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Artist Upload – Take Control of Your Music

April 10, 2024
Gala Music has dropped a hot new feature that gives artists more control than ever before, allowing them to schedule, price and manage their own NFT track drops with no wallets, gas or blockchain expertise.
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The collision of blockchain tech and the music industry exemplified by Gala Music is nothing short of revolutionary, empowering artists and fans like nothing that came before.

As we continue to pioneer in this space with the help of top experts from both web3 and music, we’re psyched to introduce our brand new Artist Upload feature on the Gala Music platform, making it easier than ever for musicians to share their music on a web3 scale. This is a game-changer for artists in the decentralized world of music.

Gala Music is already known for our creative approach to bridging the gap between artists and their audiences, reducing industry barriers through the power of GalaChain’s cutting edge tech.  This new feature takes a huge leap into the future, with no wallets or gas fees needed to release NFT tracks.

After securing approval as a Gala Music artist, musicians can now effortlessly navigate through the self-service portal to upload and release their tracks. Soon, they will have the ability to add music videos, assemble All Access Experiences and much more. This groundbreaking functionality empowers artists with the autonomy to schedule and price their NFT track releases to align seamlessly with their own promotional strategies and audience expectations while benefiting from the wider Gala Music audience.

The flexibility and control offered by this feature enable artists to plan their music distribution without the traditional constraints of intermediaries or record labels. Artist Upload’s ability to plan their own releases signifies a monumental shift towards artist independence, allowing them to adapt swiftly to the dynamic demands of the market.

This development represents a paradigm shift towards creating a decentralized world of music where artists and fans are empowered like never before. At Gala Music, we’re committed to breaking down barriers and fostering a vibrant ecosystem where creativity flourishes without bounds.

But this is just the beginning. As an introductory release, users can anticipate updates and refinements as Gala Music continues to develop a system that aims to empower artists worldwide, ushering them into the web3 era. This ongoing evolution promises to level up countless artists, offering them unprecedented control over their careers.For artists eager to join this revolutionary platform, the journey begins at This is a pivotal moment in the music industry, marking the dawn of a new era where artists and fans are united in a world of decentralized music, heralding an unprecedented level of empowerment and freedom.