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Join the Weekly Competition in Common Ground World!

June 18, 2024
The Common Ground World Litepaper shares the details of CGW's web3 vision for the future!
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Attention, Common Ground World players! We have an exciting new challenge lined up for you. While our Town Halls have switched to a bi-weekly schedule, we’ll still provide updates and answer your questions during the off weeks.

The next Common Ground World Town Hall is this Friday, June 21st. Get your questions in here!

🏆 Competition Details

Start: June 18, 2024, 8:00 AM PT
End: June 21, 2024, 8:00 AM PT

This week’s challenge: Craft and sell Marine Ravioli filled with Salmon, Shrimp, and Eel. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your culinary skills and outshine the competition!

Event: Ravioli Rumble
Objective: Sell Marine Ravioli
Trade Time: 20s & 1 Gasoline
Biome: Plains N
Edges: Plains N, Ocean E, Plains S, and Plains W


Earn standard $GALA rewards and a special Blueprint: Hasty Italian Restaurant.

New Craft Alert! Marine Ravioli is a new recipe introduced this week.

Crafting Recipe:

  • 3 Flour
  • 2 Butter
  • 2 Eel
  • 1 Salmon
  • 3 Shrimp

Crafting Time: 60s
Crafted in: Italian Restaurant
Stored in: Storehouse

Standard Values:

  • Cash: $85,690 (meta value this week: $14,280)
  • Stars: 1,837 (meta value this week: 50k)


Cash Boosts

  • Worms: $1,000 ➡️ $3,000
  • Butter: $20,000 ➡️ $50,000
  • Risotto: $44,000 ➡️ $100,000

Star Boosts

  • Marine Ravioli: ➡️ 50k

Upcoming Event Schedule

Note: All events are subject to change.


  • Free Storage NFT: Cheese Storage
  • June 11-14: Four-Cheese Pizza
  • June 18-21: Marine Ravioli (Blueprint Reward Week: Hasty Italian Restaurant)
  • June 25-28: Kimchi


  • Free Storage NFT: Coffee Bean Storage
  • July 2-5: Starlight Market Box (new craft ingredients)
  • July 9-12: A mystery Ice Cream flavor
  • July 16-19: A tasty new Cake

Important Reminders

  • Offline Mode: Log back in before the event ends to ensure fast forward happens.
  • Fast Forward: Check in often; prolonged offline periods slow down updates.
  • Browser Tips: Keep the game as the only tab in the browser and avoid covering it with other windows.
  • Lite Paper Feedback: We are still taking feedback on our lite paper. Check it out here and provide your feedback here.

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Introducing the Legendary Fontana Di Formaggi

This distinguished Italian Restaurant features an expert pizzaiolo Chef, which besides being significantly faster, needs less Cheese to produce his magnificent creations, while inspiring all Italian Restaurants in your Town for increased Crafting Speed, including itself! (un-stackable). You can place this on a Dirt Road instead of a Paved Road.

See You at the Town Hall!

Don’t miss our live Town Hall on YouTube this Friday at 8 AM PT. It’s a great opportunity to stay updated and ask questions.

Guild Competitions

If you haven’t joined a guild yet, now is the perfect time! Participate in guild competitions for a chance at greater rewards.

Get ready, chefs! Let’s make waves in the kitchen and see who can rise to the top in this week’s challenge. Happy cooking!

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