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Common Ground World Earth Day Art Contest

Common Ground World Earth Day Art Contest

Common Ground World isn’t just a chill farming game with deep wells of strategic nuance… it also stands for regenerative agriculture and sustainable practices for food and resource production. These are issues that affect the entire planet.

We’re all on this rock together, and it’s our responsibility to do better. With Earth day coming up, we thought it was a good opportunity to not dwell in doom and gloom, but instead celebrate the efforts to make our planet healthier, long into the future. It’s time to let the community show off some of their epic talent while also showcasing the theme of sustainability and regenerative practices that are near and dear to our hearts.

Earth Day Art Competition

Theme: CGW Celebrates Earth Day

The time has come to muster your creativity and show us your talents! We’re calling for art from our community that relates in some way to both Common Ground World as well as our planet. Note that the planet is a pretty wide category… get creative and express a unique message!

Get out your paints or pencils… we’re staying organic on this one! Any type of physical art will be fair game during this competition. This means no graphic design software of any kind should be used… this also rules out digital paint or animation, even if executed by hand.

Your art must be a physical object that you can hold… painting, drawing, diorama, sculpture – all of that fits the bill! Get in and get your hands dirty to create something totally original!

This contest will begin on April 22nd, 2024 at 12pm PT.

Last submissions will be accepted on April 25th, 2024 at 12pm PT.

How to Enter

To enter, creators will need to take a picture of their physical art and share it on Discord and/or X. You can snap a pic of yourself holding it, or place it on a background where it can be clearly seen in all its glory!

If shared on X, submissions must:

  • Tag @CommonGroundWLD
  • Include the hashtag #CGWEarthDayEntry

We don’t want to miss your submissions, so make sure you follow the instructions!

On Discord, submissions should be shared in the cgw-discussion channel.

Participants can share either place, but you shouldn’t hesitate to share both places if you’d like!

Voting and Prizes

Starting on April 26th at 12pm PT, we’ll hold votes in Discord for the top five winners. This voting period will last three days, then we’ll announce winners shortly after!

The five top creators will receive Natural Energy Plants to commemorate their work and make their towns more sustainable for the planet!

We can’t wait to see all the amazing art submitted by the Common Ground World community. We know there are some amazingly talented people around town, and we’re anxiously awaiting to see what everyone creates!

Contest Terms and Conditions

Forge New Alliances: The Dawn of Guilds in Common Ground World

Forge New Alliances: The Dawn of Guilds in Common Ground World

The Common Ground World team is thrilled to announce and unveil a groundbreaking update to our beloved farming sim game. 

As we continue to nurture and expand the vibrant ecosystem of Common Ground World on GalaChain, we’re preparing to introduce a game-changing new feature that has been highly anticipated by our dedicated fan base: Guilds.

Tied intrinsically to Common Ground World Node ownership, Guilds represent a new frontier. The unique blend of collaboration, strategy, and competition of Guild play will offer an all around game enhancement to our flagship game.

Very soon, Common Ground World Nodes will become the first tokenized Node licenses in the Gala Games ecosystem, as announced in this blog. Following the release of GalaChain’s first Node Workload NFTs, Common Ground World’s Node-powered Guilds are scheduled for release in late April 2024. This update is set to transform how players interact within the digital landscape of Common Ground World.

Building and Guilding: A New Chapter Begins

Any owner of a Common Ground World Node Workload NFT (once minted) will have the opportunity to create their own Guild. This pivotal step involves:

  1. Selecting a Node upon which to form a Guild
  2. Assigning a name for the Guild
  3. Assigning a unique tag for the Guild
  4. Creating a description for the Guild
  5. Gathering up to 20 Guild members to share in the Guild’s benefits

Guild leaders are endowed with the power to curate their Guild NFT Library, which operates essentially like a real library. The Guild Leader may place NFTs within the Guild Library and those NFTs can then be checked out by a single player at a time. This system gives each Guild a new level of maneuverability, cooperation and strategic control, allowing Guildmates to plan and borrow NFTs from the Guild Library as needed to maximize their gameplay.

Screenshot is not final and might not represent the final product

Joining a Guild: Unite for Greater Achievements

The formation of Guilds opens the door for any Gala user without a Guild to join forces with others. By accepting an invitation or applying to a Guild, members can reap the benefits of all NFTs within the Guild Library.

Each Node Workload NFT will represent one Guild, and each Guild will allow up to 20 players. Basically, every worthy and dedicated player who wants to join a Guild will have access to one–They may even face a difficult decision about which Guild to join.

Guild membership amplifies each player’s prowess within the game while fostering a sense of camaraderie and collective achievement, uniting Guildmates through Guild Competitions.

The Competitive Spirit of Guilds

With the incorporation of Guilds into Common Ground World, we are setting the stage for an era of unparalleled cooperation, but also introducing a new level of competition. Guilds will engage in contests that challenge their strategic thinking, teamwork and dedication, giving each Guild regular opportunities to strive for victory within the game’s universe.

Empowering Players & Finding Common Ground

At Gala Games, our mission transcends the mere provision of gaming experiences. We are committed to leveraging the power of GalaChain to redefine the gaming industry, ensuring that players are not only participants but also beneficiaries of the digital worlds they inhabit.

Our early adopters’ patience will certainly be rewarded when it comes to Common Ground World Guilds, which we expect to rouse quickly as a key game feature. The tokenization of Common Ground World Node licenses and subsequent introduction of Guilds are a fantastic example of what GalaChain can do for gaming, and we’re barely scratching the surface.

As we march towards the launch of Common Ground World Guilds, we invite our community to join us in this exciting journey. Your passion, feedback, and engagement are the cornerstones of Common Ground World and its continued success in the Gala ecosystem. Let’s cultivate a world of unity, creativity, and competition, where every player has the opportunity to make their mark and thrive.

Join us every Friday from 8-9am PT for Common Ground World Town Hall, live on Youtube.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the Guild launch date. The future of Common Ground World, powered by GalaChain, is bright, and it is our community that lights the way.

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Latest and Greatest | Common Ground World

Latest and Greatest | Common Ground World

It feels like just yesterday that Common Ground World was born, a web3 ownership enabled prototype called Town Star, created by some of the same genius minds that brought the world the Farmville franchise. Gala Games grew from an innovative startup to a global leader in web3 entertainment while this game kept growing all the while.

For the first issue of a new quarterly update series about each of our awesome games, Common Ground World was the perfect choice. Now let’s dig into some of the latest and greatest excitement for everyone’s favorite farming sim from Gala Games!


Coming Soon for Common Ground World Nodes

In a massive step toward player empowerment and decentralization, Common Ground World Node licenses will soon be tokenized and minted on GalaChain, allowing owners to transfer and trade them as they please. Stay tuned for more updates on CGW Nodes!

Guilds are coming soon to CGW Nodes, currently on track for release before the end of Q1.

Later This Year

Later this year, Daily Challenges are making a triumphant return with a new and improved reward system. Look for more updates about that in the near future!

Thanks to the power and versatility of Gala’s L1 blockchain, GalaChain, Upgradeable NFTs are coming soon to Common Ground World, adding a new layer of strategic planning for collectors!

If those on the horizon updates weren’t enough, we’ll sweeten the anticipation by mentioning Consumable Boosts, joining the game later this year!

New Competition

This week’s competition runs 2/6 at 9am PT through 2/9 at 9am PT. For a powerful Star boost, players will be scrambling in their Stationary Shops to craft and sell Red Envelopes!

Weekly Town Hall

Join members of the Common Ground World team for a weekly live get together on the Gala Games Youtube channel, every Friday from 8-9am PT. Join the fun to get all the latest in the CGW community straight from the team, and to get your questions answered.

Check out last week’s CGW Town Hall through the link and don’t miss the new one this Friday morning!

Unfolding Fortune

The latest Common Ground World competition (found here in its entirety) is a fortunate one. In honor of Lunar New Year 2024, kicking off the year of the Dragon, CGW players are turning paper into symbols of fortune and luck by crafting and selling Red Envelopes for a substantial Star boost!

New NFTs

Every week, the Common Ground World team is dropping new limited NFT items in the CGW store. This week the hot new item is the Legendary Lantern Festival, pictured below.

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with the all-new Lantern Festival NFT – a celebration of Lunar New Year that brings prosperity and joy!

Placement of this Legendary item quickens the pace of your Stationary Shop workers while cutting the production time in half for Bamboo Shoots and Red Envelopes, giving you a gameplay edge in the current competition. Get yours HERE.

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Major Town Star Upgrades: Win Big with May Mayhem Rewards

Major Town Star Upgrades: Win Big with May Mayhem Rewards

A brand new engine, massive upgrades and a month of rewards make May the month to play!

The wait is over! The much-anticipated Town Star on Godot release happened on May 1st, and it has brought a plethora of new features, rewards, and enhancements for players to enjoy. With increased security measures making cheating more difficult than ever and May Mayhem offering over 20 Million $GALA and tons of new NFTs, there’s never been a better time to dive into Town Star!

Increased Security for a Fairer Game

One of the major highlights of the Town Star on its new engine (Godot) is vastly improved security. The game developers have made significant efforts to ensure that cheating is now harder than ever. This means that all players can enjoy the game fairly and compete on equal grounds.

May Mayhem Rewards: Achieve, Refer, and Get Rewarded

The May Mayhem rewards event brings massive opportunities for players to win big. With six Achievement rewards available, players can earn a total of 6300 $GALA by completing various challenges, from finishing 10 trades to ranking in the top 500 in competitions. Here’s a breakdown of the Achievement rewards:

  • Finish 10 trades in 1 game and connect Discord to your Gala Games account: 100 $GALA
  • Finish 50 Trades in 1 game: 300 $GALA
  • Trade 10 of the meta craft in one game: 700 $GALA
  • Reach top 1200 in a competition: 1500 $GALA
  • Reach top 1200 in 7 competitions and top 800 in 1 Competition: 3100 $GALA
  • Reach top 1200 in 10, 800 in 3, and 500 in 1 Competition: 6300 $GALA

But that’s not all! Referral rewards are also up for grabs. Players receive 25% of the achievement rewards of anyone referred, whether during May Mayhem or at any time in the past. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your rewards by bringing in more players.

Loyalty rewards are another exciting feature of May Mayhem. Players who participated in the game during the last May receive 25% extra competition rewards, while those who have played during May for the last two years get 60% extra competition rewards. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate and reward long-time players.

Weekly Competitions and New Content

In addition to the amazing rewards, the new-and-improved Town Star offers a competition every week with over 1M $GALA in rewards and tons of sweet NFTs. These competitions provide a great opportunity for players to test their skills, compete with others, and win fantastic prizes.

To keep the game fresh and engaging, Town Star also promises tons of new content and a new meta every week. This ensures that players always have something new to explore and challenges to overcome, making the game continually exciting and enjoyable.

This huge Town Star release has delivered on its promises, offering an enhanced gaming experience, generous rewards, and exciting new content. With its increased security measures, May Mayhem, weekly competitions, and new content every week, there’s no better time to join the Town Star community and immerse yourself in this engaging game. Don’t miss out on the chance to compete, win big, and have a blast with the new-and-improved Town Star!

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Level up the Luxury

Level up the Luxury

With the most luxurious NFTs you’ve ever seen, Corrupted Luxury Packs are dropping soon!

Sometimes life is tough, but you can always treat yourself to a day of relaxation and luxury.

Sometimes Town Star is tough, but you can always pamper your gameplay with a Legendary Luxury Pack… Wait until you see what’s inside.

What’s Inside the Corrupted Luxury Pack?

This Legendary Pack contains a single playable NFT from the following collection of new items:

Ancient Corrupted Stands — Don’t worry, their corrupted powers are bound to work out well for you. These passive resource stands have a massive radius of 6 tiles each.

The chance of pulling an Ancient Corrupted Stand from your Luxury Pack is 15.8%.

These are game-changers. Imagine the possibilities.

  • Corrupted Cocoa Stand
  • Corrupted Cabernet Grapes Stand
  • Corrupted Chardonnay Grapes Stand
  • Corrupted Pinot Noir Grapes Stand
  • Corrupted Peppermint Stand
  • Corrupted Pumpkin Stand
  • Corrupted Limestone Stand
  • Corrupted Chromium Stand
  • Corrupted Silica Stand

Legendary Luxury Storage — These larger-than-life storage buildings will each store up to 150 of their respective resources, and they cast NO shade. The chance of pulling one of them from your Luxury Pack is 84.2%.

  • Luxury Energy Storage
  • Luxury Cake Storage
  • Luxury Wood Storage
  • Luxury Uniform Storage
  • Luxury Mineral Storage
  • Luxury Milk Storage
  • Luxury Sugar Storage
  • Luxury Oak Wood Storage


Everyone who purchases a Corrupted Luxury Pack in March (UTC time)will also receive a Rare Pottery Shop NFT.

The Rare NFT Potery Shop is immune to Dirty, which normally has a massively negative effect on the Pottery Shop. Rare Pottery Shops are NOT limited to one per account. One will be awarded for every Legendary Luxury Pack purchased during March.

Pottery Shop NFTs from this bonus will be distributed some time in April.

For Founder’s Nodes

Active Founder’s Node operators will receive 4% of the total minted supply of each NFT. Therefore, 2 of each Ancient Corrupted Stand and 12 of each Legendary Luxury Storage will be distributed randomly to active Founder’s Node operators.

Sale Details

  • Begins on Monday, March 13th at 11am PT
  • While supplies last
  • Price: $350 — payable in GALA or TOWN

Enjoy the luxury building privileges, and keep your skills honed… A bright new day is dawning for Town Star and there are endless exciting things on the horizon.

Thank you for being part of our incredible community!

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