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Pitches–Empowering Independent Filmmakers & the Future of Gala Film

April 30, 2024
Gala Film's "Pitches" program will revolutionize the creation of new ideas in visual storytelling by empowering the community with the $FILM token.
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The first four episodes of David Bianchi’s sci-fi thriller series, RZR, are available now, exclusively on Gala Film. Collect NFT Moments now to secure daily platform rewards or open Mystery Boxes to unlock additional content from the show!

At Gala Film, we’re building more than just a place to watch movies– We’re fostering connections between fans and creators, creating deeper connections to the stories they love. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Pitches, a revolutionary platform feature that will empower anyone to step into the exciting industry of film.

Pitches–Unleash Your Inner Filmmaker

Gala Film’s Pitches is an upcoming platform feature that will make it easier than ever for creators to bring their projects to life while offering community members opportunities to play a key role in any project’s success.

With the power of GalaChain, the pitching and backing of films is no longer limited to the Hollywood elite and those with the deepest pockets. Anyone and everyone will be invited to participate in this new approach to film pitches on any level they choose.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan yearning for a sequel to your favorite film or a budding director with a groundbreaking story to tell, with Pitches, you can make it happen. 

Community at its Core–Supporting Pitches

At the heart of Pitches lies the power of community. Use your $FILM tokens to support projects that spark your passion. In return, you’ll unlock exclusive benefits like early access, backstage passes, credit listings, or even cast appearances! More info will be coming soon about specific opportunities as Pitches prepares for launch.

Reshaping the Filmmaking Landscape

Pitches fosters a collaborative environment where fans can actively influence the creation of content they love. This innovative approach redefines filmmaking, making it more inclusive, vibrant, and accessible than ever before. This is yet another example of how Gala Film is planning to breathe new life into a beloved industry while empowering everyone involved, from artist to fan.

Crafting Your Dream Project–Creating Pitches

Gala will equip you with a user-friendly template to craft compelling pitches for your dream projects. We believe every great film starts with a compelling pitch, and Pitches makes that process seamless and empowering. This crucial part of the process should be fun–not frustrating, simple–not strenuous, and rewarded–not regretted.

Join the movement! With series and film content like David Bianchi’s RZR, it’s time to envision what you want to see, then start putting in the rewarding work to make it a reality!

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