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Last Expedition: Are you Mission Ready?

May 15, 2024
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The hunt has been lucrative for everyone here on the platform. Aura is remote… you know though, word spreads quick about treasure like this. 

You haven’t noticed? It’s on everybody’s mind – no one has to say anything. With the riches we’re finding on this planet, a hunter could do a year’s worth of business in a few days. That kind of opportunity doesn’t stay undiscovered for long. 

Everybody’s gearing up to get as much as they can as fast as they can. Never mind the parasites and the ravagers… more dangerous things will be here soon.

Prepare for some big updates coming to the planet Aura! This hunt just got serious.

Last Expedition: Mission Ready is a massive update to existing gameplay. Get ready for tons of new content, systems, fixes and much more danger.

The Mission

The hunter grind isn’t the easiest, we get it. That’s why Platform management has graciously agreed to recognize the sacrifices of intrepid hunters with a new performance-based advancement system! Thank you for your continued excavation of Aura in the face of workplace risks such as abandonment, disembowelment or alien ingestion!

Hunters will now gain XP from each play session, which will gradually let them unlock new ranks in Last Expedition.

As you achieve each new rank, you’ll receive rewards in Last Expedition’s new Character Token – LECHAR.

As new hunters rush to the Platform to hunt invaluable resources on Aura, LECHAR can be used to unlock new playable characters, each with a new assortment of abilities and strategic importance for a team of hunters. There may be a new one to unlock very soon… 👀

Modern Style

The Platform is exceedingly remote, so they don’t often get much exposure to the latest fashion trends across the galaxy. With the escalating influx of new hunters eager to plunder aura for big time loot, however, many new styles and trends have inundated the Platform.

Care to freshen up your style and sport some new fashion? Mission Ready will bring 16 new character skins along with nine new weapon skins.

Have you been stocking up on Minerals Core Chunks and Fragment Chunks? With this update, these hoarded resources are how you’ll gain access to these new character skins. Each of the 16 new Character skins has four different rarities – Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Remember though, only one team can keep the resources that they find to spend on new threads. There’s not enough room on this extraction platform for all of us!

More Danger = More Rewards

Higher threat level creatures and servers will have increased loot drops for the Mission Ready release. In tougher matches, you’ll get more XP, more resources and maybe even exclusive loot drops for escaping with the core.

The nine new Mission Ready weapon skins will be dropping from some of the most vicious aliens out there. Get ready to fight for it, because they’re not letting go of it easily!

Be Ready for the Mission

Expect to hear more soon from us about all the new content coming up in the Last Expedition: Mission Ready release. Until then, good luck out there… and good hunting!

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