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Wen! WEN!? Now, Apparently

July 3, 2024
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It’s only been a short time since the Project Token Creation Tool was released on GalaSwap, but some big things have been happening.

Since opening up the floodgates to new tokens on GalaSwap, 70 new tokens have been created on GalaChain. Over 420,000 total $GALA has been burnt in the token creation process, and we’ve seen some people really dive into new tokens on GalaSwap!

We just wanted to pop in today to highlight that one new token on GalaChain hit over $1m in market cap after only a few weeks! $WEN!

This was snipped on July 3rd, around 2pm PT on!

“$WEN is initially a memecoin based on a famous joke about delays. Within a few days, I started leveraging my knowledge of Galachain’s tools to decentralize the holdings and gamify the trading. Now it aims at becoming a token with utility, the first of which is to access to features on”

Lukabylie, $WEN


$WEN is a token created by a community member you may know as Lukabylie on Discord. They also happen to be the owner of!

WEN was first created at the beginning of June, but it’s taken off within the community with amazing speed! As of the time of writing this article, $WEN is showing a $600k market cap on galacoins!

More Than a Memecoin

We here at Gala are absolutely thrilled to see the community embrace a grassroots token like this. What’s even greater to see is that it’s not just the meme that’s making WEN desirable… just a few weeks in and the team is already providing actual utility for holding WEN!

Add in the robust transparency that they have diligently performed with distributions and allocations, and it’s pretty clear why the community has placed so much trust in $WEN!

We are thrilled with the community’s interest in the token and in What I’m personally surprised about is the magnitude of the interest and support our project received. With that in mind, we intend to expand on and create new projects if possible.

Lukabylie, $WEN

An Expanded GalaChain

We could not be happier to see WEN gaining steam in the ecosystem. GalaChain is a place for creativity and ingenuity, and we want people to build their projects here and leverage the power of this chain to achieve success.

Congratulations to the $WEN team on early success! Thanks for being a part of GalaChain!