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Revolutionizing Travel: Gala Partners With Staynex

April 2, 2024
Gala announces a strategic partnership with membership based web3 travel platform, Staynex
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Following the massively successful GALAthon 24 hour GalaChain hackathon event during GDC 2024, the crypto world has taken notice of GalaChain’s developer friendly versatility. Since opening our chain to external developers earlier this year with the Typescript enabled GalaChain SDK, we’ve connected with lots of awesome companies and innovative projects.

We’re especially excited when we’re able to announce strategic partnerships that create new possibilities and expand the horizons of web3. Today we’re pleased to announce a partnership that will literally power the empowering journey of GalaChain users to new destinations.

A Partnership that’s Going Places

We’re partnering with Staynex, the next-generation membership based travel agency set to redefine the travel experience through the innovative integration of web3 technologies. This collaboration signifies a leap forward in travel, combining Staynex’s forward-thinking platform with GalaChain’s advanced blockchain technology.

A New Era of Travel

Staynex stands at the forefront of the travel and membership industry, harnessing the power of GalaChain to offer a travel experience like no other. This partnership promises a seamless, secure and enhanced travel journey, elevating the way we explore the world.

Staynex is currently onboarding hotel and resort partners worldwide, giving hospitality providers a chance to secure their place on the platform. Soon, users will have the ability to book travel at partner resorts and hotels with a variety of secure web3-powered payment methods, collecting unique perks to further enhance the travel experience.

Perks and Personalizations

Through the decentralized infrastructure of GalaChain, Staynex offers unique benefits to its members. From exclusive perks and rewards to personalized experiences, Staynex is not just changing how we travel but also how we connect and engage with travel communities.

A Vision Shared by Leaders

“The Travel, Stay & Hospitality industry is worth trillions, and we see web3 as a game-changer. Blockchain introduces innovation, accountability, and transparency, improving the industry significantly.”

-Yuen Wong, Staynex CEO and Founder

The CEO of Staynex highlights the transformative potential of blockchain in the travel industry, emphasizing innovation, accountability, and transparency as key benefits. This vision aligns with Gala’s commitment to leveraging web3 technologies for a more empowering user experience throughout multiple world industries. As a company that began in fully remote work, we recognize the importance of travel in creating a more empowering and connected world.

The Journey

As we embark on this exciting journey with Staynex, we invite our community and the broader web3 world to explore the possibilities of a travel agency fully leveled up with the latest in web3 tech, powered by GalaChain. Stay updated on this adventure through our news and community channels, as we together explore and expand the future of travel.

You’re invited to experience the world through a new lens, powered by the innovative technology of GalaChain and the visionary platform of Staynex. Welcome to the future of travel.

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