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The Years Electrify with New Single “Electric Intervention” on Gala Music

The Years Electrify with New Single “Electric Intervention” on Gala Music

Gala Music is proud to introduce a debut web3 track from The Years with their latest single, “Electric Intervention,” a poignant reflection on our modern digital dilemma.

Set for Signature Edition NFT drop on Wednesday, May 15th, the track is an electrifying blend of indie and alternative pop sounds that invites listeners to reconsider their relationships with technology and fame.

About The Years

The Years consists of Cecil Campanaro and Brian Stanley, a dynamic collaborative force in the Los Angeles indie music scene since their 2016 formation. Known for their evocative soundscapes and thoughtful lyrics, the duo gained early acclaim with their debut EP “Street Queen.” Their music has not only resonated with fans but has also captured the attention of major platforms, being featured on shows like HBO’s “Euphoria” and across networks such as NBC, MTV, and Netflix.

Electric Intervention

This unique song explores the theme of society’s overwhelming obsession with transient fame and the pervasive influence of technology. The track is crafted with pulsating rhythms and vibrant melodies that challenge listeners to disconnect from the noise of social media and reconnect with their genuine selves. This song is a call to action, urging an awakening to the real connections and experiences that life has to offer beyond the digital realm.

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For Artists

With the power of our Artist Upload self service portal, Gala Musicians can manage their own releases from naming prices to suggesting drop schedules and uploading music videos.

Gala Music artists enjoy a 70% revenue share for NFT tracks sold. Making music with Gala is the perfect way to build a music career in the web3 world while maintaining total control over your art.

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All Access Store

There’s always something new in the Gala Music All Access store, and we always encourage our artists to think outside the box and to create truly memorable offerings for their devoted fans. From limited edition merch to exclusive once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet your favorite artists, the All Access store has tons of reasons to stack that $MUSIC.

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Listen for Rewards

You can now collect $MUSIC on the daily for simply discovering and listening to new music on the Gala Music app. When you listen to at least 10 unique tracks each day, you’ll get reward points toward the daily Listen for Rewards distribution.

Learn more about $MUSIC and reward opportunities in the Gala Music Whitepaper.

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Gala Music Brings Fairness and Creative Empowerment to Recording Artists

Gala Music Brings Fairness and Creative Empowerment to Recording Artists

As the music industry continues to grapple with the complexities of fair compensation and artist rights, Gala Music is emerging as a transformative force, championing the interests of emerging artists in a landscape often dominated by established platforms and traditional mechanisms. This is increasingly significant in light of recent developments, such as Spotify’s decision to reduce royalty payments to songwriters, which is poised to further squeeze the already modest earnings of creative professionals​​.

Spotify’s latest subscription rate hike plan to include audiobooks as a Premium tier feature, songwriters and publishers did not get the royalty boost that might be expected from a subscription cost increase. Instead, the membership restructuring will introduce a new bundle disbursement rate for royalties that includes audiobooks. As a result, US songwriters and publishers’ royalty value will drop by an estimated $150 million over the coming 12 months. SOURCE

Fair Pay for Gala Recording Artists

Gala Music, built on the innovative GalaChain, leverages cutting edge web3 tech to create a decentralized ecosystem where artists can thrive by maintaining control over their music and directly engaging with their audiences.

Unlike traditional music platforms that offer minimal royalties and limited transparency, Gala Music introduces an equitable revenue model where artists receive a substantial 70% share of the revenue from NFT track sales. This model not only ensures artists are fairly compensated but also aligns with Gala Music’s core philosophy of empowering artists rather than exploiting them for profit.

But NFT track sales aren’t the only way for artists to earn with Gala Music. Artists can also receive $MUSIC in a variety of ways, including direct tips from users, rewards based on platform track listens and more. By building a fan base on Gala Music, an artist is securing a plethora of potential revenue streams with the power to significantly boost their careers.

To learn more about Gala Music’s industry-empowering vision, read the Gala Music Whitepaper.

Gala’s partially decentralized structure allows artists to bypass the restrictive practices of the music industry that have historically undermined their financial and creative autonomy, while still adhering to high quality standards for platform offerings. Through features such as the Gala Music Jukebox Node DePIN, the Artist Upload self service portal and the All Access store that allows artists to share unique and creative experiences, artists and fans can interact in novel ways with the potential to transform an entire art form for the better. From direct sales to live concerts, special promotions and more, Gala Music is a game changer for artists’ careers.

The recent shift by Spotify highlights a broader industry trend where the economics do not favor the artist. According to reports, Spotify’s bundled subscriptions for audiobooks and other content are expected to further reduce the royalties that songwriters can earn from the platform, pressing the need for alternative solutions like Gala Music where artists’ contributions are valued and rewarded​​.

Resonating Change

Gala Music’s response to the industry’s challenges is not just about offering better pay. It’s about a revamp of the artist’s role in the music industry that puts the creators back in the driver’s seat. 

Through blockchain technology, Gala Music provides transparency, allowing artists to see exactly how their music is being consumed and ensuring that they are compensated accordingly.

Smart contracts make it possible for artists to easily manage things like releases and rev shares, and the unsurpassed security of GalaChain ensures a safe environment that uplifts and rewards artistic integrity. This level of clarity and fairness is absent in conventional music streaming services, which have often been criticized for opaque payout processes and disproportionately low payments to artists.

Gala Music is much more than a free streaming platform; it’s a movement towards a more just and artist-focused music industry. It represents a shift from a corporate-dominated space to one where independent artists can pave their own paths and receive the full value of their creative output. As the landscape of music continues to evolve, Gala Music represents hope and fairness in the future of music, promising a better deal for artists and a richer, more diverse musical culture for fans around the world.

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Common Ground World Litepaper

Common Ground World Litepaper


In Gala’s earliest days, the only game on the platform was Town Star. As the ecosystem steadily grew, many other games entered the ranks, forming a vibrant and thriving platform for empowering games of all genres and interests. Town Star is now called Common Ground World, and to this day it stands apart as the root of the Gala gaming experience. Having come a LONG way since those early days. Common Ground World still holds a central role within the GalaChain ecosystem.

The transformative rebranding of Town Star into Common Ground World in partnership with Common Ground, the award-winning documentary from director Josh Tickell, introduces several new dynamics and features to the game, including both off-chain and on-chain assets. These new assets come along with fresh and fun ways to obtain and use them through competition and collaboration.

This paper represents an introductory list of all our exciting changes, the new mechanics to be implemented and their impact on your gaming experience. This paper includes tokenomics, a roadmap and features we will introduce in the near future.

All details shared in this document are inherently fluid as is customary with live service games; we always try to take our community’s feedback into consideration in the decision making process.

Recently Released New Content

Since Town Star became Common Ground World, we have seen players engage with exciting new features such as the first time user experience with Professor Chicken, Common Ground mode where you can build your own town and discover the wonders of regenerative agriculture, and Fast Forward and offline play, offering you new options to grow your towns. There have also been numerous quality of life improvements to the game along the way. As always, the Common Ground World team looks forward to making your gaming experience better everyday.



Recently, Common Ground World Node operators received their Common Ground World Node Workload NFTs, first-of-their-kind fully transferable tokens that represent ownership of a Common Ground World Node. Common Ground World Node NFT owners will have the ability to create their own Guilds, inviting other players to join and participate in team-based competitions in order to obtain valuable Guild Resources! 

Guilds can be improved to allow more member slots and more Vault space to store earned Guild Resources. These upgrades can take place by merging Common Ground World Node NFTs together through a crypto-crafting experience, combining these nodes with upgrade materials and DIRT/$SOIL! 

In the continuous effort to evolve the gaming experience within Common Ground World, Gala is set to introduce two groundbreaking features: Bots and Library slots, further enhancing Guild dynamics. These additions promise to elevate the level of strategy and cooperation required, as they allow members to leverage their NFTs for collective benefits. Bots, such as the FarmBot (designed to speed up farming processes) or the TradeBot (aimed at boosting trading efficiency) can be assigned to specific Bot slots within a Guild. This strategic placement of Bots enables Guild members to optimize their in-game operations, fostering a more collaborative and efficient gaming experience.

Similarly, Library slots introduce a novel mechanism in which Guild Leaders can set their own NFTs, allowing Guild members to check them out and use them in their own towns, thus broadening the scope of strategic gameplay. Through this system, Guild members can share the benefits of specific NFTs, ensuring that every member gains from collective achievements and contributions. As Guilds evolve and improve, they will have the opportunity to acquire additional Bots and Library slots, further enhancing their capabilities and strategic advantages. This progression system not only incentivizes Guild development and cooperation but also deepens the game’s strategic elements, making the community and teamwork even more integral to success in Common Ground World.


In the early days of Town Star, the concept of Bots served a variety of future purposes within the world of the game. In the near future, these promises will finally be fulfilled to Common Ground World players. These Bots fall within two categories:

Major Bots: These Bots will have significant Guild-wide utility if equipped to a Common Ground World Node.

  • FarmBot: Speeds up farming processes across the whole Guild. 
  • TradeBot: Boosts trading efficiency across the whole Guild.
  • BoomBot: Allows for the removal of a single obstacle by each Guild member daily.

Minor Bots: These Bots are deployed on the game board and serve their specific roles.

  • Cranebot: Transports resources
  • SaltyBot: Transports salt
  • Elfbot: Transports sugar

Bots are all created via crypto-crafting. On Ethereum, this is an incredibly expensive process from a gas burning perspective. This is why in the near future, all Bot parts in inventory will receive a 1/1 drop of the same parts on GalaChain, making the crypto-crafting process much more efficient and finally enabling people to build their Bots. 

Note: Because the new parts will be dropped on GalaChain, your Bot parts MUST be in a GalaChain linked wallet in order to be indexed to receive the GalaChain Bots parts.

Upgradeable NFTs

Spend DIRT (off-chain game currency) or $SOIL,  and a combination of three different types of upgrade materials of different rarities to improve the abilities and effects of this new category of NFTs through all 20 levels!

Here is the list of upgrade materials you will be able to obtain:

  • Red Common Material
  • Red Uncommon Material
  • Red Rare Material
  • Red Epic Material
  • Red Legendary Material
  • Blue Common Material
  • Blue Uncommon Material
  • Blue Rare Material
  • Blue Epic Material
  • Blue Legendary Material
  • Green Common Material
  • Green Uncommon Material
  • Green Rare Material
  • Green Epic Material
  • Green Legendary Material
Scheme showing relative cost of upgrading Upgradeable NFTs through each level.
Compost Factory, a type of upgradeable NFT.

Daily Challenge

Obtain DIRT every day by collecting Town Points with your Earning NFTs*! Fulfill the daily requirement using your eligible Earning NFTs*, claim your Town Points when the challenge is complete, and receive your daily allocation of DIRT based on your performance!

*Earning NFTs include all NFTs with the capability to participate in earnings activities.

Consumable Boosts

These off-chain items can be obtained through competitions, Guild events and on the Gala Store by spending DIRT or $SOIL! They can be spent (burned) to provide time-limited boosts to one of your towns.

Common Ground Academy

This upgradeable NFT can be placed in-game to temporarily provide one or more chosen buffs to one of your towns in Common Ground, Casual or Competitive mode to maximize your strategy!

Common Ground Academy NFT image.


We aim to deliver quarterly new features and mechanics into the game, including quality of life improvements.

  • Looking back at Q4 of 2023:
    • Common Ground mode: This brand new game mode features a persistent unique wageless town that players can customize however they want. (Delivered)
    • First time user experience: New users can learn the basics of the game by studying with Professor Chicken. (Delivered)
  • Q2 2024: Guild system & Daily Challenges
  • Q3 2024: Upgradeable NFTs & Common Ground Academy
  • Q4 2024 and 2025: Consumable Boosts, Referral Program, Town Visits, additional Guilds features including Library and Bot slots, and more!


The premier fungible token to be obtained and used in Common Ground World will be $GALA, which can be obtained through PVP Competitions.  $GALA can be used to obtain NFTs with special abilities in the Gala store, which can then be used inside all modes of Common Ground World. $GALA obtained in this way comes from Gala’s portion of the daily distribution.

A new off-chain in-game currency named DIRT will be introduced into the game as well. 

Scheme showing Tokenomics flow.

Obtaining DIRT

Players will obtain DIRT by either operating their Common Ground World Nodes as exchange for their contribution, by collecting Town Points everyday using Earning NFTs in the Daily Challenge, or by participating in social competitions that reward this currency.

Daily Challenge

By the end of every day, a pool of DIRT will be distributed among every player that completed that day’s challenge. The amount received by each player will depend on the amount of Town Points the player contributed to the total pool of points of the day.

For example, let’s suppose only two players completed a day’s challenge. Player A contributed 800 Town points and Player B contributed only 200 Points. Player A, contributing 80% of that day’s Town Points pool will receive 80% of the DIRT pool and Player B with 20% of that day’s Town Points will receive the remaining 20% of the daily DIRT pool.

Guild & Regular Competition Rewards

Some competitions, whether they are solo or Guild-based, will grant DIRT as reward, depending on your position in the leaderboard.

Social Activities

Visiting other users’ Towns or engaging in community activities will also reward you DIRT!

Spending DIRT

DIRT will be extremely helpful to accelerate and customize your gaming experience. Users will be able to spend it on things like the following:

  • Improving their Common Ground World Node NFTs for Guilds
  • Leveling up all varieties of upgradeable NFTs
  • Exchanging DIRT for Consumable Boosts
  • Exchanging DIRT for quick in-game Cash (soft currency used to buy in-game items)
  • Purchasing Upgrade Materials or Crafts in the in-game store
  • Much more to come

Turning DIRT into $SOIL

All the DIRT collected will eventually be able to be turned into on-chain $SOIL, which will feature all the same capabilities as DIRT.


The team would like to deeply thank the incredible Common Ground World community for their outstanding support, whether you joined during the earliest days of Town Star or if you are recently starting this adventure. Your enthusiasm, feedback and passion pushes us to provide the best game everyday; we invite you to keep discussing, sharing your perspective and always challenging us to make the best possible gaming experience. We make Common Ground World together!

Common Ground World aims to transcend entertainment into global sustainability, promoting values and principles of environmental impact while providing a fun experience for players. 

Our goal is to put power in the hands of our community to let them decide the future of the game through new content and features based on a collective mission: Organizing through Guilds, improving NFTs and enhancing the node ecosystem, among others.

Welcome to a new era of conscious gaming; welcome to Common Ground World.

Play Common Ground World now on Gala Games

Legal Disclaimer

The purchase or sale of any digital asset involves risk. The information in this Litepaper is provided for informational purposes only, and we urge you to read this material carefully and ask us any follow-up questions that you may have before joining the Gala Games platform. You should also consult with your legal, accounting, or tax advisors regarding any applicable laws, rules or regulations that might govern your purchase of the digital assets discussed in this Litepaper or your participation in the Gala Games platform, and regarding the tax or other financial implications of any purchase or sale. By your purchase or sale of any digital assets or tokens offered by Gala Games, you agree to assume the risks of such participation, and Gala Games disclaims any liability thereof.