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The Time is Now… The WEN is Here

June 14, 2024
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Anyone who’s been around the block(chain) at Gala has certainly seen it throughout the Discord community

It’s taken the form of memes, wisecracks and even legitimate queries about expected launch dates from curious and well-meaning supporters.

TBH, it’s become an important (and expected) part of the Gala experience. We can’t quite say it’s on the level of this guy yet…

But this new development is a step in that direction.

Thanks to GalaSwap’s new Project Token Creation Tool, WEN Coin now officially exists on GalaChain.

Each day, new tokens are being submitted by the community. Some are connected to in-development projects at various stages, some are linked to guild membership and others are just meme tokens that are deserving of a quick and hearty belly laugh.

WEN: Because Waiting is the New Hype! Introducing WEN, the token for those who know the struggle! Inspired by legendary delays in the ecosystem, WEN is here to make waiting worthwhile. Embrace the joke, join the fun, and let’s turn the wait into something great. With WEN, you’re not just able to have a coin—you have the community’s laughter. Because hey, good things come to those who wait… and wait… and wait!

-Token description submitted with Founder’s Node vote

The creator of WEN Coin has gone even further by integrating GalaSwap API into a WEN Coin tracking site called GalaCoins… Check it out!

This fun meme token is a great example of how the GalaSwap Project Token Creation Tool can be used, whether yours is a serious project, a big idea or nothing more than a humorous prank. 

Burning $GALA for Ecosystem Health

By creating community tokens like WEN Coin (and dozens of others already approved), creators are supporting a healthy GalaChain ecosystem by demonstrating the chain’s power.

Every token submitted for Founder’s Node vote requires a non-refundable $100 $GALA fee (burned), plus an additional amount of $GALA set aside by the creator as a burn allowance, to be burned once the token is approved.

Rewards for Gala Founder’s Nodes

All tokens created via the Project Token Creation Tool must be approved by popular vote in the Gala Founder’s Node ecosystem. When new tokens are submitted, node operators have 24 hours to decide if the new token is worthy of being added to the ecosystem. So far, all submitted tokens have been approved.

Here’s to a new wave of epic and tradable meme tokens on GalaChain!

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