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Unveiling Killboy’s Latest Track “3 Steps Back” on Gala Music

Unveiling Killboy’s Latest Track “3 Steps Back” on Gala Music

Emerging from the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, KILLBOY—a self-taught songwriter, producer, and engineer—has crafted another compelling track that resonates with the raw emotion and grit of real-life experiences. On May 15th, Gala Music is thrilled to release “3 Steps Back,” a trap-heartbreak song that encapsulates the complexity of love and loss. Written, produced, mixed, and mastered entirely by KILLBOY, this track promises to tug at the heartstrings of listeners, blending poignant lyrics with a haunting trap-infused beat.

“3 Steps Back” drops as a Signature Edition reward enabled NFT track on Wednesday, May 15th–Presale starts at 12pm PT for those qualified and open sale begins at 1pm PT.

Listen to “3 Steps Back” on Gala Music

KILLBOY is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry– not just a talented vocalist but a complete musical powerhouse. Managing all aspects of her music production, she has firmly established herself in the industry without relying on anyone else. Her journey from YouTube covers to striking it big with original tracks in LA showcases her relentless dedication and passion for music.

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“3 Steps Back” delves into the theme of romantic setbacks. Through her lyrics, KILLBOY explores the painful realization of needing space in a relationship that once seemed destined for forever. Her production infuses the track with a gripping trap beat, setting the stage for a deeply introspective and emotionally charged experience.

Ownership Rewards

When you own a Gala Music track like KILLBOY’s “3 Steps Back” Signature Edition, you can unlock daily $MUSIC rewards for hosting your track on a Gala Music Jukebox Node. When songs are paired and hosted in this way, artists, owners and node operators can all get rewarded for powering Gala’s web3 music ecosystem. This is just one of the ways that Gala Music is revolutionizing the music industry through GalaChain and web3 tech.

For Artists

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a Gala Music artist, it’s now easier than ever before with the Artist Upload self service portal. Gala Musicians can manage their own releases from naming prices to suggesting drop schedules and uploading music videos. Gala Music artists enjoy a 70% revenue share for NFT tracks sold, and that’s only the beginning of the career empowerment options that come with being a Gala Music artist.

Artists start here

All Access Store

Gala Music takes you deeper into the music experience, giving you a chance to unlock exclusive experiences from your favorite artists. There’s always something new in the Gala Music All Access store, and we always encourage our artists to think outside the box and to create truly memorable offerings for their devoted fans.

Check the latest All Access drops

Listen for Rewards

You can now collect $MUSIC on the daily for simply discovering and listening to new music on the Gala Music app. When you listen to at least 10 unique tracks each day, you’ll get reward points toward the daily Listen for Rewards distribution.

Learn more about $MUSIC and reward opportunities in the Gala Music Whitepaper.

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Listen to the latest drops, create custom playlists and much more on the Gala Music app for your favorite mobile device.

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Step into the Champions Arena – Live with Gala Games

Step into the Champions Arena – Live with Gala Games

Join us today from 3-5pm PT for some Champions Arena gameplay action, live on the Gala Games Youtube channel!

The streaming team has had a blast lately showing off some of our favorite games in the Gala Plays series. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel and turn on notifications so you always get an update when we go live!

RPG Battle Action

Champions Arena is a strikingly unique collectible RPG strategy game that focuses on everyone’s favorite single aspect of RPG gameplay: The fighting. Created by a development team who grew up with the most iconic role-playing video games in the world, Champions Arena takes the strategies of team-building and battle further than ever before.

With an ever-growing array of Champion characters to collect, players create battle combinations and go head to head with enemy teams. Through multiple gameplay modes like PvE Campaign, PvP Arena and PvP Tower of Trial, players put their mettle to the test against enemies of all levels. You’ll probably catch some valuable tips and tricks for battle if you tune into today’s stream.


Champions Arena is always free to play, and there are tons of reward opportunities in-game, even for free players. Daily login bonuses, unlockable quests and regular promos ensure that there’s always something new and exciting to explore, even beyond the thrill of battle!

Champions can even be minted as player-owned NFTs. When you own an NFT Champion, you can trade as you please on the secondary markets, but (more importantly) you can also get Arena Points for victory, unlocking $GALA rewards for your gameplay!

Mobile First

Created by ONEUNIVERSE, Champions Arena is one of our mobile-first titles, totally free to download and play on your favorite mobile device. But you can also download and play on PC through the Gala Games launcher, so no matter your play style, the Arena is ready for you!

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A Gala Music Guide to Smart Contracts, Tokens and Block Explorers

A Gala Music Guide to Smart Contracts, Tokens and Block Explorers

As we continue to explore the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology in enhancing the music experience, it’s essential for our community members, especially those new to blockchain, to grasp some fundamental concepts that make all of this possible. While at first these ideas may seem daunting, a short study will increase your confidence, helping you understand why this tech is so groundbreaking and why we’re so excited.

This quick guide will cover four key components: Smart Contracts, Token Standards, Token IDs, and Block Explorers.

Smart Contracts: Blockchain’s Backbone

What are Smart Contracts?

Basically, a smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement directly written into lines of code.

Smart contracts automatically execute transactions and enforce agreements between parties, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This makes transactions faster, cheaper, and more transparent. Everyone reading this who has dealt with paper contracts of any kind will certainly realize how tedious and difficult they can be. Self-executing contracts are one of the most important features of web3 tech.

How do they work?

Smart contracts operate on an ‘if/when…then…’ principle, which means actions are triggered when predefined conditions are met. For example, Gala Music smart contracts can:

  • Automate Track Distribution and Sales: Blockchain contracts manage the execution of sales and handle the issuing of digital tracks in various rarity tiers.
  • Facilitate Reward Distribution: Smart contracts calculate and distribute $MUSIC tokens to track owners, Jukebox Node operators and artists based on track popularity metrics from the platform’s Popularity Algorithm.
  • Operate Jukebox Nodes: Various contracts automate the operations of Jukebox Nodes which host music tracks, coordinating between track owners who want their music hosted and node operators who provide the hosting service. 
  • Enable Ecosystem Incentives: A system of smart contracts makes it possible to incentivize user participation by automating rewards for activities like promoting Gala Music, referring new users, listening for rewards and other actions beneficial to the ecosystem’s growth.
  • Regulate $MUSIC Tokenomics: Smart contracts govern the creation, distribution and other overall supply management of the $MUSIC token, using a dynamic supply mechanism that responds to ecosystem activity, working to prevent oversupply or undersupply.
  • Govern Artist and Fan Interactions: Contracts automate the flow of features like All Access Experiences, early access sales, direct artist tipping and locking in $MUSIC to support individual artists.
  • Secure Transactions: Smart contracts are in place to ensure all transactions within the platform, from track purchases to node operations, are executed securely and transparently, reducing the risk of fraud and enhancing trust within the community.

Please note that this list of examples is not exhaustive. There are many ways that smart contracts enrich your music experience through the power of GalaChain and web3; these are just a few.

Token Standards: Defining the Rules for Digital Assets

What are Token Standards?

Token standards are predefined templates that developers use to create new crypto tokens. These standards ensure compatibility with the broader ecosystem, including wallets, exchanges, and other smart contracts.

Popular Token Standards

To understand the tokens used in the GalaChain ecosystem, it is important to grasp the two main Ethereum based token standards. Both have counterparts on the GalaChain blockchain.

  • ERC-20: The most common standard for creating fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Fungible tokens are identical and interchangeable, much like traditional currency. $GALA and $MUSIC are examples of ERC-20 tokens, as units of these tokens are indistinguishable from one another.
  • ERC-721: A standard for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique and can represent ownership of specific items, like digital artwork or certain collectibles. Every ERC-721 has a unique Token ID.
  • ERC-1155: This versatile token standard allows for creating and managing multiple types of tokens within a single smart contract. ERC-1155 tokens can include both fungible and non-fungible tokens. Gala Music track NFTs are created using the ERC-1155 token standard and minted directly to GalaChain when purchased.

Token ID: Unique Identifiers for NFTs

Understanding Token IDs

A Token ID is a unique identifier assigned to each NFT, distinguishing it from every other token. In the context of Gala Music, each NFT could represent a unique NFT track or collectible, with its Token ID confirming its authenticity and ownership.

Role of Token IDs

Token IDs play a crucial role in the digital economy, providing a way to verify, track, and trade digital assets securely on the blockchain. They help maintain the integrity of transactions and ensure that each item’s history is transparent.

Block Explorers: Navigating the Blockchain

What is a Block Explorer?

A block explorer is an online tool to view all transactions that have taken place on the blockchain, including transaction histories and balances of addresses. It’s like a search engine for the blockchain.

How to Use a Block Explorer

To use a block explorer in Gala Music, a user might input a transaction ID or wallet address to see the transaction details, including the number of tokens transferred and when the transaction occurred. This tool is invaluable for verifying transactions and ensuring the transparency of the blockchain. Using GalaChain’s open source SDK (Software Development Kit), the GalaChain community has built several effective blockchain explorers, listed below:

Empower Yourself

By understanding smart contracts, token standards, Token IDs, and how to use block explorers, our community can fully appreciate the security, transparency and efficiency of web3 benefits to the music industry.

Read the Gala Music Whitepaper

Get Ready for May Mayhem Week 2 in Common Ground World!

Get Ready for May Mayhem Week 2 in Common Ground World!

Check out the newly released Common Ground World Litepaper, packed with great info about the game’s exciting future!

The Mirror Magic Meta

As we move into the second week of May Mayhem in Common Ground World, it’s your time to shine—literally! Starting today (May 14th) at 10am PT, prepare to reflect on your strategic brilliance and outshine the competition in our dazzling Mirror Magic Meta event. This event challenges all city builders and strategists to craft and sell Mirrors to brighten every corner of their towns with style and efficiency.

Event Details

Crafting Focus: Mirrors
Crafting Recipe: 3 Molten Glass, 2 Chromium, 2 Silver, 1 Oak Wood
Craft Time: 120 seconds
Trade Time: 60 seconds, 1 Gasoline
Biome: Forest
Edges: Mountain N, Forest E, River S, River W

Mirrors crafted during this event will be worth half their standard cash value—$26,920, ensuring a challenge in economic balance as you expand your towns.

Exciting Rewards Await

Success in this event will bring you not only the satisfaction of a well-managed town but also incredible rewards under the May Mayhem “Best of the Best” category. Keep an eye on the specific reward details in Discord as we update them for week 2.

What’s More?

We have boosted the cash values of several items to help you balance your town’s economy efficiently:

  • Ceramic Mug: $11,000
  • Cup of Coffee: $100,000
  • Sugar: $5,000
  • Jam: $80,000

Don’t forget, Mirrors will also fetch you a whopping 100,000 stars, assuring that their production is well worth your while when it comes to the competition leaderboard!

New NFT Reworks & Discounts

Check out this week’s latest utility reworks of previously sold NFTs, now available again in limited supply for special discounts.

Hot Cocoa Chalet (Epic)

Previous Abilities:

  • 40% reduction to adjacent Marshmallow crafting
  • 40% reduction to adjacent Hot Cocoa crafting

New (Upgraded) Abilities:

  • 40% reduction to adjacent Mallow & Cocoa crafting + itself!
  • This building is now a Cafe with:
    • 2 included Baristas
    • Baristas twice as fast!
    • Baristas work for half wages!
  • Requires 2 fewer Coffee Beans to craft
  • Crafts twice as fast
  • Casts no shade

Get your Hot Cocoa Chalet now for 25% off while supplies last!

Mistletoe Arch (Rare)

Previous Ability:

35% boost to Oak Tree craft time (2 tile radius)

New (Upgraded) Abilities:

50% boost to Oak Tree craft time (3 tile radius)

Get your CMistletoe Arch now for 25% off while supplies last!

New Sales

The Epic Glass Factory is now available in limited supply. Dropped on May 10th, this Epic factory crafts Molten Glass and Glass Bottles (like the in-game version), but has the following additional perks:

  • 2 workers instead of 1, with both traveling at 250% speed!
  • Casts no shade
  • Causes no “Dirty” effect
  • Wages = $300

Get your Epic Glass Factory while supplies last

Hatchet Hank Jr. (Rare) is back in limited supply!

  • 15% walking speed increase to Lumberjacks
  • 15% walking speed increase to itself and other Hatchet Hanks
  • Casts 1 shade and must be placed by a road
  • Stacks up to three times

Get your Hatchet Hank Jr. now while supplies last

Good luck in this week’s competition, starting on Tuesday, May 14th at 10am PT!

Play Common Ground World now!

Check out the replay of last week’s Common Ground World Town Hall at the link below, and tune in every week for the latest updates and info on Friday at 8am PT!