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RingWatch: EPX Season 3 Recap

RingWatch: EPX Season 3 Recap

The great battle for the Ring has been fought. Were you victorious? Will the shattered timeline of Elysium bring you success or defeat in the next iteration…

The paradox continues, but maybe the right Captain seizing control of the power can change the fate of Elysium. It’s time for a fresh start. Old rivalries are broken, will old alliances be renewed?

Alex: So exciting to be here again! Teeehehehe, more explosions!

Emma: Wha… Where are we?

Alex: Oh, that’s not important. I just go with it and it always works out for me.

Emma: You are wise, explosion pirate. I shall follow you into this mystery.

Alex: Oh ho! We’re going to get along splendidly Emma! For now though, let’s get to the results of Season 3!!!

Conquest: The Victorious

The battle for the Ring is fierce. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers meet their end each time the powers of Elysium meet to do epic battle. The Captains that persist through the difficulties and rise to the challenge each Conquest are worthy of our respect indeed. We salute them!

Note that due to S12’s signature tactic of altering their names to be difficult to distinguish at the final conquest, most of our winners are somewhat mysterious heroes this season.

  1. Win
  2. IlIllIIllIIl


  3. Iiiiiiiiii


  4. Iiiiiiiiiiii


  5. Iiiiiiiiil



Most Powerful Captains

Conquest is a team sport. Pure battle power is a measure of the forces an individual captain can muster. No unexpected critical or tactical misstep in Conquest will change the results here… Those who amassed the most forces and the most Battle Power over the course of season 3 are true warriors.

  1. Ralf
  2. Firstblood
  3. Nerdalicious
  4. PalafinHF
  5. Elof

Arena Victors

Hiding behind your soldiers seems easy compared to the heat of the Arena. The Captains that rose to the top in this category are brutally efficient with their team of Mercenaries and can defend their spot with vigor to repeatedly come out on top.

  1. PalafinHF
  2. Win
  3. Kazuto1995
  4. Melio_das
  5. Firstblood

Most Honorable Mentions

This season, we have two Captains that were able to show their mettle in all three categories and rise to the top 10 across the board…

Congratulations to Firstblood and PalfinHF, the two Captains to accomplish this great task this season!

Season 4 Is Live!

Season 4 is already live! Get out there and conquer! 

There’s tons of new features coming in season 4.

  • Jinryu, new Fire-type Mercenary
  • Guild Arena
  • Mercenary Collection System
  • New Season Pass, May Mayhem Pass, and Arena Pass!

Beyond that, there are tons of new balances, meta changes and improvements! Small changes make major tactical differences, and no two seasons of Eternal Paradox are alike!

…And Here We Go Again!

Emma: The strange, invisible narrator is correct. Tiny variables can greatly influence plans.

Alex: I never was one for plans. I think this time I’ll do what I do every time… blow stuff up! Bwuahahahaha!!!

Emma: A wise stratagem. Why fight the wind when you can fly on it?

Alex: Hahaha! You’re SOOOO much better at this than Torsten.

Emma: That does not surprise me. We are prepared for battle mysterious voice.

Thanks Emma and Alex, and good luck out there this season!

49 days to go –

Emma: 48 days. 

Uhhh, right. You heard the woman! Get out there and conquer. We’ll see you at the battle for the Ring!

Mayhem Has Begun

Mayhem Has Begun

Every year around the same time, we get just a little stir crazy here at Gala. It’s not that the winters at our HQ are necessarily too balmy to go get some sun… it’s just that we’re excited to get down to some fun and games with our awesome community!

Gala has grown a lot, and the launch of extremely diverse projects across GalaChain has taken the Galaverse far beyond just games. This year we want to showcase a month of fun all across the GalaChain ecosystem.

Many projects will have competitions, giveaways and events throughout May. We know that GalaChain is a constantly growing place, so rewards and mechanics of each event are going to vary greatly from project to project. Don’t worry though, we’ll try to keep it as simple as possible so that you can find some events you may love.

MAY I Have Your Attention, Please?

We (more expressly, the writer of this article) would love to have a nice and simple cookie-cutter event to throw at all of you. But where’s the fun in that? More importantly… where’s the MAYHEM in that!?

Don’t worry though, we’ll walk you through everything… well, we’ll walk you through what we can. We told you, this is Mayhem! It wouldn’t be very Mayhem without a few surprises, would it?

Where to Find the Mayhem

Like we said, GalaChain is a big place… but there are a few specific corners you may want to keep your eye on this month.

Our first full week of Mayhem starts on May 6th. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the first week of festivities.


Since its release earlier this year, GalaSwap has totally changed the way that we can all interact with GalaChain as a community. It’s never been easier to get the tokens you want, and more features and new pairs are coming all the time!

With all that said, of course GalaSwap is getting in on the Mayhem!  Starting on May 6th, the leaders in the following categories at the end of the week will receive a pile of bonus $GALA.

  • Highest $GALA volume
  • Highest $GUSDC volume
  • Highest $MUSIC volume
  • Highest $LEFC volume
  • Highest $TOLK volume
  • Highest $GSWAP volume

…and that’s only week one 😉

Eternal Paradox

Eternal Paradox will have extra events going on all month! May Mayhem pretty perfectly lines up with the start of Season 4… and what a season it’s going to be! 

The first week of Mayhem, you’ll see a Daily Coupon event coming out (👀on Discord!), and that’s just the start. There will be special in-game events and opportunities to partake in some Mayhem throughout the month!

Gala Film

You think Gala Film is going to miss out on the Mayhem? Remember to take a break from all the competitions once in a while. Maybe get some popcorn, kick your feet up and turn on Gala Film? 😁

For the first week of Mayhem, you’ll get two free RZR Mystery Boxes for each episode you watch! If you haven’t seen RZR… double rewards time starts May 5th. Get comfy and start binging!

Common Ground World

CGW has an express depot load of stuff going on this month, and we can’t possibly cover it all here. We’ll try to at least get you started.

There will, of course, be amayzing competitions… Week 1 will bring the Everybody Is Welcome competition, with 2500 reward seats and 31% extra $GALA!

Each week will also bring a rework to an existing NFT (don’t worry, we’re pretty sure you’ll be happy with them 😉). Be ready, the first two kick off this Friday!

There are also some items that never had their full supply released in the past. During this Mayhem, you’ll get a second chance on four long-lost NFTs… one per week. Be on the lookout early next week for a limited amount of the first of these treasures!


It’s a VOX invasion!!! This week, VOX is spreading Mayhem in Common Ground World!

Win an all-new VOX Dog pet by landing in the top 100 Bicycle sellers in next week’s competition! These fluffy border collies are only going out during May Mayhem, so get them while you can.

If you don’t place high enough, you’ll have a second chance in a special Mystery Box sale at the end of the month… but these furry friends need a home now! Will you rise to the challenge?

Champions Arena

All month long the arena will be full of Mayhem. Various activities in the game will reward you with M-tickets, which you can spend in the special M-Ticket shop. Get as much as you can for four weeks!

There will be a bit more going on for Summoners in Champions Arena throughout May. Look for a special 15% Gem pack discount to kick off the festivities on Monday the 6th!

Non-Fungible Tower Defense

We hear our friends over at NFTD are having a leaderboard competition every week of May. If you haven’t checked their alpha playtest out since their Judges’ Choice win at GALAthon in March… now is the time!

Legends Reborn

You think Tolkheim is going to miss out on May Mayhem!? Get ready for a month of competitions at the tables!

Starting on May 6th at noon PT, rack up as many games as you can at your favorite table… or any table really. Just go play!

Throughout the whole month, players who achieve the following epic benchmarks of table experience will be granted free NFT cards:

  • 50 PvP matches played – Common Glacial Spear
  • 100 PvP matches played – Common Viridian Dragon
  • 150 PvP matches played – Uncommon Phoenix

In addition, during week one starting on May 6th, a special prize of $500 of $GALA will be given out to the player with the most matches played and to the player with the most matches won by the end of the first week. Get your best Creatures in your deck and get ready to battle!

Last Expedition

Things are heating up in Last Expedition… are you mission ready? Last Expedition is going to be laying low in the first week of Mayhem… can’t get the ravagers too riled up early can we?

Something tells us you may want to drop in and freshen up those fragment gathering and ‘staying alive while things are trying to eat you’ skills. Big things are coming during the Mayhem, and you definitely want to be ready.

Mayhem Building

This is just a quick peek at week 1. So much more is coming. Welcome to Mayhem!

There may be more popping up here and there. We promise nothing… like we said, Mayhem.

Every one of you in our community is what makes Gala so great, and we can’t wait to share the Mayhem with you all month. Have fun!

Gala Welcomes Rivalz.AI to the GalaChain Ecosystem

Gala Welcomes Rivalz.AI to the GalaChain Ecosystem

With a state-of-the-art chain that makes it easier than ever to build on blockchain, a $GALA CertiK security rating that leaves all other altcoins in the dust and the speed and scalability to make it happen, Gala is looking to empower the world with web3 tech.

Amid 2024’s surge of GalaChain growth that includes new projects and products from different industries around the world, we are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Rivalz.AI, a pioneering force in AI-driven decentralized applications. This collaboration will make great strides in our journey towards revolutionizing the blockchain landscape, particularly in the realm of AI and data provenance.

Empowering Innovation with Rivalz.AI on GalaChain

Rivalz.AI is set to introduce an AI-driven DePIN RollApp, ushering in a new era of AI data provenance and a modular AI-app ecosystem on GalaChain. Their vision aligns seamlessly with our commitment to empowerment and decentralization, as they leverage the robust capabilities of GalaChain to build AI Agents, AI Personas, and several innovative solutions.

The native token of the Rivalz ecosystem, $RIZ, will be utilized for transaction fees, powering node infrastructure, data monetization, and more. This integration not only enhances the utility of GalaChain but also expands our ecosystem’s reach and impact across multiple sectors.

Why This Partnership Matters

The collaboration with Rivalz.AI is a strategic alignment that reflects our shared vision for the future of web3. By combining our strengths, we are setting the stage for groundbreaking developments in both blockchain technology and AI. This partnership will provide the community with new tools for innovation and the power to shape the digital future.

We welcome Rivalz.AI into our ecosystem with open arms and immense enthusiasm for the possibilities that lie ahead. Together, we are poised to redefine the boundaries of technology and creativity in the blockchain space.

Stay Connected

Learn more about how Rivalz.AI is driving the future of blockchain and AI:

Follow @Rivalz_AI on Twitter