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The Mayhem Begins in Common Ground World with Guilds, Pups and Chances to Win

The Mayhem Begins in Common Ground World with Guilds, Pups and Chances to Win

Common Ground World’s May Mayhem festivities and competitions kick off this week, and while the dog days of summer are still months away, the team couldn’t resist introducing y’all to your newest CGW canine!

Companions–A New NFT Class

Get Your Canine Companion now

Unlike Building NFTs that require a square of your playing field (or more), Companion NFTs are deployable helpers that will wander around as they please, sharing their abilities and boosts automatically with your entire town. From cute kitties to majestic (but harmless) birds or loyal canine cohorts, Companions will let you pack your town with critters that are as beneficial as they are adorable!

Most Companions come with universal boosts to certain elements of gameplay like production time. While multiple boosts from Companions can be used by deploying multiple Companions, not all boosts are stackable in multiples.

Lucy the Border Collie is a magnificent furry helper for your town, joining Sparky the Great Pyrenees as your newest CGW Companion. But that’s only the beginning of what Common Ground World has planned for the month of May. Look for special competitions, discount sales, NFT reworks and new feature launches throughout the most exciting month on the Gala Games calendar!

Epic Lucy will stand guard to increase the crafting speed of your Milk Barns, Sheep Pens and Chicken Coops. 

Now let’s take a look at the May Mayhem excitement landing this week in Gala’s flagship game of town and city builders!

Week 1 Competition

For the first full week of May Mayhem, Common Ground World is hosting an Everyone is Welcome! event, with additional reward spots and extra $GALA on the table for the best builders!

The competition begins at 10am PT on Tuesday, May 7th and runs until 10am PT on Friday, May 10th!

Race to sell as many Blue Steel Bicycles as possible using your Santa’s Factory–Put the pedal to the meta with this special May Mayhem competition!

Topping an extended leaderboard with 2500 total spots, the overall winner will take home 48,000 $GALA. Additionally, the top 100 finishers will receive a bonus NFT award!

Check out the original Discord announcement with a link to terms and conditions, a complete leaderboard breakdown, specific meta requirements and more!

Join members of the Common Ground World team for a special edition of Gala Plays, tomorrow at 3pm PT, where they’ll share some excellent tips and tricks for pedaling onto the leaderboard crafting Bicycles! Set a notification at the link below:

NFT Reworks

The Common Ground World team has a pristine reputation of keeping everything fresh and constantly delivering new content that keeps player strategies sharp! In that spirit, each week this May, look for reworks of some of your favorite CGW NFT items. 👩‍🌾 Look for new and improved abilities and additional crafting options on previously released NFTs.

If you never got your hands on these buildings in the original sales, don’t worry! Along with the weekly reworks, we’re also re-releasing these buildings with a nice discount 🤑, giving you a fresh chance to work them into your CGW strategies.

Last Friday, new utility was announced for the following two NFTs, which have been re-released in the Common Ground World store with a 30% discount, while supplies last!

Epic Table of Appreciation

Previous Abilities:

  • Crafting Baguettes without Flour 20% faster
  • Crafting Pinot Noir 20% faster with only 4 Pinot Grapes (instead of 6)
  • Crafting Cheese 20% faster with only 1 Milk (instead of 2)
  • Crafting Pumpkin Pie 20% faster with only 5 Pumpkin, 4 Sugar, 8 Eggs

New (Upgraded) Abilities:

  • Crafting Baguettes without Flour 50% faster!
  • Crafting Pinot Noir 50% faster with only 3 Grapes!
  • Crafting Cheese 50% faster with only 1 Milk!
  • Crafting Pumpkin Pie 50% faster with only 3 Pumpkin, 2 Sugar, 4 Eggs!
  • Crafting Jam 50% faster with 5 Strawberries, 3 Sugar, and Water instead of Water Drum!
  • The Chef’s speed has doubled!

Get your Epic Table of Appreciation now for 30% off

Rare Crystal Reindeer

Previous Ability:

20% speed boost to Wizards Workshop crafting

New (Upgraded) Abilities:

50% speed boost to all Wizards Workshop and Master Wizards buildings

Get your Crystal Reindeer now for 30% off

Don’t miss out on any of the mayhem happening all month long! There’s never been a better time to start playing Common Ground World than right now. With new features, constant content updates and strategy-boosting player-owned NFTs, Common Ground World is stronger than ever!

To hear about all the latest May Mayhem action directly from the team, check out the replay of last Friday’s Common Ground World Town Hall 👇 Tune in every Friday at 8am PT for the latest game updates and a rundown of the upcoming meta changes to prepare you for competition!

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Pagansus Debuts Heavy Metal Track “Bad Apple” on Gala Music

Pagansus Debuts Heavy Metal Track “Bad Apple” on Gala Music

Prepare for a seismic shift in the metal scene as Gala Music proudly announces the debut of Pagansus with their firstNFT track, “Bad Apple,” dropping this Tuesday, May 7th. Embark on a supernatural journey where metal meets myth with this high-octane offering that interweaves fierce guitar riffs, thunderous drum beats and haunting melodies, echoing with the force of a mythical, winged horse.

Listen to “Bad Apple”

Pagansus is a mythological musical phenomenon perfect for Gala Music, encapsulating the raw power and wild spirit of heavy metal. With hooves pounding rhythmic beats and wings slicing the air like sharp guitar solos, they deliver a performance that defies the norms of music and myth. This track will engulf you in its otherworldly energy, marking Pagansus’s bold entry into the web3 cosmos where they join the pioneering likes of September Mourning, AEONS and WVM as pioneering Gala Music metal groups.

This Signature Edition NFT track is limited to only 100 copies. Pair your track with an active Jukebox Node to unlock daily $MUSIC rewards based on their platform popularity. Become part of this revolutionary experience by securing your copy and joining the legions of fans in the uproarious rise of Pagansus.

Don’t miss out on this inaugural blast. Listen now and let Pagansus take you on a wild ride through the realms of heavy metal and high fantasy.

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