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Get Ready for May Mayhem Week 2 in Common Ground World!

May 14, 2024
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Check out the newly released Common Ground World Litepaper, packed with great info about the game’s exciting future!

The Mirror Magic Meta

As we move into the second week of May Mayhem in Common Ground World, it’s your time to shine—literally! Starting today (May 14th) at 10am PT, prepare to reflect on your strategic brilliance and outshine the competition in our dazzling Mirror Magic Meta event. This event challenges all city builders and strategists to craft and sell Mirrors to brighten every corner of their towns with style and efficiency.

Event Details

Crafting Focus: Mirrors
Crafting Recipe: 3 Molten Glass, 2 Chromium, 2 Silver, 1 Oak Wood
Craft Time: 120 seconds
Trade Time: 60 seconds, 1 Gasoline
Biome: Forest
Edges: Mountain N, Forest E, River S, River W

Mirrors crafted during this event will be worth half their standard cash value—$26,920, ensuring a challenge in economic balance as you expand your towns.

Exciting Rewards Await

Success in this event will bring you not only the satisfaction of a well-managed town but also incredible rewards under the May Mayhem “Best of the Best” category. Keep an eye on the specific reward details in Discord as we update them for week 2.

What’s More?

We have boosted the cash values of several items to help you balance your town’s economy efficiently:

  • Ceramic Mug: $11,000
  • Cup of Coffee: $100,000
  • Sugar: $5,000
  • Jam: $80,000

Don’t forget, Mirrors will also fetch you a whopping 100,000 stars, assuring that their production is well worth your while when it comes to the competition leaderboard!

New NFT Reworks & Discounts

Check out this week’s latest utility reworks of previously sold NFTs, now available again in limited supply for special discounts.

Hot Cocoa Chalet (Epic)

Previous Abilities:

  • 40% reduction to adjacent Marshmallow crafting
  • 40% reduction to adjacent Hot Cocoa crafting

New (Upgraded) Abilities:

  • 40% reduction to adjacent Mallow & Cocoa crafting + itself!
  • This building is now a Cafe with:
    • 2 included Baristas
    • Baristas twice as fast!
    • Baristas work for half wages!
  • Requires 2 fewer Coffee Beans to craft
  • Crafts twice as fast
  • Casts no shade

Get your Hot Cocoa Chalet now for 25% off while supplies last!

Mistletoe Arch (Rare)

Previous Ability:

35% boost to Oak Tree craft time (2 tile radius)

New (Upgraded) Abilities:

50% boost to Oak Tree craft time (3 tile radius)

Get your CMistletoe Arch now for 25% off while supplies last!

New Sales

The Epic Glass Factory is now available in limited supply. Dropped on May 10th, this Epic factory crafts Molten Glass and Glass Bottles (like the in-game version), but has the following additional perks:

  • 2 workers instead of 1, with both traveling at 250% speed!
  • Casts no shade
  • Causes no “Dirty” effect
  • Wages = $300

Get your Epic Glass Factory while supplies last

Hatchet Hank Jr. (Rare) is back in limited supply!

  • 15% walking speed increase to Lumberjacks
  • 15% walking speed increase to itself and other Hatchet Hanks
  • Casts 1 shade and must be placed by a road
  • Stacks up to three times

Get your Hatchet Hank Jr. now while supplies last

Good luck in this week’s competition, starting on Tuesday, May 14th at 10am PT!

Play Common Ground World now!

Check out the replay of last week’s Common Ground World Town Hall at the link below, and tune in every week for the latest updates and info on Friday at 8am PT!