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GalaChain Community Block Explorer Winner

April 26, 2024
Gala Founder's Node operators will vote on the best community built GalaChain explorer.
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Development on GalaChain seems to be accelerating every day, and many long-time members of the Gala community are stepping forward with massive innovations to make GalaChain better for everyone.

The great contributions by our community are part of what makes GalaChain amazing, and the development of block explorers for users to really understand GalaChain have been among the biggest milestones.

Seeing Blocks Better

A solid and reliable block explorer is beneficial to everyone working on chain, so we were more than happy to offer a reward to the best the community could cook up. The Gala Founder’s Node Network will always continue to be a major part of GalaChain, so giving them the option to make the choice seemed natural.

Thank you to everyone who rose to the challenge and built block explorers. Your contributions to this ecosystem are invaluable. Thank you to all the Founder’s Node operators who voiced your opinion in the poll – this was something entirely new for Founder’s Node Network governance, and hopefully we will have more robust votes in the future to involve operators more in GalaChain.

Finally, thank you to everyone who is part of the Gala community or who does anything at all on GalaChain. We’re all building together!

…And the Winner Is…

Congratulations to GingerBreadMan and his GalaChain Explorer!

All four options in this poll had their individual strengths, and the choice for Founder’s Node operators was anything but cut and dry. While we can’t speak for the Founder’s Node operators who made this call, it’s likely they were impressed with the user-friendly UI and intuitive design of

I want to highlight the Fuzzle team. It’s amazing to see a passionate group work so well together in their free time. We have a lot of improvements to make to the explorer that were in the original design. We plan to complete the explorer and show everyone the power of AI and community in the process.


GingerBreadMan will receive his choice of 1 million $GALA or a Founder’s Node License. Congratulations to him on both the prize and his amazing craftsmanship on the block explorer.

Building Better

The development on GalaChain isn’t slowing anytime soon! With the usefulness of these block explorers, many bigger developments are on the horizon.

We hope the hard work put in by all the candidates in this vote inspire others to build their own innovations on GalaChain. GalaChain is here for you… imagine it and make it today!