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Lessons Learned in the Belly of a Primal Ravager – Last Expedition

June 28, 2024
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It’s true. I survived an expedition on Aura. I faced alien creatures that would make your worst nightmares shudder. And somehow I made it out.

The credit goes to my skilled extraction team. I went down, but they were there to pick me up. Even with only four of us on the field and threats coming at us from every direction, we located the Notari fragments and extracted the core. I even managed to pick off a couple loafers from a competing extraction team. Like they say on the platform, we’re all on the same team until we hit the surface. Then it’s every hunter for himself.

I was keeping watch while Jasper mined the core. I guess I was watching the distant Porcupines too close, dodging their acid-tipped quills so carefully that I didn’t notice the deadliest predator bearing down on me. When a Ravager’s coming at you hard, you don’t have time to  run. So I got eaten.

I’d heard plenty of stories about getting swallowed by these monstrosities, but descriptions don’t really do the experience justice if you know what I mean. They swallow their prey whole and alive. The goal is to make it past the teeth without any major gashes. Something on the inside of the Ravager’s belly reacts violently with human blood and makes things even worse.

The Ravager’s belly sack closes around you like a squishy and burning wet blanket. Once you’re in there, the Ravager will buck around like mad, but try to keep your cool. I was only inside that thing for probably 10-15 seconds, but I had time to question an entire lifetime of bad choices. Maybe there’s some kind of psychoactive toxin in its stomach acid to make sure the experience is unimaginably horrible, or maybe it was just my life flashing before my eyes. Who knows, but in that moment I decided I was never coming back to this Godforsaken planet if I got out alive.

Next thing I knew, a big hole was blasted in its side and the Ravager fell down dead in a pile of putrid gore. “You’re welcome,” Jasper said with a grin, holding the core under one arm and his weapon under the other. We took off toward the dropship, and we made it. We came out richer and I learned some valuable lessons about watching out for Ravagers – I just wish I could get the damn thing’s stink off me. 

Am I going back for more? You bet your ass I am. I’ll see you on the surface.

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