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Dvice’s “Hablame” Makes Web3 Debut on Gala Music

April 9, 2024
Gala Music drops Dvice's global hit, "Hablame," as a Signature Edition NFT limited to 100 copies!
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Gala Music loves to showcase the incredible talent and diversity of artists from around the globe. The emergence of Latin Urban on the platform is a sign of the worldwide traction that web3 is gaining in the music world. Amidst the global surge of Urbano Latino, we’re excited to drop the latest from Dvice, with “Hablame.”

Featuring elite Latin artists Anuel, Bryant Myerz, Juanka, and Lyan, “Hablame” is already established as a worldwide sensation, having amassed over 50 million streams across all digital platforms. On Spotify alone, the track boasts over 13 million streams, a testament to its widespread appeal. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has certified “Hablame” as GOLD, further solidifying its success and the impact it has had within the traditional music industry.

Dvice drops "Hablame" as a Signature Edition NFT on web3 music platform Gala Music

This drop is your chance to support Urbano Latino and own a piece of web3 history with a track that has a proven record of success.

Owning NFT tracks on Gala Music means that you’ll share in the $MUSIC rewards generated based on the track’s success. More platform listens in each 24-hour period means more $MUSIC rewards generated for that day. $MUSIC rewards are split between the artist, Jukebox Node operators and track owners who have paired their tracks with a Jukebox Node.

Most new track drops start with the Signature Edition, the rarest type of track NFT you’ll find on the Gala Music platform. Following a sellout of the 100 digital Signature Edition copies available, continued success will unlock the Pioneer Edition, limited to 300 copies. After that comes the Limited Edition, then the Open Edition. When these new Track Tiers are unlocked, owners of rarer Editions get free drops of every subsequent Edition when it is first released. On top of that, owners of Signature Editions enjoy the greatest possible reward multiplier when Signature Edition tracks are paired with active Jukebox Nodes!

You’ll find more details about Track Tiers, NFTs and $MUSIC rewards in the extensive and informative Gala Music Whitepaper. Check it out!

You’re invited to experience the electrifying rhythms and captivating melodies of “Hablame” on Gala Music. As the track continues to captivate audiences worldwide, it stands as a shining example of the dynamic and inclusive nature of the Gala Music platform. Join us in celebrating the success of Dvice and the vibrant future of Latin Urban music on Gala Music.

Listen to “Hablame” by Dvice, featuring Anuel, Bryant Myerz, Juanka, and Lyan on Gala Music now.

Get the Signature Edition NFT starting on April 10th at 12pm PT, only on Gala Music.

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