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GALAthon Winners and Prizes

April 30, 2024
a 48 hour hackathon is coming to the GalaChain Discord community from 2/12-2/14!
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GalaChain is growing all the time, with more people jumping in and building on-chain every day! Last month’s hackathon, however, was a moment like no other in the growth of GalaChain. We saw amazing developments and innovative new ways to use the chain for a better web3 world.

After intense deliberation by our esteemed GALAthon guest judges and our chain team, the time has finally come to announce the results! Congratulations to each and every one of the winners… and thank you to every single participant! It’s all of you who make GalaChain amazing!

Judges’ Favorites

We’ve already discussed the in-person judges’ favorites, but we wanted to sing the praises of these innovators again.

  1. NFTD.GG –

200,000 USDT + $10k AWS Credits, $25k VGX and a $400 Alienware Monitor

  1. Team No Rest –

150,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits and $15k VGX

  1. Corgi AI3D Forever –

100,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits and $10k VGX

We’re proud of all the projects that participated at this hackathon, and we think the judges made incredibly astute observations to pick these three top projects.

Remote Participation Prizes

After going through each project and presentation, we have awarded a number of additional prizes in several categories:

Best Use of AI: Fuzzle Prime

Fuzzle Prime is a project that embodies the ideology of blockchain technology in so many ways. For this Hackathon, they created Fuzzle UniverCity to leverage the powers of AI to create instructional course content using GalaChain!

Prize Awarded: 50,000 USDT + $10k AWS Credits

Most Creative Project: Dragon Slayers

The Dragon Slayers crafted the Dragon Board, a way to burn NFTs directly for fungible tokens on chain. This could be a way for users to recycle NFTs they are no longer using, allowing a natural increase in scarcity and overall letting users engage with their on-chain items in more ways.

Prize Awarded: 50,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits

Most Innovative Solution: KFS

During GALAthon, KFS built out their concept of “CourseHub”, an educational platform powered by GalaChain. CourseHub is designed to reinforce education through blockchain, by monetizing educational content with incentivized learning. Eventually, KFS hopes to issue digital certificates using NFTs.

Prize Awarded: 30,000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits

Best Representation of Gala Community: Valley Games

Valley Games is the brainchild of Happy Valley Arcade Bar in Beacon, NY. Valley Games will bring web3 gaming to the classic cabinet, by integrating a multi-game arcade cabinet with GalaChain games. Eventually, the team hopes to streamline rewards on Valley Games with a token on GalaChain. Talk about incentive for that high score! 

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Best Integration with Gala Film or Gala Music: Taco Truck

Taco truck set out to create the first memecoin on GalaChain – $TACO!  Along the way, they engineered a pipeline for users to mint their own coins. In cooperation with Emily Lazar from September Mourning, they hope to soon use this system to allow artists to create their own verifiable tokens directly on GalaChain.

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Best Use of On-Chain Data:

Achis was mentioned as a community option in our recent Founders Node vote about block explorers… but is far more than just a block explorer. Using powerful data analytics, Achis continued to build out its functionality during the hackathon. Using powerful data analytics and on-chain data, can show users what’s happening on GalaChain in terms they don’t need decades of programming experience to understand.

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Most Useful Day-to-Day: THX

THX works with Gala on marketing initiatives on occasion, and we were overjoyed to see them hop into the hackathon and work on something to make our work even better together! Previously, someone redeeming points for rewards on THX was just receiving a unique URL that would help manually fulfill rewards. They crafted an integration so that rewards can now be distributed directly from GalaChain!

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT + $5k AWS Credits

Most Enthusiastic Project: did what many successful innovators have done in the past… recognized a problem and designed a solution. Pearswap recognized that the bid to ask spread on GalaSwap could be improved with liquidity pools, so they created the groundwork for that system through!

Prize Awarded: 5000 USDT

Non-Stop Development

This will wrap up this GALAthon, but GalaChain never stops! The net progress that will be made leveraging all these developments on GalaChain cannot be understated. GalaChain is an entire ecosystem, and any and every application on it works together to make it a chain that can accomplish nearly anything. Every link builds us up.

We’ll have more events like this in the future, but we’d like once again to thank everyone who participated in, followed along, or even just read a thing or two about last month’s GALAthon! GalaChain is here for all of us, and we can’t wait to build the next innovation with all of you.