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Common Ground World | Harvest Pie Hoedown!

Common Ground World | Harvest Pie Hoedown!

It’s a new week, Farmers, so get ready for a new exciting Common Ground World 3-day competition event packed with new challenges and strategies to explore and new ways to win!

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Watch the Recent Town Hall

If you haven’t caught the latest CGW Town Hall from Friday, July 5th, check it out at the link below for the latest on community questions, new NFTs and more!

Join us this Friday, July 19th for the next bi-weekly Town Hall, just before the Harvest Pie Hoedown competition ends. We’ll be streaming live at 8am PT– If you have questions, you can submit them now at THIS FORM.

Harvest Pie Hoedown!

Start: 10am PT on Tuesday, July 16th

End: 10am PT on Friday, July 19th

This week’s meta is all about the scrumptious Fruit Pie, packed with Blueberries, Apples, Strawberries, Sugar and Dough. With all the farmers pitching in, it’s a berry good time for a bountiful harvest!

Goal: Sell Fruit Pies

Trade Time: 60s & 1 Gasoline

Biome: Plains S

Edges: River N, River E, Plans S, and Ocean W


In addition to the standard $GALA leaderboard rewards, it’s a Blueprint Week, your chance to pick up the new Crafty Candy Shop Blueprint!

Blueprint: Crafty Candy Shop

Owning the Crafty Candy Shop Blueprint will reduce craft times for all crafts in the Candy Shop, as well as Lolli and Pop Shop NFTs. Boosts vary based on Blueprint rarity:

Luxury – 20% craft time boost

Platinum – 18% craft time boost

Legendary – 16% craft time boost

Epic – 14% craft time boost

Rare – 12% craft time boost

Uncommon – 10% craft time boost

New Crops & Crafts

This week we’re introducing a new crop and two new crafts to make way for those delicious Harvest Pies!

Blueberry Field

Build Cost: $ 900
Affected by: Dirty and Salty


Cash: $300
Stars: 1
Ingredients: 3 Water
Made in: Blueberry Field
Stored in: Silo
Craft Time: 60, 120, 240, 480s
Affected by: Dirty & Salty

Fruit Pie 

Cash: $43,850
Stars: 520 (meta value this week is 50,000)
Ingredients: 1 Dough, 2 Apple, 3 Strawberry, 4 Blueberry, 1 Sugar
Made in: Cakery
Stored in: Storehouse
Craft time: 40s
Affected by: Nothing

💰 Cash Boosts

Flour: $2000 👉 $ 6000

⭐ Star Boosts

Fruit Pie: 520 👉 50k

New NFT –Blueberry Stand

Dropped on Friday, July 12th, this market stand gives passive Blueberry to surrounding buildings in a large area (3-2-1 passive Blueberries).

Price: $199.90
Supply: 200

Get your Rare Blueberry Stand now


When using offline mode you must log back in before the event ends to make fast forward happen. It is run by your computer currently, and if you do not load the game back up, fast forward will not take place.

If you use Fast Forward, check in often. The longer you stay offline, the longer it takes to bring your town up to date.

Always make sure the game is the ONLY TAB in the browser on which it’s running.

Don’t fully cover the browser window with another window or program if you are actively playing. If you do, make sure to relaunch the game before trying to play again.

Litepaper Feedback

The team is still taking feedback on the litepaper released a few weeks ago. 

Everyone is welcome to submit feedback through this form.

Don’t forget to join the Discord community for all the latest discussion and Common Ground World updates!

Good luck with your towns this week. May your Fruit Pies be the sweetest in the land!

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Scream for Chocolate Ice Cream | Common Ground World Weekly

Scream for Chocolate Ice Cream | Common Ground World Weekly

Play Common Ground World

Did you catch the awesome Common Ground World Town Hall from last Friday, July 5th! It was a good one. Watch the replay now 👇 and don’t miss the next live Town Hall on July 19th at 8am PT!

Weekly Competition for Chocoholics

The new competition this week is all about crafting Chocolate Ice Cream from delicious farm fresh ingredients homegrown in your town.

For a complete rundown of the weekly competition and all the latest announcements, check out this post in the Gala Games Discord community!

Chocolate Chill

 Sell as much Chocolate Ice Cream as you can in the new competition that starts tomorrow (Tuesday, July 9th) at 10am PT and runs until Friday July 12th at 10am PT!

Trade Time: 20s and 1 Gasoline

Biome: Desert W

Edges: Desert N, Ocean E, River S, Desert W

New Building

Use the new Ice Cream Parlor to craft your frozen goodies and take home the prizes!

New Crafts

Before you can make your delicious Chocolate Ice Cream, make sure you have an Ice Cream Cone to serve it in!

Cash = $18,500
Stars = 227
Ingredients = 1 Sugar, 3 Corn Starch, 2 Egg, 1 Milk
Made in Bakery
Stored in Storehouse
Craft time: 40s
Affected by: Nothing

Get ready to craft the richest and most delectable chocolate ice cream in town… with Chocolate Ice Cream!

Cash = $125,000
Stars = 8448
Ingredients = 1 Ice Cream Cone, 2 Ice Block, 2 Salt, 1 Milk, 1 Chocolate Bar
Made in Ice Cream Parlor
Stored in Storehouse
Craft time: 960s (with 0 Cold), 480s, 240s, 120s (with 3 Cold)
Affected by: Cold

💲Cash Boosts

Sugar: $2300 👉 $6000
Ice Block: $4500 👉 $12,000

⭐Star Boost

Chocolate Ice Cream Cone: 50K

New NFT Sales

The following new items are currently available while supplies last!

Rare Ice Cream Parlor

Cool down with this Ice Cream Parlor (Rare)! This delightful Shop keeps your Ice Cream Scooper moving at double speed, and comes fully stocked with its own supply of cones. No need to fetch—just scoop and serve the sweetest treats in Town!

Buy Rare Ice Cream Parlor now

Stars and Stripes Monument

Celebrate the Independence of the United States with this monument lowering the labor and building cost for the whole town while also removing 1 Shade from a large area around it. This NFT’s cost reduction bonus is not stackable with itself.

Get your Stars and Stripes Monument now

Stay Cool with Common Ground World

This week is a perfect time to enjoy a cool treat while making the most of your Common Ground World build in the weekly competition. And if you’ve never played Common Ground World before, this is a great time to get started on the amazing strategy game that brings regenerative agriculture to life with a chance to win some real $GALA rewards!

No download is needed. You can start playing now right in your browser with a free Gala Games account!

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Common Ground World July 5th Town Hall, Live at 8am PT

Common Ground World July 5th Town Hall, Live at 8am PT

Good morning, Common Ground World players!

Don’t forget to tune in to our bi-weekly Town Hall today at 8 AM PT on the Gala Games YouTube channel. This is your chance to catch all the latest updates, insights and excitement from the CGW team. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or new to the game, the Town Hall is the perfect opportunity to stay informed and engaged with our vibrant community.

What’s on the Agenda?

  • Recap of the “Stars & Sweets” event
  • Sneak peeks at upcoming events, including next week’s “Chocolate Ice Cream” competition
  • Exclusive gameplay tips and strategies
  • Answers to your burning questions

If you can’t join us live, no worries! The replay will be available, so you can catch up at your convenience. Watching the Town Hall is a great way to prepare for next week’s competition and ensure you’re ready to lead your town to victory.

Get ready for another exciting week in Common Ground World, and we look forward to seeing you at the Town Hall!

Play in your browser now and join the fun!

Join the Town Hall here: Gala Games YouTube Channel

Happy building!

Celebrating Independence Day with the Stars and Stripes Monument!

Celebrating Independence Day with the Stars and Stripes Monument!

Happy Independence Day, Common Ground World!

Independence goes hand in hand with empowering web3 tech, and celebrating that independence is especially important, no matter where you’re from and how you choose to live! We’re grateful that we can all find some Common Ground through gaming, especially thanks to the ownership and reward capabilities of GalaChain!

In honor of Independence on this day of US celebration, we are thrilled to announce a special addition to the Gala Games store: the Stars and Stripes Monument, a Legendary NFT item now available in limited supply. This exclusive item celebrates the spirit of freedom and offers a unique new benefit for Common Ground World players.

Stars and Stripes Monument

Price: $399.90
Availability: Only 250 units
Release Date: July 4th, 2024, at 11am PT

Buy Stars and Stripes Monument here

The Stars and Stripes Monument is not just a symbol of celebration; it brings significant advantages to your gameplay. Placing this monument in your world reduces labor and building costs by 30%. Additionally, the freedom shines so bright that it will remove 1 Shade from a large area (radius 3) around it. This powerful combination has the potential to dramatically boost your standings in competitions.

  • Road: Not required
  • Paved Road: Not required
  • Open World: Not required
  • Water: Not required
  • Mountain: Not required

Get Ready to Enhance Your Gameplay

Given the limited availability of only 250 units, we anticipate high demand, so do not delay if you want in on this special item! Secure yours now and help celebrate independence while boosting your in-game success.

Play Common Ground World now

Stay tuned to our channels for more updates and get ready to celebrate Independence Day in style with Gala Games!

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow morning at 8am PT for the biweekly Common Ground World Town Hall on Youtube!

Announcing the Stars & Sweets Weekly Competition in Common Ground World!

Announcing the Stars & Sweets Weekly Competition in Common Ground World!

Get ready to transform your town into a bustling hub of activity with our exciting new weekly competition, “Stars & Sweets,” running from July 2 at 10 AM PT to July 5 at 10 AM PT.

This week, we’re challenging you to craft and sell Starlight Market Boxes filled with sparkling Boom Canes, rich Honey and delectable Apple Pie. Dive into the fun and make your town the apple of everyone’s eye!

Play Common Ground World now

Stars & Sweets

Meta Objective: Sell Starlight Market Boxes

  • Trade Time: 100s & 1 Gasoline
  • Biome: Forest E
  • Edges: River N, Forest E, Ocean S, River W

To craft a Starlight Market Box, you will need 1 Boom Cane, 5 Honey, 1 Apple Pie and 1 Wooden Box. These boxes are made in the Boxing Facility and stored in the Warehouse. 

The crafting time for each box is 60 seconds, and the process is unaffected by any other factors. 

Starlight Market Box – Standard Values
$125,000 | 8448 Stars

Starlight Market Box – Stars & Sweets meta values
$75,000 | 75,000 Stars


This is a guild event! See the reward chart below. Please note, we will likely reset all guilds after the completion of this week’s event, and guilds will need to be re-formed.

Cash and Star Boosts

Take advantage of the following boosts during the event:

  • Corn Starch: $2300 to $6000
  • Apple Pie: $40,250 to $100,000
  • Starlight Market Box: 75,000 Stars

Standard & Meta Cash/Star Values
For detailed values for all crafts, visit our Discord.

Upcoming Events and Sales

Leaky Event Schedule

Subject to change…

  • July 2-5: Starlight Market Box – 1 Apple Pie, 5 Honey, 1 Boom Cane, 1 Wooden Box
  • July 9-12: Chocolate Ice Cream – Ice Blocks, a Chocolate Bar, and more
  • July 16-19: A tasty new Cake, or maybe it’s a Pie? 🫐
  • July 23-26: Stay tuned for more details!

Latest Sales

Helping Beehive (Epic)

Featuring 2 Bees that go twice as fast, sometimes store crafts directly into Storages and create their works of art with 1 less Nectar!

  • Price: $249.99
  • Supply: 500

Get your Helping Beehive here while supplies last

Rose Bushes

Open this blind pack to discover your new Rose Bush NFT! These beautiful bushes not only add aesthetic appeal to your town but also boost the Movement Speed of every unit in your town. Additionally, these beauties can be stacked up to 16 deep on a single game tile!

If you were to stack the max of 16 Legendary Rose Bushes on a tile, you’d get a massive 32% speed boost for all workers in your town!

Rose Bush Blind Collector’s Packs are only $24.99 each, available now in limited supply.

Here’s how each rarity impacts speed:

  • Common: +0.1% Movement Speed
  • Uncommon: +0.25% Movement Speed
  • Rare: +0.5% Movement Speed
  • Epic: +1% Movement Speed
  • Legendary: +2% Movement Speed

Each pack contains one Rose Bush of random rarity, with the following odds:

  • Legendary: 10% chance
  • Epic: 15% chance
  • Rare: 20% chance
  • Uncommon: 25% chance
  • Common: 30% chance

Buy Rose Bushes – Blind Collectors Packs now

Town Hall Updates

We have switched to bi-weekly Town Halls. The next Town Hall will be on Friday, July 5th at 8 AM PT on the Gala Games Youtube channel. Be sure to tune in for the latest CGW excitement! Submit your questions here.

Gameplay Tips

  • Offline Mode: Remember to log back in before the event ends to activate fast forward.
  • Fast Forward: Check in often; the longer you stay offline, the longer it takes to bring your town up to date.
  • Browser Tips: Ensure the game is the only tab in the browser. Don’t fully cover the browser window if you’re actively playing.

Litepaper Feedback

We are still taking feedback on the lite paper released a few weeks ago. Access the litepaper here and the feedback form here.

Get ready, builders, for an exciting week of competition in Gala’s favorite strategy game of town and city building!

Play in your browser now

Scream for Chocolate Ice Cream | Common Ground World Weekly

Common Ground World Weekly Blog: Kimchi Craze and Upcoming Events

Spice Up Your Town with Kimchi Craze!

Greetings, Common Grounders! This week, we are excited to introduce a new delicious twist to your town in Common Ground World. Starting tomorrow, you can sell tangy, mouthwatering Kimchi crafted from fresh Lettuce and a Shrimp-based Fish Sauce at the new Korean Restaurant. Spice up your town and ferment your way to the top with this new exciting addition!

You’ll find all the latest Common Ground World discussions in the Gala Games Discord community!

Kimchi Craze Details

  • Meta: Sell Kimchi
    • Trade Time: 20s & 1 Gasoline
    • Biome: Desert N
    • Edges: Desert N, Ocean E, Ocean S, and River W


As always, landing on the leaderboard in the Kimchi Craze will get you standard $GALA rewards at the end of the competition, depending on your final rank.

As you collect more Stars for producing and selling goods, you’ll rise on the leaderboard.

The higher you finish on the leaderboard, the greater your $GALA rewards!

New Crafts


  • Cash: $22,460
  • Stars: 518 (increased to 50K for this week’s event!)
  • Ingredients: 4 Lettuce Head, 1 Fish Sauce, 1 Sugar, 1 Rice Vinegar, 2 Seaweed
  • Craft Time: 120s
  • Affected by: Nothing
  • Craft Location: Made in the Korean Restaurant, Stored in the Storehouse

Fish Sauce

  • Cash: $8,600 (meta value this week is $21,000)
  • Stars: 174
  • Ingredients: 1 Water, 2 Salt, 2 Shrimp
  • Craft Time: 360s
  • Affected by: Nothing
  • Craft Location: Made in the Sauce Facility, Stored in the Storehouse

Cash Boosts

  • Salt: $2,250 -> $5,000
  • Fish Sauce: $8,600 -> $21,000

Star Boosts

  • Kimchi: 50k

For all standard and meta cash/star values for crafts, check the official chart.

New Sales

The Small Seaweed Farm (released Friday June 21st) will help you craft Seaweed faster using a smaller footprint!

The Wishing Well (released Saturday June 22) will clean up Dirty in a 3-2-1 area around it using less footprint!

Upcoming Events

Here’s a sneak peek into our exciting event schedule for July 2024. Please note that all dates are subject to change.

July Events:

  • July 2-5: Starlight Market Box (Apple Pie and more)
  • July 9-12: Chocolate Ice Cream
  • July 16-19: A Tasty New Cake

Free Storage NFTs:

Game Tips and Reminders

To ensure you get the best results from playing Common Ground World, here are some crucial reminders:

  • When using offline mode, make sure to log back in before the event ends to trigger fast forward.
  • Regularly check in if you use Fast Forward to keep your town up to date.
  • Ensure the game runs as the only tab in your browser for optimal performance.
  • Relaunch the game if another window covers the browser fully while playing.

Join a Guild

Guilds are live, and a great chance to enhance the Common Ground World experience with cooperative strategy while unlocking new levels of competition!

Every Common Ground World Node represents a Guild, as described in this blog. If you don’t own a Common Ground World Node, ask an operator friend to invite you to their Guild. You’re likely to find Guild leaders recruiting in the Common Ground World Guilds Discord channel. Go make some friends!

Community Feedback

We are actively seeking feedback on the lite paper released a few weeks ago. Your insights are invaluable to us. Please share your thoughts using the links below:

Watch Our Recent Town Hall

Don’t forget to catch up on the latest updates and discussions from our recent biweekly Town Hall. Watch the YouTube replay to stay informed about all the exciting developments in the Gala ecosystem.

Stay tuned, and happy crafting!