognized a problem and designed a solution. Pearswap recognized that the bid to ask spread on GalaSwap could be improved with liquidity pools, so they created the groundwork for that system through!

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Non-Stop Development

This will wrap up this GALAthon, but GalaChain never stops! The net progress that will be made leveraging all these developments on GalaChain cannot be understated. GalaChain is an entire ecosystem, and any and every application on it works together to make it a chain that can accomplish nearly anything. Every link builds us up.

We’ll have more events like this in the future, but we’d like once again to thank everyone who participated in, followed along, or even just read a thing or two about last month’s GALAthon! GalaChain is here for all of us, and we can’t wait to build the next innovation with all of you.

GalaChain Community Block Explorer Winner

GalaChain Community Block Explorer Winner

Development on GalaChain seems to be accelerating every day, and many long-time members of the Gala community are stepping forward with massive innovations to make GalaChain better for everyone.

The great contributions by our community are part of what makes GalaChain amazing, and the development of block explorers for users to really understand GalaChain have been among the biggest milestones.

Seeing Blocks Better

A solid and reliable block explorer is beneficial to everyone working on chain, so we were more than happy to offer a reward to the best the community could cook up. The Gala Founder’s Node Network will always continue to be a major part of GalaChain, so giving them the option to make the choice seemed natural.

Thank you to everyone who rose to the challenge and built block explorers. Your contributions to this ecosystem are invaluable. Thank you to all the Founder’s Node operators who voiced your opinion in the poll – this was something entirely new for Founder’s Node Network governance, and hopefully we will have more robust votes in the future to involve operators more in GalaChain.

Finally, thank you to everyone who is part of the Gala community or who does anything at all on GalaChain. We’re all building together!

…And the Winner Is…

Congratulations to GingerBreadMan and his GalaChain Explorer!

All four options in this poll had their individual strengths, and the choice for Founder’s Node operators was anything but cut and dry. While we can’t speak for the Founder’s Node operators who made this call, it’s likely they were impressed with the user-friendly UI and intuitive design of

I want to highlight the Fuzzle team. It’s amazing to see a passionate group work so well together in their free time. We have a lot of improvements to make to the explorer that were in the original design. We plan to complete the explorer and show everyone the power of AI and community in the process.


GingerBreadMan will receive his choice of 1 million $GALA or a Founder’s Node License. Congratulations to him on both the prize and his amazing craftsmanship on the block explorer.

Building Better

The development on GalaChain isn’t slowing anytime soon! With the usefulness of these block explorers, many bigger developments are on the horizon.

We hope the hard work put in by all the candidates in this vote inspire others to build their own innovations on GalaChain. GalaChain is here for you… imagine it and make it today!

DevSpeak: Tokens and Coins and Contracts, oh My!

DevSpeak: Tokens and Coins and Contracts, oh My!

Let’s face it, there’s still a lot of confusing terms and jargon thrown around in the web3 world. We don’t all have the benefit of a formal tech education, and with blockchain tech being relatively new on the scene, everyone is jumping in at a different starting point for background knowledge and context.

We get it, and we’re here to help. DevSpeak, because sometimes the basic explanation of terms and ideas in web3 gets lost under everything else.

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What coins and tokens are, in the blockchain sense, may feel intuitive. After all, you can jiggle your pocket and quickly get the idea of what a token or coin is. The idea of tokens representing little bits of ownership goes back a long time. DevSpeak done, concept explained… right?

Actually it’s all a bit more complicated than that. Never fear though! We’ll walk you through the basics so you can build your web3 knowledge on a solid foundation.

What Is a Token?

A token is – put very simply – a thing. Tokens take a variety of forms, but a token at its most basic level represents the location of a thing on the blockchain. Blockchains are very similar to databases. If you’re familiar with those, think of a token as a class or trait. It indicates the specific entry (address) it falls under, has… something.

This doesn’t have to equate to monetary value, however. This is often misunderstood due to the easy comparison to something like an arcade token or a shiny coin from a national mint. 

In general programming parlance, ‘token’ refers to the most basic individual element of a programming language – constants, identifiers, operators, separators or reserved words. In security, token can also refer to a digitally encoded signature that a network uses to authorize a user and allow access.

Token in chaincode has come a little from each of the above uses of the word. A blockchain token is an object that can be referenced and utilized through chaincode, but it also can be a secure authorization trigger for individual addresses throughout the network.

Tokens take a variety of forms. Some tokens are fungible (think $GALA, $MUSIC, $USDC, etc), meaning that multiple versions of identical tokens exist on the network. Non-fungible tokens (commonly known as NFTs), are unique assets. While there may be more than one identical NFT on the network, there is a limited amount of each and each NFT carries a distinct and unique identifier, which corresponds to specific metadata for that one token.

Each token is designed for a specific blockchain, where they will typically be referred to as a “native token”. Bridges can move tokens from one blockchain to another, but technically these are creating a new asset on another blockchain, while the bridge continues to hold the original version of the token.

What Is a Coin?

A coin, first and foremost, is a blockchain token. They typically follow the rules of other tokens, with some extra details for us to go over.

What makes coins different is that the blockchain would not function without them. The coin of a specific blockchain is the one that powers the blockchain and directly interacts with it. Any tokens built on the blockchain to provide additional functionality would just be tokens… but the original is a coin.

For Ethereum, this coin would be ETH. There are lots of tokens on the Ethereum Network, but none of them directly interact with block verification, proof of stake or gas fees the way that ETH does.

On GalaChain, $GALA is technically the coin. More tokens are coming onto the chain every day, but no other token interacts with GalaChain the way $GALA does.

Notably, this means $GALA can both fit the definition of a coin or just a token, depending on where it is. $GALA was originally built on the Ethereum Network, where it follows the ERC-20 token standard. On GalaChain, however, $GALA is the coin. 

As we discussed above in relation to bridging, $GALA (GC) and $GALA (ETH) are technically two distinct tokens with two distinct contracts, each built for the blockchain they exist on. A bridge facilitates the exchange of these tokens, rather than translating and migrating them to an entirely different programming language and token standard.

Why Tokens?

Since tokens can be assigned to different addresses on the blockchain, and they are securely controlled by the owner of those addresses, they make an ideal way to assign ownership on a blockchain. Since they can be referenced easily by chaincode, they also fill the role of an authorization token incredibly well too.

Tokens can do a lot more than just be shiny things for people to swap around. A token is an object on the blockchain, and it carries with it its own coded properties and behaviors. This information is hard-coded into the token’s “contract” – the set of logic and traits that create the token originally and dictate how it functions. 

This contract is the basis of trustless systems on the blockchain. You don’t have to take anyone’s word about how the token behaves or what it signifies — it’s right there in chain code in the contract.

Using these contracts from tokens as a starting point, blockchain builders can construct larger systems. Interactions between a token and a dApp or another token can be created using “smart contracts” – essentially an automated process that takes a specific action when its conditions are fulfilled. These smart contracts rely on the token contracts themselves as reference and verification. This idea of smart contracts creates a full trustless ecosystem, as automated actions only happen when the proper conditions are fulfilled.

Looking at these basic functions of tokens, you can start to see how contracts and smart contracts can build out a robust ecosystem over time through interconnected relationships and innovative applications. Tokens are fully transferable and secure objects… and anything that can maintain that on an open and shared, global network is far more valuable than a simple database.

You don’t have to be the one with the chops to build a blockchain yourself to imagine how one smart contract and dApp over another begins to take shape into something bigger than the sum of its parts over time. 

Coin You Feel It?

Now we know that this information doesn’t make you some blockchain whiz… but we also know that a lot of times people don’t start from the beginning with new tech.

We want you to have all the context and knowledge you need to not only be enthusiastic about web3 but to thrive in this new landscape!

Thanks for reading! We’ll be back soon with more devspeak to simplify more tech arcanity and keep transferring you these small tokens of knowledge!

Introducing $GSWAP – The Official Token of GalaSwap

Introducing $GSWAP – The Official Token of GalaSwap


  • $GSWAP is here for GalaSwap users in multiple ways and promotes GalaChain trade health.
  • Get $GSWAP when you complete a trade with $GALA on GalaSwap.
  • 1 $GSWAP for every 1 USD of $GALA swapped.

It seems like only yesterday that we launched GalaChain, creating a user-empowering web3 haven focused on speed, scalability and security. By providing builders with streamlined tools like the GalaChain SDK and the Gala Creator Portal, we’re making it easier than ever for innovators to empower their communities, bringing their ideas to life in the full color of web3.

Shortly after we hit the ground running with the new open vision of GalaChain, we released the first version of GalaSwap, GalaChain’s built-to-grow trade platform. With a plethora of early updates under our belt, such as token additions, partial swaps and API release for external applications, GalaSwap is growing rapidly.

Today we’re dropping a major update, designed to allow users to participate in a program not only for using the GalaSwap platform, but using it in a way that promotes ecosystem health and Gala’s long term vision of an open source web3 future.


$GSWAP is a new kind of DEX token with a program that perfectly suits GalaChain.

Anatomy of a GalaSwap Trade

Whenever a swap is placed or accepted on GalaSwap, the initiator of the transaction is required to spend $GALA as a fee. Currently, this fee is set to 1 $GALA for all swap transactions (placement or acceptance).

With the addition of $GSWAP, each trade will also result in $GSWAP being distributed to the user who accepted the swap.  

Issuance of $GSWAP

$GSWAP is generated whenever a swap is accepted on GalaSwap. This will be on the current fair market value of $GALA, as taken from 3rd party centralized exchanges. The total USD fair market value of the $GALA portion of the swap will indicate how much $GSWAP will be distributed.

If a user accepts a swap for 1000 $GALA and fair market value at the time is reported as $.05/$GALA, then 50 $GSWAP is generated and distributed to that user.

Each day, 50% of the $GSWAP issued the previous day will be issued to the following Gala managed accounts:

  • 40% to the $GSWAP Gala company wallet, to be used as designated by Gala. 
  • 20% to the Referral program , to be used to incentivize those who bring tokens onto GalaChain.
  • 20% to the Marketing wallet, to be used for the marketing of GalaSwap
  • 20% to the Market Maker Subsidy wallet, to be used to subsidize maker fees and incentives

Soon we hope to add bridging for $GSWAP, but for the moment the token is only being rolled out on GalaChain.


$GSWAP is live right now! There’s never been a better time to explore GalaSwap!

Thank you for your ongoing support of the ecosystem. We hope this new GalaSwap program promotes healthy and sustainable growth of the GalaChain economy.

Now get out there and collect some $GSWAP!


Gala Presents Thailand’s Digital Dreamland NFT and GameFi Festival for Collaboration and Innovation

Gala Presents Thailand’s Digital Dreamland NFT and GameFi Festival for Collaboration and Innovation

As we continue to pioneer into the new web3 world’s uncharted territories, Gala always acknowledges one of the most important truths of blockchain innovation: We are all stronger together.

We first built GalaChain for entertainment with Gala Games, Gala Music and Gala Film. These rapidly evolving and technologically demanding sectors gave us the freedom to build a L1 that could scale far beyond entertainment into countless world industries, empowering their users with the benefits of web3 tech. Through the open-source offering of the GalaChain SDK, we’ve enabled the next generation of developers to build on the most speedy, scalable and secure blockchain around.

Digital Dreamland

Gala is not only participating in but also sponsoring the NFT and GameFi festival in Thailand, Digital Dreamland, set to take place on April 25, 2024.

Digital Dreamland, a converging point during both MONEY20/20 and SEA Blockchain Week, is one of the largest SEABW related events, with hundreds of confirmed guests whose lives and careers are making waves in web3. Gala is excited to be represented at this exclusive industry event that will gather some of blockchain’s top minds for a promising day of collaboration and innovation.

President of Blockchain Jason Brink will be speaking and attending the event.

Attendance of Digital Dreamland is subject to admin approval, but if you’re interested in registering, you can do so here. If you’ll be attending SEA Blockchain Week, you’ll find a thorough list of SEABW side events here.

Hi-Powered Blockchain Networking

Digital Dreamland is where the future of digital ownership and interactive entertainment unfolds. The Gala team is looking forward to networking at the velocity of web3 with a diverse crowd encompassing NFT creators, collectors, game influencers, builders, investors and entrepreneurs.

The Latest in Web3 Innovations

With the way web3 has been embraced by many Southeast Asian countries, we expect this event to give us a powerful bird’s eye view of the latest ideas that are shaping the landscape of NFTs and GameFi. With top-tier showcases and sessions led by industry leaders, guests will learn about the latest innovations and how they’re revolutionizing the industry. Our participation highlights Gala’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain and entertainment technology.

Engaging and Impactful Discussions

Panel discussions at Digital Dreamland will cover a range of topics, from investment trends in NFTs and GameFi to the state of blockchain in Thailand and the evolving ecosystems of blockchain layers. These types of discussions are designed to provide deep insights and foster conversations that matter, often leading to the next breakthrough for ecosystems and communities such as Gala.

Event Details

  • Location: Zilla Space, FYI Center Building 2 Floor 11
  • Date: April 25, 2024
  • Time: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM