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$MUSIC to Our Ears: $GalaSwap Updates

$MUSIC to Our Ears: $GalaSwap Updates

Following last week’s launch of $GSWAP, the official token of GalaChain’s official decentralized exchange protocol, we have more exciting GalaSwap news.

Our engineers have completed implementation of $MUSIC, Gala Music’s official token onto the GalaSwap platform, essentially making $MUSIC tradable within the GalaChain ecosystem. While the intentions to add this token were announced with GalaSwap’s V1 launch earlier this year, we did not know how long its implementation would take. We’re pleased to announce that our GalaChain engineering team has exceeded expectations and $MUSIC is now fully tradable on the platform.

Login with your Gala account now at to start trading $MUSIC and getting $GSWAP.

How to Get $MUSIC

$MUSIC is the lifeblood of our rapidly growing decentralized world of music, on a mission to empower artists and fans like nothing else in the world. 

With one of the latest Gala Music platform updates, it’s now easier than ever to get some $MUSIC of your own, whether or not you’re an NFT owner. Community is everything in the new world of web3 music; Fans make it possible for artists to keep making music, artists make it possible for fans to become superfans, and community is the empowering tie that binds us all together.

According to the Whitepaper, 25% of generated $MUSIC is currently reserved as a reward for users who support the ecosystem in various ways. You’ll find a specific list of the rewarding actions here.

Listen for Rewards

Each day, the number of unique tracks you listen to equates to a point value that represents your share in the day’s $MUSIC reward distribution for ecosystem supporting actions.

Discover the latest Gala Music

Share for Rewards

By sharing your Gala referral link with your friends, you’ll qualify for rewards when they take certain specific actions to empower themselves and support the ecosystem. Easily share your favorite songs and artists on social media– Whenever someone creates an account as a result of your share, they’ll be automatically connected to you, giving you a shot at some additional $MUSIC reward points!

Host the Music

Become a powerful force in the Gala Music ecosystem by operating a Jukebox Node to generate regular $MUSIC rewards for hosting NFT tracks on the platform. Whenever a hosted track is listened to, rewards are generated for the artist who created it, the collector who owns it, and the Jukebox Node operator who provided the computing power to host it!

Get a Gala Music Jukebox Node

Own the Music

Becoming the owner of NFT tracks from your favorite artists is a simple and consistent way to share in daily $MUSIC rewards based on how many times your track was played in a 24 hour period. To unlock these rewards, just pair your NFT track with one of the active Jukebox Nodes on the network for no additional cost.

Read the Gala Music Whitepaper

Success on Gala Music: A Guide for New Artists

Success on Gala Music: A Guide for New Artists

Welcome to Gala Music! If you’re a musician who has yet to grace our platform with your music, this guide is for you. If you’re simply a Gala Music fan with an ear for the latest sounds, you’ll probably find this inside info equally interesting, so read on to experience the perspective of an up-and-coming Gala Music artist!

As you prepare to release your first track on this revolutionary platform, it’s essential to understand the tools and strategies that will enhance your success. Our mission is to empower you and your fans, so we’ll always be on the lookout for ways to better support your success with our growing listener base.

Keep in mind that your work shouldn’t begin or end with this guide. There’s no substitute for discipline in your craft, diligence in self promotion, or brilliance in the uniqueness that makes your music yours alone. We encourage you to always strive for excellence in your Gala Music pursuits. We’re beyond pleased to offer our artists opportunities that previous generations of musicians never knew, but these opportunities alone will not ensure your success.

Some of the world’s most beautiful art is born from butting against seemingly impossible obstacles, overcoming odds you thought were unbeatable. Whether you’re already a Gala Music artist or you have hope to become one in the future, we believe in your unique and amazing abilities. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Put yourself into the forging fire– We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your own resilience and brilliance when you emerge

Here’s a starter guide on how you can make the most out of your music releases on Gala Music.

Engage Actively on Social Media and Discord

Before you drop your first track, start building your presence where your potential fans are. Since the birth of Gala, we have always cultivated an active Discord community. To this day, you’ll find some of the most dedicated and supportive people in the Gala Music Discord. They are eager to be invited into your process– Do not underestimate their desire to support you as an emerging artist on the platform.

In Gala Music’s Discord community, you can connect with fans and other artists, as well as helpful members of the Gala team and community who are always ready to help out however they can. Engage regularly, not just when you have music to promote. This will build genuine relationships based on trust.

This community is eager to support your releases, expanding their horizons and even exploring and experimenting with new music genres. Remember, consistent engagement can transform listeners into loyal fans. At Gala, we’re in the business of facilitating deeper connections between artists and fans because we understand the power of bridging that divide. If you can learn this power and see the results yourself, you’ll be hooked on Gala’s incredible sense of collaboration and community.

Utilize the Gala Music App for Live Streaming

Live performances are a fantastic way to captivate your audience. Through the Gala Music app, our artists are always invited to schedule live stream performances, which can help you showcase your music and interact with your audience in real-time.

Visibility through live streams can be crucial for success, especially before a track release. Performing live for your prospective audience will prove your abilities, heighten anticipation for your content and keep your audience engaged with your journey.

You may think you need to establish yourself with a fanbase before jumping into a live stream. This is not necessarily true. Music fans are keen on becoming part of the “discovery” process, especially in web3, where such discoveries can unlock serious rewards for those who make them early. For Gala Music fans, early trend spotting is a huge part of the fun. Even if there are fewer live viewers in an early performance than you would like to see, you will have given the early viewers an exclusive sense of being an early adopter, a proud badge of honor in the web3 world. It is difficult to properly evaluate the long term impact of a single “early adopter” supporter for your work, but rest assured that it’s substantial.

Keep in mind that once you’ve begun dropping tracks, users can support your music by locking their $MUSIC to you as an artist. The more $MUSIC support you are able to garner, the more quickly you will grow in your Gala Music success. Additionally, users can support you directly by tipping in $MUSIC– When they do, 100% of the $MUSIC goes straight to you, the artist.

Leverage All Access Experiences

The All Access Experience Store on Gala Music offers unique opportunities to connect with fans through merchandise, collectibles, exclusive real-life experiences and more. Consider how you can offer something unique to your fans in this space. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes content, limited edition merchandise, or intimate meet-and-greets, these experiences can significantly enhance fan engagement and loyalty.

If you are touring or planning to tour, consider dropping IRL concert tickets, VIP backstage passes,  as All Access Experiences. Gala Music fans are especially excited when we blur the line between the physical and the digital with experiences they can attend.

With a future update, we will offer a tool that will let you manage your own All Access Experience drops, similarly to the way you can manage your own NFT releases through Artist Upload. For now, connect with us directly to make plans for your next All Access Experience drop. You can tap into our web3 experience and benefit from the types of experiences we know that people are looking for in this space.

Maintain a Frequency of Quality Music Releases

Consistency is key in keeping your audience engaged. Plan to release music regularly to keep your audience coming back for more while still maintaining a high quality standard with your drops. This not only satisfies listeners but also builds your reputation as a professional artist who values quality over quantity.

You can release one track each month through the Artist Upload portal, so choose carefully and always give yourself plenty of time to market and promote your drop. The earlier you submit, the more certain you can be that we’ll have a spot for you at your preferred time.

We are currently limited to 25-30 new tracks dropping each week, which amounts to around 1500 tracks released through Artist Upload in a year’s time. We are committed to expanding our capabilities as soon as possible, but assuring the ongoing scalability and quality of our platform is paramount to our artists’ success, so limitations are necessary. Use these limitations to your advantage by dropping something that is sure to please your fans.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific drop date and time for your track. When you submit, you’ll be asked to share a preferred date and time for your drop. We’ll always go with your preferences if we can. Either way, we’ll confirm with you before scheduling the drop.

Familiarize yourself with the latest details on Editions, economy and $MUSIC rewards found in the Gala Music Whitepaper.

Support Releases with Engaging Content

Be sure to make noise about your music releases with consistent and engaging content on your social media platforms. This can include teasers, behind-the-scenes videos or stories about your creative process.

When you drop a new track, always consider releasing a music video simultaneously to maximize engagement. The Gala Music platform is fully capable of supporting a music video with your track release and we’ve made it easy to upload them via Artist Upload. Videos are a powerful tool to visually tell the story of your song and can significantly increase its reach and impact.

Remember to think outside the box when it comes to promotional content for your release. If you can get people talking about your track, you’ll be well on your way to a successful drop.

Ownership & Enjoyment 

It’s important to consider the different types of attention you’ll be looking for on the Gala Music platform. We’re looking to redefine artist and fan empowerment for the whole music industry, so our target audience goes way beyond NFT collectors. Along the way, new people will realize the value of NFT ownership as a novel way to support their favorite artists, but listeners will always make up the core of our user base.

While quick NFT sellouts are all the rage in the web3 world, a solid and growing quantity of platform listens should be your goal. The more fans who listen to and enjoy your tracks, the more prospective NFT owners will emerge from those fans. As you climb the Gala Music charts, you’ll unlock access to higher tier releases, allowing you to sell your music to more people by releasing more copies at a time.

Your early adopter supporters will always share in your future success through free NFT drops, a growing catalog, All Access Experiences, $MUSIC rewards and more. The entire system is designed to support those who supported you from day one. Basically, the quick sellouts will always come eventually, so make it about the music and you’ll likely be satisfied with your results. 

Avoid Common Pitfalls

As you embark on your music release journey, you should always be mindful of certain traps, especially legal ones. Avoid these issues, which can easily result in your music pulled down without warning, or even costly legal complications:

  • Artwork Infringement: Ensure that all visuals associated with your music are either original or properly licensed. You should especially keep this in mind when working with AI tools in the creation of cover art, as these tools tend to “borrow” content indiscriminately from existing images and videos on the internet.
  • Unapproved Music Samples: Avoid using uncleared samples in your music. This can lead to legal complications that might hinder your progress as a Gala Musician. Sampling is generally encouraged, but should always be avoided when not specifically approved in writing.
  • Low Quality Music: Invest in good production. As any seasoned professional would agree, music quality can make or break your career. Poor sound quality can detract from even the most talented artists’ work.
  • Abusive & Hateful Content: While vulgarities, adult language and adult themes have their places in new music, artists should always avoid expressing ideas that will alienate or specific groups of people or individuals. Your content should not promote illegal activity, violence or abuse in any way.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the exciting world of Gala Music. Remember, each track release is not just about putting out music; it’s about crafting an experience that resonates with and grows your audience. So, embrace these tools and tips to enhance your musical journey on this innovative platform. Good luck!