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Defending Towers with NFTD on Today’s “Gala Plays” Live Stream!

April 30, 2024
Join the team for some Non-Fungible Tower Defence today on Gala Plays from 3-5pm PT.
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Today, we’re thrilled to invite the Gala community to another exhilarating episode of “Gala Plays.” Join us from 3pm to 5pm PT as we delve into the community-created tower defense sensation, NFTD – Non-Fungible Tower Defence. Watch live as our team, alongside Mark (Cynister in Discord), explores the latest build and discusses fresh updates.

NFTD, born from the creative minds of our dedicated Gala Games community members, stood out at the recent GALAthon hackathon during GDC 2024, earning the judges’ top honors and additional funding to further enrich this exciting project.

Leveraging the GalaChain SDK, the NFTD team has exemplified the power and creativity of our community developers. Don’t miss out on the action and insights during today’s stream!

Event Details

  • What: Gala Plays Live Stream
  • When: Today, 3pm-5pm PT
  • Where: Gala Games Youtube
  • Featured Game: NFTD – Non-Fungible Tower Defence
  • Special Guests: The NFTD dev team