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Last Expedition – A Web3 Economy Overview

Last Expedition – A Web3 Economy Overview

Gala’s extraction FPS will employ a complex meta-economic system to ensure a truly unique player experience, no matter how you choose to enjoy the game.

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The mysteries of Aura run deep. Hunters risk life and limb there to extract priceless resources and bits of tech. But under the terrifying surface, they can tell that nothing on Aura is as simple as it seems. There is more to this story than meets the eye.

Similarly, players of the cutting edge extraction FPS are tempted to get lost in the fight for survival as frightening predatory creatures threaten to rip them to pieces at every turn. They must cooperate with their team on each expedition, knowing that only a single team can escape alive from the hellish yet ore rich alien wasteland. To the survivors go the spoils. If players get the idea that the planet itself is conspiring against them, they may be onto something.

In-Game Currencies

Thanks to the power of GalaChain, many minted in-game currencies with a variety of purposes will be used to ensure a gripping player experience with virtually endless combinations and strategic choices.

With the recently released GalaSwap platform, it will be possible for users to swap various currencies for one another, and even for $GALA. This allows the in-game currencies to act as a system of rewards for the game. Dedicated players will be driven to increase their skills and extraction prowess by sinking their in-game rewards back into upgrades and items like new characters, new weapons and ammo, skills, skins, emotes, and more.

Some currencies are rewarded as  seasonal or daily missions are completed and used to make crucial upgrades that will enhance your ability to survive and extract cores in increasingly difficult servers. Others are more important on a meta level, gradually revealing the secrets of Aura in a thrilling Last Expedition narrative that will unfold.


In today’s overview we’re focusing on Notarium, the most desirable resource that can be found on Aura. Notarium is named for the Notari, a cryptic race whose unimaginably advanced tech has invaded this previously harmless colony planet, changing the landscape into a fiendish death zone inhabited only by bloodthirsty killers.

The amount of Notarium that can be extracted from any instance of Aura is dependent on the threat level of that server. A threat level is assigned to each server based on the number of Creature Mods used by the server’s OP–Essentially, as the PvE element in a mission grows stronger, more Notarium is available for harvesting.

Using Notarium

Other than trade within GalaChain, the primary use for Notarium is purchasing minted items (NFTs). Its secondary use is for crafting higher level Meta game recipes.

For OPs, this means purchasing new OP Mod NFTs for their server, increasing the threat level and, as a result, increasing the amount of Notarium that can be harvested by players in that server. Types of OP Mods include:

  • Creature NFTs
  • PvE Mods
  • Server Mods

For Hunters, Notarium is used for high level meta game crafting. Look for more information about crafting in an upcoming blog. In the current Early Access build, players enjoy access to a plethora of killer items and supplies, many of which will require crafting when the final live version of the game is released.

Only One Team can Make it Out

When 4 teams take on Aura in an attempt to extract with the Notari Core, only one can make it off the planet alive. This means that while every player can harvest Notarium and other resources during the expedition, only one team gets to keep what was harvested – the team that successfully extracts.

On top of that, if the server’s predators are victorious, no one escapes alive with the precious alien tech gathered. In these cases, the server OP gets to keep the Nortarium, along with the other resources sought by hunters of Aura.

Different Perspectives

Last Expedition looks very different to average players than it does to OPs who manage their own servers. Everyone is equally interested in gathering Notarium, and how you do it depends on your role. 

The Player Experience: Grinding for Glory

Remember, the hunter characters looking to get rich on Aura have nothing to lose. They have traveled to a remote mining platform at the furthest reaches of known space in hopes of getting their hands on some of the most valuable tech resources in the known universe. With Aura so full of such precious resources, these brave (or foolish) hunters have looked past the danger to the rewards at the mission’s end.

Players are looking to enhance their ability to emerge from Aura with more resources. Therefore, they will continually enhance their arsenals and collections in order to win more matches.

Many aspects of the player experience will require strategic resource hunts. Weapons, ammo, and even characters will require resource expenditure to unlock as you make your way on Aura.

The OP Experience: Controllers of Aura

A huge focus of the Last Expedition experience is for those who operate Nodes (OPs) and run their own servers in the game. In many ways, operating a server is a game of its own, requiring strategic attention and rewarding those who are most effective.

“Victory” for an OP means that every team was destroyed by Aura’s predators and no one escaped with the Notarium that was harvested. Node operators work for the Notari AI construct that is programmed to terraform the planet of Aura. Therefore, OP’s are direct beneficiaries of failed extraction missions, taking the harvested Notarium for the Notari in their continued mysterious efforts.

When you create an Aura with your server that is enticing but also punishing, you’ll draw the bravest hunters into your trap and clean up everything they manage to harvest. As you collect the Notarium that came from the spilled blood of hunters, you can use it to increase the threat level and difficulty of your Aura.

Next to Come

Over the coming weeks, we will release a series of articles with more information about Last Expedition’s economic nuances, including details on things like crafting, storage and rewards. Look for more details about:

  • Meta Game recipes (crafting)
  • Blueprints
  • The backstory of Aura
  • StashCoin, CharacterCoin & XP
  • Minerals (LEMIN), Fragment Chunks (LEFC) & Core Chunks (LECC)
  • And more

Play Now

Last Expedition: Reset and New Rewards

Last Expedition: Reset and New Rewards

Attention Hunters! Strap in and prep your best loadouts, because we’re about to embark on a thrilling journey towards rewards.

It’s almost time to move forward with a major update. In preparation for an array of exciting future endeavors, we’re wiping the current leaderboards. While some of you more accomplished Hunters may feel daunted by this, we’re confident that you’ll regain all that clout and more in no time. On top of that, we’ve got some exciting rewards for your bold efforts in Aura extractions past.

Fear not, for this is just the beginning of something extraordinary!

We’re archiving all the previous leaderboard data, and to show our appreciation for your outstanding victories, you’ll get rewards to remind you of your triumphs and help you on the road ahead! 

These rewards will manifest as LE Minerals, LE Fragment Chunks, and LE Mineral Chunks, with fixed amounts of each awarded per win on your account.

Very soon these rewards will play crucial roles in the Last Expedition meta crafting system!

Start accumulating these rewards now, Hunters, as they’ll serve you well in the adventures that lie ahead. Get ready to forge your path to greatness!

Anyone can download and play on PC now through the link below. No Early Access token is required, so get out there!

Play Last Expedition

Open Season Comes to Last Expedition

Open Season Comes to Last Expedition

Open Season

Early Access token holders have been digging into Aura for a couple months now, crafting weapons and ammo, harvesting cores, and occasionally spending time in Ravagers’ bellies (we’ve all been there). They may have set themselves up for an early head start, but now it’s your turn…

That’s right. Anyone can download and play the latest pre-Alpha release now on PC through

There are Notari cores to extract and pressure alien ore to harvest. Get out there and flex your extraction muscles!

Early Access Extractions | Gala Plays Last Expedition

Early Access Extractions | Gala Plays Last Expedition

Join us for 2 hours of Last Expedition gameplay at 2pm PT on Youtube for a chance to grab an Early Access Token!

With the latest early access build running full throttle for all Hunter’s Early Access Token holders, it’s time to build up those Last Expedition chops. If you don’t start practicing soon, the Ravagers, Snappers and Porcupines will tear you apart–and they’re only the beginning of the horrors that this hostile and mysterious alien planet will throw at you.

The stream starts soon–Set a notification at the link:

Come die– I mean play with us. The challenge will be met by a handful of Gala Games team members, and this is your chance to show them what you’re made of. Don’t be surprised though if you put us to shame. We spend most of our time making games, so there’s not always a lot of time to play them. That’s why we love to come together for Gala Plays streaming events.

Your host will enjoy the game in spectator mode, with extensive audio commentary (talking about players as they die and the predators who kill them) and the ability to toggle between all players in the mission. This mode makes an especially compelling front row seat when players are surrounded, swarmed and eaten.

Watch the stream to find out which server we’ll take on, and once we have filled the first mission to a total of 16 players (from the community and the team) we’ll launch the shuttle and all hell will break loose. Once we get going, make sure you stay in the game, because you’ll probably lose your spot if you exit while we’re streaming.

Download the Game

Once you have a Hunter’s Early Access Token in your GalaChain inventory, you’ll have the ability to download the game via Additionally, you need a free Epic Games account, with which you’ll log into the early access build.

You want a Hunter’s Early Access Token in your wallet.

Win Early Access

During today’s stream, we’re ready to hand out Hunter’s Early Access Tokens to four aspiring hunters who don’t yet have access, but you’ll have to tune in live to be eligible for the giveaway!

We’re also streaming Last Expedition next Friday, so look for additional opportunities (especially in Discord) to unlock early access and get in the game before then.

After today’s stream, drop a shoutout for the hunter that carried the day in the galaxian-shoutouts Discord channel!

Prepare for ExtrACTION

Once the four teams of four drop into their chosen dropzones on the unforgiving planet of Aura, it’s a mad race against predators and players to mine resources, acquire core fragments and extract with the coveted Notari Core. Only one team can get out alive, and sometimes the aliens win.

Your team will have to work together and use every tool available to get the job done. This includes on-the-go crafting of high tech weapons and ammo, constant communication, and coordinated bubbling to locate resources and core fragments.

Once the first team has collected three fragments, the location of the Core is revealed and the final rush is on. Once the Core has been secured, it’s a mad dash to the dropship, upon which all enemies will quickly converge–players and aliens alike. Don’t assume that obtaining the Core means that you’re safe.

Friday, January 12th

Can’t make it today? Join us next Friday for another Gala Plays stream with Last Expedition. But we’ve got to warn you–we’ll be warmed up and hungry for Cores.

If you don’t yet have early access, get in the Discord and hit up your Last Expedition Node operator friends, who still may have some to spare. Otherwise, you can easily purchase the Hunter’s Early Access Pack right now in the Gala Games store, which includes a bonus rare “Ice” Skin for Specialist Hunter Alice Mackeye!

Buy Hunter’s Early Access Pack

Join the action in Discord

Live Now | A Stunning New Early Access Build

Live Now | A Stunning New Early Access Build

With a huge leap forward, the new Last Expedition Early Access build is now live and ready to take your breath away.

Hunter’s Early Access Token Holders

If you’ve been holding your breath for an even better build, this is your chance. If you haven’t played in Early Access at all yet, here are the steps to get in the game.

  1. Make sure your free Epic Games account is all set up.
  2. Make sure you are logged into your Gala Games account in your web browser.
  3. Download and install Last Expedition through
  4. Once in the game, find a server in your global region and jump in with your best Early Access crew.
To play, you’ll need one of these!

No Token Yet?

you may want to hurry up and make friends with a Last Expedition OP (Node Operator). You’ll need a worthy crew to run missions with, but Node Operators may also be holding onto some extra Early Access tokens, as multiples were included in past Operator’s Node License bundle packs.

Picking up Early Access in the Gala Games store is as easy as grabbing an Early Access Hunter’s Pack, which includes a limited edition Rare “Ice” Skin for Alice Mackeye.

Once you have that token in your GalaChain inventory, you’ll be allowed to download the Early Access build and install the game.

Last Expedition store

Look for Live Streams

Very soon, we’ll be launching a series of developer streams in which the gaming greats who created Last Expedition will take on Aura themselves, talking about the game’s future while doing their best to survive in a brutal custom server full of badass OP Mod predators.

Run Your Node

If you purchased a Last Expedition Operator’s Node License bundle in a previous sale or found an OP License in a Gala Games Mystery Pack, now’s the time to configure and start running your server.

Setting up your Last Expedition Node

No details are yet available on the future reward economy for Node Operators, but you can get your Node ready and empower other Early Access players to join in! If you’re a collector of OP Mods like the Primal Ravager, Primal Bone Snapper and Primal Porcupine, this is also your chance to pack them into your server and make it more challenging for everyone.

You can still pick up a Last Expedition Node Operator’s license now in the extended Summer OP License Bundle sale, through this link.

Watch out for Ravagers!

Let the Team Know

Between missions, come on down to the Gala Games Discord community to let us know what you think. After unveiling such an incredible new Early Access build, we’re looking forward to some great discussions in the channel, so don’t miss out!

Gala Games Discord community

Last Expedition on Gala Games