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Early Adopter Prep: Redeeming Collectible NFTs for RZR Moments

Early Adopter Prep: Redeeming Collectible NFTs for RZR Moments

In anticipation of the much-awaited launch of Gala Film with the first two episodes of David Bianchi’s sci-fi tech thriller, RZR, we’re ready to launch our novel gamified collectible reward system centered around NFTs, aptly named Moments. This innovative feature is set to redefine engagement on the new Gala Film platform, offering users a unique and immersive way to connect with their favorite cinematic experiences.

Genesis of RZR NFTs

The first generation of RZR NFTs will soon be removed from the Gala Film store, but the adventure is only beginning for collectors. These NFTs, including “Blades,” “The Genesis,” “Concept Vision Boards,” and “The Warehouse,” have not only served as exclusive collectibles but also as foundational pillars for our community of early supporters. Their value is about to evolve in an exciting new way.

“The Genesis” Early Adopter RZR NFT

Introducing Ethereum to GalaChain Bridging

With the recent enabling of bridging for Gala Film NFTs, we’re ushering in a new era for these collectibles. By bridging your RZR NFTs onto GalaChain, you’ll soon have the ability to exchange them for RZR Moment Packs, a process that will enhance their collectible experience while retaining the original commemorative artwork.

As soon as RZR Moment Packs are released (tomorrow, April 10th), you will be able to exchange your GalaChain RZR NFTs as described below through your Gala Film Collection page.

Please note that early adopter collectible NFTs must be exchanged for the owner to be eligible for $FILM rewards with the platform launch. As the Gala Film economy has evolved, so have the capabilities of Gala’s L1 blockchain, GalaChain. So get ready for the Moment NFTs that will unlock your ability to receive regular POPCORN! rewards.

  • Your “Blade” NFT is redeemable for 4 RZR Moments
  • Your “The Genesis” NFT is redeemable for 8 RZR Moments
  • Your “Concept Vision Boards” NFT is redeemable for 27 RZR Moments
  • Your “The Warehouse” NFT is redeemable for 144 RZR Moments

For exchanges of “Blades” and “The Genesis” NFTs, RZR Moments will come in packs of 1 Moment, allowing the owner to open each Moment individually. For bulk owner convenience, Moment Packs received for the exchange of “Concept Vision Boards” and “The Warehouse” NFTs will be delivered and opened in packs of 4. 

The unique exchange rates for converting RZR NFTs to Moment Packs ensures that early adopters are handsomely rewarded for their initial support.

Daily Rewards and the Power of Moments

Upon the activation of the new reward system that kicks off on April 11th, Moments holders will be eligible for daily rewards, adding an exciting layer of incentive to the collectible experience.

Until the official creation event for $FILM, the GalaChain token of Gala Film, POPCORN! will be awarded as a placeholder reward that will later be swapped for $FILM.

By collecting individual Moments, you’ll get daily rewards based on viewership of series or film content. Completion of an entire Scene will result in additional $FILM rewards, and completion of the entire set of available Scenes will get you the maximum possible reward boost.

Lights, Camera, Action

We’re counting down now to the launch, and we invite all Gala Film enthusiasts to bridge their RZR NFTs to GalaChain and be ready to start your Gala Film Moments collection. This initiative represents a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize the film industry, embodying our commitment to innovation, community engagement and the democratization of cinematic experiences.

At Gala Film, we’re more than just a place to watch awesome films and series. We’re a creative community dedicated to enriching the filmmaking process, connecting fans with creators to make a more cinematic and empowering experience than ever.

Tomorrow is the day to start your RZR Moment collection off right!

Dvice’s “Hablame” Makes Web3 Debut on Gala Music

Dvice’s “Hablame” Makes Web3 Debut on Gala Music

Gala Music loves to showcase the incredible talent and diversity of artists from around the globe. The emergence of Latin Urban on the platform is a sign of the worldwide traction that web3 is gaining in the music world. Amidst the global surge of Urbano Latino, we’re excited to drop the latest from Dvice, with “Hablame.”

Featuring elite Latin artists Anuel, Bryant Myerz, Juanka, and Lyan, “Hablame” is already established as a worldwide sensation, having amassed over 50 million streams across all digital platforms. On Spotify alone, the track boasts over 13 million streams, a testament to its widespread appeal. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has certified “Hablame” as GOLD, further solidifying its success and the impact it has had within the traditional music industry.

Dvice drops "Hablame" as a Signature Edition NFT on web3 music platform Gala Music

This drop is your chance to support Urbano Latino and own a piece of web3 history with a track that has a proven record of success.

Owning NFT tracks on Gala Music means that you’ll share in the $MUSIC rewards generated based on the track’s success. More platform listens in each 24-hour period means more $MUSIC rewards generated for that day. $MUSIC rewards are split between the artist, Jukebox Node operators and track owners who have paired their tracks with a Jukebox Node.

Most new track drops start with the Signature Edition, the rarest type of track NFT you’ll find on the Gala Music platform. Following a sellout of the 100 digital Signature Edition copies available, continued success will unlock the Pioneer Edition, limited to 300 copies. After that comes the Limited Edition, then the Open Edition. When these new Track Tiers are unlocked, owners of rarer Editions get free drops of every subsequent Edition when it is first released. On top of that, owners of Signature Editions enjoy the greatest possible reward multiplier when Signature Edition tracks are paired with active Jukebox Nodes!

You’ll find more details about Track Tiers, NFTs and $MUSIC rewards in the extensive and informative Gala Music Whitepaper. Check it out!

You’re invited to experience the electrifying rhythms and captivating melodies of “Hablame” on Gala Music. As the track continues to captivate audiences worldwide, it stands as a shining example of the dynamic and inclusive nature of the Gala Music platform. Join us in celebrating the success of Dvice and the vibrant future of Latin Urban music on Gala Music.

Listen to “Hablame” by Dvice, featuring Anuel, Bryant Myerz, Juanka, and Lyan on Gala Music now.

Get the Signature Edition NFT starting on April 10th at 12pm PT, only on Gala Music.

Create a free account and start jamming.

Expanding Horizons: Gala’s Mirandus Accelerates Toward Launch with Expanded Chilean Development Team

Expanding Horizons: Gala’s Mirandus Accelerates Toward Launch with Expanded Chilean Development Team

Gala is excited to unveil significant advancements and expansions in the development of Mirandus, an innovative fantasy MMORPG that promises to redefine the boundaries of blockchain gaming. As the development team in Chile undergoes a remarkable expansion, the anticipation for Mirandus reaches new heights, signaling a rapid acceleration towards the game’s launch. This development is not just a milestone for Gala but a testament to the company’s dedication to pushing the frontiers of entertainment through the power of blockchain technology.

The newly expanded development team in Santiago, Chile, brings together a diverse and talented group of individuals who have contributed to some of the most iconic and innovative games in recent history. Their collective resume includes decades of work on blockbuster titles such as the world-renowned battle royale phenomenon Fortnite, DC Legends, Zed Run, Rock of Ages 3, TMNT: Splintered Fate, Tetris, as well as the Fallout series of games, the strategic tower defense challenge of Star Wars: Galactic Defense and many more. 

Set in a vast and vividly imagined world, Mirandus invites players into an epic narrative ruled by five player-monarchs. This game breaks free from the conventional confines found in traditional RPGs by eliminating standard maps and quest givers. Players are thrust into an expansive realm where freedom reigns supreme; they can explore untamed wildernesses, confront formidable monsters, serve the realm’s monarchs, or carve out their own domains within the grand cities.

In light of these exciting developments, Gala’s new game development studio in Santiago, Chile, plays a pivotal role. Under the leadership of Pablo Mera, the studio is poised to become a crucible of creativity and innovation, accelerating the development of Mirandus and enriching Gala’s gaming portfolio. Dennis Hahn, Gala’s Lead Technical Officer in Chile, highlights the strategic integration of Santiago’s vibrant game development community into the creative process, promising to deliver a gaming experience that resonates with players worldwide.

The establishment of the Santiago studio underscores Gala’s commitment to empowering local talent and contributing significantly to the global gaming ecosystem. As Mirandus gears up for its launch, new content pipelines are being accelerated, and an updated roadmap will soon be unveiled, showcasing the journey towards the game’s eagerly awaited release.

As Mirandus edges closer to its launch, the player community can anticipate experiencing a similar surge in momentum and openness that has recently been characteristic of both VOX and Common Ground World. This translates to a significantly increased update cadence, ensuring that players are kept in the loop with the latest developments at a pace that matches their enthusiasm. Furthermore, there will be greater communication around key milestones, enabling a clear and transparent roadmap for what the future holds. Importantly, this expansion aims to foster increased engagement with the community, inviting players to be an integral part of the development process. The rationale behind the team’s expansion in Chile is not just about scaling up; it’s about enhancing the team’s capacity to fulfill commitments, expedite content delivery, and enhance the utility of player items within the ecosystem. This strategic move is designed to ensure that Gala not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its player base, reinforcing the company’s dedication to building a rich and responsive gaming environment.

In addition to this team expansion for Mirandus, a similar influx of Chilean talent will also bolster the development team of The Walking Dead: Empires. 

Gala invites the gaming community, developers, and Web3 enthusiasts to stay tuned for updates as the Santiago studio begins operations, embarking on a mission to craft the next generation of gaming experiences powered by the GalaChain

Gala Music Harmony: This Week’s Track Drops

Gala Music Harmony: This Week’s Track Drops

This week, Gala Music heralds an extraordinary lineup of fresh soundtracks and experiences, crafting a future where music and blockchain converge to redefine the artist-fan connection. Let’s dive into the highlights:

RZR: A Cinematic Sound Odyssey

“I AM RZR” by Adrien Prevost

As the eagerly awaited Gala Film platform gears up for the premiere of “RZR” by David Bianchi, Gala Music is thrilled to announce the exclusive release of soundtrack NFTs by the illustrious Adrien Prevost. Signature Editions of I am RZRand Operation will grace the store this Friday, offering a rare musical journey just days before the film’s unveiling.

Ryahn’s Emotional Liberation: “Rick James”

Ryahn steps into Gala Music with “Rick James,” an anthem that resonates with the soulful vibrations of Indie/Alternative genres. Capture the essence of emotional freedom with Ryahn’s Signature Edition track, dropping this Thursday.

The Dropout’s Gift: “Present”

Immerse yourself in the present with The Dropout’s latest creation, reminding us of life’s most valuable gift—now. Secure your limited Signature Edition copy of Present this Thursday and revel in the beauty of the moment.

Dvice’s Global Smash: “Hablame”

Dvice presents “Hablame,” an NFT for the RIAA Gold certified hit that has dominated charts worldwide. Dive into the heart of Latin Urban beats this Wednesday.

TVLI’s Deep Dive: “Home”

Embark on a melodic house journey with TVLI’s Home,” an exclusive Gala Music NFT track from his upcoming album. Discover the soundscapes of electronic music with the Signature Edition drop on April 12th.

All Access Store: Exclusive Experiences Await

Gala Music artists S2art and Marty Grimes

The All Access store returns, offering unparalleled opportunities to engage deeply with artists and their music. From personal connections to limited-edition merch, explore the latest offerings from Marty Grimes and S2art before they’re gone.

Marty Grimes invites fans to unique experiences, ranging from witnessing a live studio session to owning physical collectibles, “Marty’s Pocket Rocket” or “The Marty Missile.” Meanwhile, S2art offers an exclusive window into his creative world with the “They See Savages Insight Bundle” and the intimate “S2’s Day Sessions,” bridging the gap between artist and fan.

Look for more experience drops in the All Access store each week on Gala Music!

Drops Throughout the Week

Tuesday at 12pm PT 👇

“remember me” by leapyear
“The fall of me” by leapyear
“Flowin” by Bone Mech
“Time Out” by Bone Mech
“Tonight” by C152

Wednesday at 12pm PT 👇

“Skin” by Daisy Guttridge
“Hablame” by Dvice (feat. Juanka, Anuel, Bryant Myerz & Lyan)
“Saying Goodbye” by leapyear
“For Us and the Ones We Love” by Ryan V
“Back Against the Wall” (prod. Shines) by C5

Thursday at 12pm PT 👇

“Rick James” by Ryahn
“Present” by The Dropout
“Phantom Colors” by Rooftalez
“Aliens Coming” (prod. AGkeyz) by Billracxx

Friday at 12pm PT 👇

“I AM RZR” by Adrien Prevost (RZR Soundtrack)
“Operation” by Adrien Prevost (RZR Soundtrack)
“Home” by TVLI
“Control” by RadioHazzard

As Gala Music continues to pave the way for a decentralized music ecosystem, we invite you to join us in this revolution. Let’s shape the future of music together, one track, one experience at a time. Listen now, and let the rhythm of innovation guide you through Gala Music’s evolving universe.

Join the web3 music revolution