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Common Ground World – May Mayhem Week 3 blog

May 20, 2024
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The Vineyard Challenge

Get ready to uncork your potential in the third week of May Mayhem, happening from May 21st to May 24th in Common Ground World. 

This week’s Everyone is Welcome competition will offer 30% greater rewards, with nearly 1.5M $GALA up for grabs on the extended leaderboard! It’s all about viticulture as you compete to raise a glass to victory by selling Wine Cases packed with the finest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. It’s your chance to harvest success and show off your strategic finesse!

Event Details

Crafting Focus: Wine Cases
Crafting Recipe: 2 Pinot Noir, 2 Chardonnay, 1 Wooden Box
Craft Time: 40 seconds
Trade Time: 200 seconds, 2 Gasoline
Biome: Desert W
Edges: Mountain N, Desert E, River S, Desert W

This week, challenge yourself to maximize the value of your vineyards. Remember, each Wine Case will trade for just a quarter of its usual cash value—$52,870–So strategize accordingly!

Generous Rewards Await

Victory in this event brings more than just glory; it brings tangible gameplay benefits with in the form of the exclusive Thrifty Winery Blueprint, which comes in several different rarities:

  • Luxury: 40% reduction in build materials and cash for the Winery (Top 5 ranks)
  • Platinum: 35% reduction (Ranks 6-25)
  • Legendary: 30% reduction (Ranks 26-225)
  • Epic: 25% reduction (Ranks 226-600)
  • Rare: 20% reduction (Ranks 601-1200)
  • Uncommon: 15% reduction for all who sell the meta craft at least ten times (Ranks below 1201)

Adjust Your Strategy

In addition to managing your vineyards, several other goods have received cash boosts to help you keep your town’s economy robust:

  • Iron: $18,400
  • Oak Barrel: $22,000
  • Steel: $188,000
  • Wool: $15,000
  • Wool Yarn: $81,000

And remember, each Wine Case will also fetch you an impressive 100,000 stars!

New NFT Reworks & Discounts

Check out this week’s latest utility reworks of previously sold NFTs, now available again in limited supply for special discounts.

Tunnel of Love (Epic)

The Tunnel of Love NFT brings a trifecta of Valentine’s magic to your gameplay. Make Valentine’s Day Cards in half the time, boost Eco Paper craft time, AND let the passive flow from within the Tunnel water nearby crops with 3 passive water.

Previous Abilities:

  • 50% Valentine’s Day Cards craft time boost
  • 10% Eco Paper craft time boost
  • 3-radius passive Water

New (Upgraded) Abilities:

  • 50% Valentine’s Day Cards craft time boost
  • 50% Eoc Paper craft time boost
  • 3-radius passive Water
  • 3-radius passive Bamboo Shoots

Get your Tunnel of Love now for 25% off while supplies last!

The Barista Palace (Legendary)

With this exclusive gem, each Café gets an extra Barista, ensuring your coffee joints are brimming with talent. But that’s not all – enjoy a 20% boost in Café craft speed globally, turning your town into a caffeinated powerhouse.

Previous Abilities:

  • Every Cafe gets a new Barista worker unit
  • All Cafes enjoy 20% craft speed boost

New (Upgraded) Abilities:

  • Every Cafe gets a new Barista worker unit
  • All Cafes enjoy 50% craft speed boost
  • All Braistas are 50% faster
  • Requires no Road
  • Casts no Shade or Dirty effect

Get your Barista Palace for 40% off now while supplies last!


In addition to the above special NFT reworks, you’ll find limited time exclusive discounts on the following NFTs in the Common Ground World store:

New Sales

The Legendary Sommelier Vineyard NFT is now available in limited supply. Dropped on May 17th, this special Vineyard functions as a Winery in its own right, boasting an expert Vintner who works twice as fast and charges lower wages! This powerful building reduces by 2 the Grapes requirement of all Wineries, while significantly accelerating the production of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Sangría in every Winery in your town including itself (non-Stackable effects).

Get your Sommelier Vineyard now!

Quick Tips

For the best gaming experience, ensure that the game is the only active tab in your browser, check back often if using Fast Forward, and avoid covering the game window if you are actively playing.

Play Common Ground World now!

Check out the replay of last week’s Common Ground World Town Hall at the link below, and tune in every week for the latest updates and info on Friday at 8am PT!

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