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Scream for Chocolate Ice Cream | Common Ground World Weekly

July 8, 2024
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Did you catch the awesome Common Ground World Town Hall from last Friday, July 5th! It was a good one. Watch the replay now 👇 and don’t miss the next live Town Hall on July 19th at 8am PT!

Weekly Competition for Chocoholics

The new competition this week is all about crafting Chocolate Ice Cream from delicious farm fresh ingredients homegrown in your town.

For a complete rundown of the weekly competition and all the latest announcements, check out this post in the Gala Games Discord community!

Chocolate Chill

 Sell as much Chocolate Ice Cream as you can in the new competition that starts tomorrow (Tuesday, July 9th) at 10am PT and runs until Friday July 12th at 10am PT!

Trade Time: 20s and 1 Gasoline

Biome: Desert W

Edges: Desert N, Ocean E, River S, Desert W

New Building

Use the new Ice Cream Parlor to craft your frozen goodies and take home the prizes!

New Crafts

Before you can make your delicious Chocolate Ice Cream, make sure you have an Ice Cream Cone to serve it in!

Cash = $18,500
Stars = 227
Ingredients = 1 Sugar, 3 Corn Starch, 2 Egg, 1 Milk
Made in Bakery
Stored in Storehouse
Craft time: 40s
Affected by: Nothing

Get ready to craft the richest and most delectable chocolate ice cream in town… with Chocolate Ice Cream!

Cash = $125,000
Stars = 8448
Ingredients = 1 Ice Cream Cone, 2 Ice Block, 2 Salt, 1 Milk, 1 Chocolate Bar
Made in Ice Cream Parlor
Stored in Storehouse
Craft time: 960s (with 0 Cold), 480s, 240s, 120s (with 3 Cold)
Affected by: Cold

💲Cash Boosts

Sugar: $2300 👉 $6000
Ice Block: $4500 👉 $12,000

⭐Star Boost

Chocolate Ice Cream Cone: 50K

New NFT Sales

The following new items are currently available while supplies last!

Rare Ice Cream Parlor

Cool down with this Ice Cream Parlor (Rare)! This delightful Shop keeps your Ice Cream Scooper moving at double speed, and comes fully stocked with its own supply of cones. No need to fetch—just scoop and serve the sweetest treats in Town!

Buy Rare Ice Cream Parlor now

Stars and Stripes Monument

Celebrate the Independence of the United States with this monument lowering the labor and building cost for the whole town while also removing 1 Shade from a large area around it. This NFT’s cost reduction bonus is not stackable with itself.

Get your Stars and Stripes Monument now

Stay Cool with Common Ground World

This week is a perfect time to enjoy a cool treat while making the most of your Common Ground World build in the weekly competition. And if you’ve never played Common Ground World before, this is a great time to get started on the amazing strategy game that brings regenerative agriculture to life with a chance to win some real $GALA rewards!

No download is needed. You can start playing now right in your browser with a free Gala Games account!

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