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Guilds are Live in Common Ground World

May 17, 2024
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The wait is over! The Common Ground World team is thrilled to announce the official launch of Guilds, a game-changer set to transform your gameplay in Gala’s flagship game of town and city builders.

We invite all players to join a Guild today to unlock new levels of collaborative strategy and new reward opportunities.

Manage Your Own Guild

You will be able to create a Common Ground World Guild in any Game Mode by selecting a Common Ground World Node Workload NFT (previously known as Town Star Node) that you own in your Gala Inventory. Note that the Guild will be linked to the Node NFT so transferring it will also transfer leadership of the Guild itself!

Your Guild will feature a unique name and a Guild Icon of your choice. A Level 1* Guild will hold up to 20 Members including the Guild Leader and 20 Library Slots!

*Guild Levels are part of the Upgradable NFTs feature coming up later in 2024.

You can invite Guild Members by searching for their Gala Username in the search bar within the Guild Invite Menu. They will receive an invitation they can Accept or Reject!

Guild participation is not required to enjoy the game, but it opens up a world of new possibilities. By running a Guild, you can lend your friends a helping hand by letting them use NFTs that you’ve added to your Guild Library!

Join a Guild

If you’d rather just join a Guild, you will need an Invitation from a Guild Leader. After accepting, you’ll gain access to the Guild’s Library of NFTs that your Guild Leader has shared, which means you can check out the NFTs you need to maximize your role in the current build, contributing to your Guild’s winning strategy to take home the prizes!

You can leave a Guild anytime, but if you want to join a new one you must wait 24 hours!

Guild Roles

Guilds feature three Roles for members:

The Guild Leader is the owner of the Common Ground World Node Workload NFT that created the Guild. As the head of the team, the Leader can invite, kick or promote Guild Members, and set up NFTs for check out in the Guild NFT Library. The Leader can also Force Return an NFT checked out by a Member.

Guild Officers are trusted members of the Guild. They can kick or promote members to Officers as well! Of course, they can check out shared NFTs from the Library too!

Guild members are the cornerstone of your Guild, the devoted team who can check out the Guild’s shared NFTs from the Library for use in Competitions to bring victory and honor to your Guild! You don’t need a Node NFT to join a Guild, just an Invitation!

Manage Your Guild’s NFT Library

If you own a Common Ground World Node Workload NFT, you can set up a Guild of your own! As a Guild Leader, you have the power to curate your Guild’s NFT Library. Players can “check out” NFTs from this Library to use in both competitive Guild events and solo events, maximizing their potential and strategy. This new system adds new layers of cooperation and strategic planning that will enrich the already challenging competitive gameplay of Common Ground World. As of the first version of Guilds, only NFTs that can be placed in the in-game grid (Buildings, basically) can be set in the Library. Each NFT set in your Guild Library can be checked out only once at a time, but each member can check out more than one NFT at a time.

The First Ever Guild Competition

In honor of this exciting update, we are kicking off the first-ever Common Ground World Guild competition next week as part of CGW’s May Mayhem events! This competition will provide a fantastic opportunity for Guilds to showcase their strategic prowess and teamwork. We expect serious Guild contenders to rise to the top and show us what we can accomplish in Common Ground World when we work together!

More details about the competition are coming soon, so don’t miss this week’s Common Ground World Town Hall, Friday morning at 8am PT!

Prepare Your Guild Now

If you own a Common Ground World Node Workload NFT, now is the time to prepare your Guild and start recruiting players who have the potential to outbuild and outsmart the competition. 

Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of a historic moment in Common Ground World.

At Gala Games, we are committed to creating an immersive and rewarding gaming experience. Even though CGW is our earliest game, the launch of Guilds in Common Ground World is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Your passion, feedback, and engagement are what drive us forward.

To ensure you never miss out on the latest discussions and the thriving CGW community, join us in the Gala Games Discord server.

Join us in this new chapter and let’s cultivate a world of unity, creativity, and competition. We can’t wait to see you in the game! Let’s build, strategize, and compete together like never before.Happy farming and happy Guilding!

We can’t wait to see you in the game! Let’s build, strategize, and compete together like never before.

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Common Ground World Guilds FAQ

As important questions are addressed in the community, they will be added and answered here.

How many players can be in a guild?

A level 1 Guild will start with 20 Member slots including the Guild Leader.Once the upgradable NFTs feature set goes live you will be able to increase your Guild’s Library spaces by upgrading your Node NFT.

How many NFTs can be placed in a Library?

A level 1 Guild will start with 20 NFT Library spaces. Once the Upgradable NFTs feature set goes live you will be able to increase your Guild’s Library spaces by upgrading your Node NFT.

If I kick a member from my guild, how long does it take for the member slot to be open and the NFTs to return to the Library?

This happens instantly.

Can I be the owner of a Guild, and join another Guild at the same time?

No you cannot be in more than one Guild at once.

Can I change my Guild during a competition?

Yes! You can leave a Guild anytime during a competition and join a new one after the 24 hours Guild change cooldown is up. Remember that the LAST Guild you join will be considered as your final Guild for the competition.

What does promoting a recruit to an officer do?

Promoting a Guild member to Guild Officer allows the user to Kick and Promote or Demote other Guild members.