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Revolutionizing Rewards and Retention: THX Network Joins Forces with GalaChain

Revolutionizing Rewards and Retention: THX Network Joins Forces with GalaChain

In the rapidly evolving game industry, where competition for player attention is fierce, THX Network (pronounced “thanks”) is making huge strides in rewarding players and engaging communities. Harnessing the power of gratitude and rewards, THX Network has developed a marketing solution to enhance player retention while also enriching gaming experiences.

Our ongoing collaboration with THX Network supports our commitment to empowering game developers and providing unparalleled experiences to the Gala community.

The Power of “Thanks”

At its core, THX Network believes in the universal language of gratitude. By integrating seamless rewards systems into gaming platforms, THX Network offers a unique approach to player engagement and retention. Their pioneering platform allows for the swift creation of growth campaigns, enabling players to get in-game rewards without the need for players to jarringly navigate to third-party platforms. This keeps the gaming experience intact while strengthening brand loyalty.

Elevating the Gaming Experience with THX Membership

The upcoming THX Membership feature will take gaming experience to new heights. Through this membership, players gain access to exclusive quests and rewards across the network, along with governance controls that further immerse them in their favorite gaming worlds. 

By staking $THX tokens, players will have the option to support the network and receive a reward shared based on network activity. This innovative approach ensures that both players and developers will benefit from the growing digital gaming economy, whatever their preference of play.

Collaboration for Growth

The ability of THX Network to integrate quests and rewards directly within the gaming experience is a game-changer. As Mieszko Czyzyk, CEO of THX Network, puts it, “Working with Gala Games to deliver unique rewards to their ‘Gala Horde’ community is an awesome way to make sure players keep coming back.”

We’re also excited to see what THX Network has in store for GALAthon as a participating team! Learn more in the blog linked below:

THX Network’s Partnership Announcment

THX Network and GalaChain: A Perfect Synergy

The integration of THX Network with GalaChain is a great example of blockchain powering up the gaming industry. THX Network’s non-custodial wallet will be integrated seamlessly with GalaChain, simplifying reward transfers and making every part of the process easier for both gamers and developers. 

The dashboard provided by THX Network allows marketers and growth managers to quickly launch and update campaigns, significantly reducing the workload on development teams. Furthermore, THX’s powerful quest SDK offers a quick and efficient way to map game events to rewards, saving invaluable development time and allowing teams to focus on what they do best.

A More Rewarding Future

The partnership between GalaChain and THX Network is more than just a technical integration; it’s a step towards a future where gaming is not just about competition but also about recognition and gratitude. The active quests powered by THX Network for various Gala products and projects are already enhancing player engagement and fostering a stronger community.

As we continue to explore this exciting collaboration, we invite the Gala community and game developers worldwide to discover how THX Network can transform the gaming experience. Together, we are not just playing games; we are building a more rewarding and connected gaming world.

For more details on how THX Network is revolutionizing the gaming industry and to join this journey, visit THX Network and become part of the future of gaming. Follow them on X and Linkedin and join their Discord community to stay updated on the latest quests and rewards.

THX Network on X
THX Network on Linkedin

Welcome to the next level of gaming engagement, where every ‘thank you’ is a step towards a more vibrant and connected gaming universe.

Gala Music Referrals: Share the Music for More Rewards

Gala Music Referrals: Share the Music for More Rewards

Turn up the volume to empower your fellow listeners with the new Gala Music referral program!

We’re better together.

In the web3 world, that rings true like a perfectly placed power chord at the moment the crowd goes wild. That’s why we’re bringing back some classic referral rewards, encouraging each of you to share the love and spread the music, so that we can all make more music–together.

Don’t worry. This isn’t some corruptible account farming situation where the bots will come in and ruin everyone’s fun. This is just a good ol’ gamified opportunity to spread the word and earn some additional MUSIC rewards when your referred users take action and start digging into the Gala Music platform. When you come back and tell them how excited you are to get some extra MUSIC, they’ll start sharing themselves. Hey, we all love music, and with a rapidly growing catalog of awesome emerging artists, Gala Music has something for everyone.

How It Works

The daily MUSIC distribution for referrals is based on a point system, and the total amount of MUSIC in the daily pool is determined by the total amount of MUSIC spent on the platform in each 24-hour period. There are a couple different actions from your referred users that will help you stash some points:

  1. Run a Jukebox Node for the first time = 15 points

Node operators are the backbone of the decentralized ecosystems across Gala, whether they’re powering a game, forming the foundation of the network, or empowering listeners to earn rewards for the Gala Music tracks they own. When you refer a user that goes on to run their first Jukebox Node, this referral bonus is a token of our gratitude.

  1. They Pair a Purchased Track with a Community Jukebox Node = 1 point

When your referred users start collecting tracks, they’ll want to pair them with active Jukebox Nodes to unlock daily MUSIC rewards for that track based on its popularity. When your referred user pairs their new track for the first time with a Jukebox Node, you’ll get a point in that day’s referral distribution.

Please note that these referral rewards are for the first time a user you referred performs these actions

You’ll find your unique referral link in the top right corner of each track page, as pictured below:


Q: What if I already referred users to Gala using the social share link on Gala Games?

A: Those users will still qualify you for referral rewards if and when they ran a Jukebox Node for the first time or pair a track to a Jukebox Node for the first time.

Q: Is there a cookie referral window?

A: There is no cookie time duration currently. Referred accounts created are noted on your account forever as referred users.

Q: Is there a reward for referring listens?

A: No, this would be too easy to abuse, ruining everyone’s fun and rewards.

We’re psyched to offer a new way for casual users of the Gala Music platform to support their favorite artists and uplift the entire ecosystem while earning some MUSIC rewards for themselves. By referring your friends and inviting others to the Gala Music party, you can start to make some MUSIC of your own, and before you know it you’re building your Track collection!

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Echoes of Empire: The Litepaper

Echoes of Empire: The Litepaper

Echoes of Empire is a web3 space MMO that combines deep strategy, engaging gameplay, and a dynamic economic system of player ownership. Set in a vast universe consisting of quadrants of space, players can explore, trade, and fight to expand their influence and claim territory. This litepaper outlines the core gameplay mechanics and interactions, providing a comprehensive overview of the game’s design, mechanics, and economic plans.

Overview of Gameplay 


The core of Echoes of Empire gameplay takes place on a massive scale, larger than any simple planetary inhabitant can comprehend. Each player is the leader of a noble house or family that controls a huge Homebase space station with the capacity to explore known space, mine resources from Celestial Bodies, craft thousands of ships, and battle with enemies. Players are far too important in the grand scheme of the game’s narrative to be relegated to a single planet or habitable moon; therefore, the Echoes of Empire board is the entirety of known outer space. In fact, within the game’s Galaxy view, players and Celestial Objects are represented as tabletop gaming tokens.

Players interact with the game in either Homebase view, where ships, base buildings and blueprints are upgraded and resources are collected, or Galaxy view, where Celestial Bodies and enemy Homebases are viewable for things like harvest deployments and raids. 

In Echoes of Empire from Gala Games, each player gets a massive Homebase station for launching their conquest!
Your Homebase is HUGE–Big enough to build and manage entire fleets and military operations.


In Echoes of Empire, each player explores the sprawling remains of the crumbled Empire, whose holdings are all up for grabs. Players explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate their way to intergalactic notoriety, using technology from the 3 galactic factions (Arbeiters, Royals and Garrison) which led to the Empire’s downfall. The player’s primary role is that of curator/collector, using resources and strategy to maximize efficiency and growth.

Echoes of Empire is built around various gameplay interactions that drive the player’s experience. These interactions can be broadly classified into the following categories: 

  • Exploration: Through exploration, players can discover and navigate new Celestial Objects. A Celestial Object is anything marked on the Galaxy map and given a rarity.
  • Combat: Players engage in strategic battles with enemy fleets to achieve strategic objectives or to protect their own assets. At launch, combat will take place only at players’ Homebases and at Celestial Objects that contain resource mines. Future updates will expand the locations where combat can take place.
  • Trade: To fulfill individual needs or advance their in-game goals, each player may trade resources and assets with other players, but full trade features will not yet be available at launch. 
  • Progression: By advancing their character, fleet, or assets through various activities and mechanics, players can unlock new abilities and features.
  • Questing: Players participate in narrative-driven missions or tasks, challenging them to achieve specific objectives and receive rewards.
  • Landholding: Players may acquire and manage their own Celestial Objects via Celestial Claims in order to control resources, access services, and establish strategic presence.
  • Provisioning: Various items known broadly as Featured Holdings may be obtained through transactions, crafting, or other in-game methods to build and maintain a player’s inventory.
  • Management: Through resource allocation and strategic decision-making, players can optimize the performance of holdings, such as Fleets and Celestial Objects.
  • Maintenance: Players must keep up their Homebases and stay competitive by maintaining the functionality and durability of their holdings. Examples are repairing and salvaging ships or managing Homebase operations.

Player Goals

The player’s primary goals are to increase their prominence and influence throughout the Celestial Objects in the various ways described below.

While elements of PvP contention exist and form strong parts of the Echoes of Empire narrative, they are not central to the player experience of upgrading and expanding one’s empire.

Economic System

The economic system consists of several key components, including resource generation and consumption, sinks and faucets, and the role of the game’s web3 elements made possible by GalaChain.

Resource Generation and Consumption

Conquer and mine the galaxy with Echoes of Empire, the 4x adventure in space from Gala Games.
Send multiple fleets to harvest resources from multiple mines on a single Celestial Object like this Epic planet.

Resources are in-game (non-minted) tokens necessary for various interactions such as crafting, trade, and progression. There are 3 main resources (Ore, Vapor, Composite) that can be generated through multiple means (faucets):

  • Harvesting: Players can collect resources from mines on various Celestial Objects scattered throughout the universe.
  • Production: Homebases produce resources over time via the 3 upgradeable Extractor buildings. Each Extractor also has a corresponding Vault that allows a certain quantity of the designated resource to be protected against raids. In order to maximize Extractor resource production, players must regularly harvest extracted resources. Upgrading Extractors increases maximum time between claims while maintaining efficiency.
  • Salvage: When a player has upgraded their Capital Ship Blueprints and unlocked higher tiers of ships, old ships may be scrapped for resources.
  • Achievement: Players can acquire resources through trade or other in-game interactions such as quests. This includes the new player tutorial, in which valuable resources are awarded for upgrading Homebase buildings.
  • Trade: With a future update, resources will become tradable between players, or with NPC “vendors.”

These resources can also be consumed in several ways to benefit the player experience, including (sinks):

  • Crafting: Players use resources to create items such as ships 
  • Trade: With a future update, resources will become tradable between players, or with NPC “vendors.”
  • Upkeep, Upgrades and Maintenance: Players must spend resources to upgrade and maintain their fleets, Homebases, and owned Celestial Objects.

$GALA Integration and Rewards

Echoes of Empire is powered by GalaChain.

By leveraging web3 tech, Echoes of Empire provides a transparent and secure environment for economic and social interactions. The use of minted items enables players to own in-game assets, such as Ships, Blueprints, Celestial Objects and more. These owned items can be bridged off GalaChain or traded through the in-game marketplace (in a future update).

Many owned items can be permanently upgraded on-chain, allowing active players to use both gameplay and secondary market commerce to find opportunities to increase their in-game holdings.

A designated in-game (non-minted) currency called Stardust is central to the reward structure for Echoes of Empire.


Stardust is a special in-game token that can only be obtained by harvesting the mines on Celestial Objects that are owned by other players. When a Celestial Object is unowned, it does not produce Stardust, but if it gets claimed by an owner via a Celestial Claim Token, it will begin producing Stardust.

$GALA is earned and distributed daily from a reward pool (described in detail below) to all eligible players, and Stardust is the sole determining factor for daily $GALA distribution rewards for players.

Raiding for Stardust

Players may raid one another and steal Stardust, and a certain amount of Stardust is protected according to the Homebase level of their Command Center.

Stardust to $GALA Rewards

Each day at 2pm PT, 50% of the Stardust stored in each player’s Homebase is burned and replaced in the player’s Gala account as a $GALA claim allowance. The amount of $GALA available in this reward pool is determined by the total spent on purchases made in the Echoes of Empire store from the previous day.

The percentage of Stardust contributed to the daily burn is directly proportional to the percentage of $GALA from the reward pool that player will receive. $GALA reward tokens will build up daily as a Claim Allowance, to be claimed when the player chooses through their account.

Owners of Celestial Objects also automatically receive a portion of the Stardust generated from other players’ mining of the mines on that Celestial Object. Owners of Celestial Objects set the percentage of Stardust that will be shared with them when the mines on their Celestial Object are used by other players.

“Ownable” Items

Several types of items in Echoes of Empire can be owned by players as GalaChain minted items. This section of the Litepaper outlines the different types of ownership available to players within the game.

Credit Packs

Credits are an in-game currency used for an edge in Echoes of Empire, the 4x space adventure from Gala Games.
Players can complete upgrades and builds at FTL speed when using Credits! 

Credits are a special in-game currency that is sometimes rewarded for achievements. Resource packs (Composite, Ore, Vapor) may be purchased in-game directly for Credits, or Credits may be spent to expedite (eliminate wait time on) upgrade and building processes.

Credit Packs are sold as expendable minted items in the Gala Games store.

Special Blueprints

Capital Ship Blueprints are upgraded in the Research Lab of a Player’s Homebase. Some special Blueprints are only available as GalaChain minted items, purchased from the Gala Games store.

Skins and Cosmetics

Players can use minted items such as Homebase Skins, Ship Skins or exclusive Avatars to create a personalized experience within the game.

Celestial Objects

Echoes of Empire is a sci fi 4x adventure that launches on January 30th, 2024 from Gala Games.
Celestial Objects come in many different sizes, types and rarities.

Celestial Objects are in-game locations that offer resources, services, or strategic opportunities. Many Celestial Objects may be claimed for ownership by players through the use of a Celestial Claim token for the object’s corresponding sector and rarity.

Essentially, every marked location in the Galaxy view is a Celestial Object, but not every Celestial Object is owned or has the option to be claimed by an owner. For example, no Common Celestial Claim Tokens have been sold via presale, but there are many Common Celestial Objects throughout the Echoes of Empire Galaxy.

Claiming a Celestial Object

By owning a Celestial Claim Token, a player gains the ability to Claim any Celestial Object of the Claim’s specified rarity in the specified quadrant. This Claim action is permanent and may be taken directly from the game’s Galaxy view.

When you claim a Celestial Object using a Celestial Claim Token, your Claim Token is burned and a new Deed token for that Celestial Object is minted to your Gala account, immediately accessible in-game.

Celestial Object Upgrades and Maintenance

Depending on its rarity, your Celestial Object can be upgraded to unlock more mines or additional resources.

By understanding the different types of ownership in Echoes of Empire, players can make informed decisions about how to engage with the game’s economic systems, social interactions, and strategic opportunities. This dynamic landscape of ownership creates an immersive and player-driven experience that lies at the heart of the Echoes of Empire universe.

Prepare for Launch

Echoes of Empire combines engaging 4x gameplay with a dynamic, player-driven economy to foster a rewarding and immersive player experience that always puts quality of gameplay first.

There are many more details and strategic nuances to Echoes of Empire than have been shared in this litepaper, so look out for updates from the development team as we prepare for launch before the end of January 2024.

Echoes of Empire is a sci fi 4x adventure that launches on January 30th, 2024 from Gala Games.
The rush for galactic glory begins on Tuesday, January 30th!

Subject to Change

Any and all details in this litepaper document are subject to change without notice and for any reason. This document has been presented in good faith to the Gala Games community to assist Echoes of Empire fans in their early strategic decisions.

Any substantial edits to this document will be announced to the community in Discord and logged at the bottom of this blog.

Spider Tanks: Calculating Victory

Spider Tanks: Calculating Victory

Alright Pilots, get yourself some scratch paper and let’s dive into the numbers behind battle rewards!

Battles in the arena are– in a way– their own reward. The thrill of victory, the smell of burning fuel… this is what true arena champions are all about, but Spider Tanks brings you rewards that go a little beyond the pure satisfaction of destroying your opponents.

Today, we’re going to dive into the Victory Point formula for battles and hopefully shed some light on the finer functions of the great machine that is the arena. This will let all Pilots plan out their entire rise to glory from their humble beginnings to their highest hopes of Tank Pilot glory.

The Victory Points (VPs) you could potentially win each match are influenced by a number of factors. Your Rank, the rarity and level of your Tank Parts, and how many battles you’ve already won using those specific Parts that day are the major variables in how many VPs you’ll rack up from each victory. Other factors– such as Honor– may also eventually affect your potential VPs.

Note: This is a snapshot of how the VP battle reward system currently works at the time of this article. Fun gameplay, balance and sustainability will always be priorities of Spider Tanks. If necessary, this formula may be altered in the future to better support those core goals.

Base VP Potential

Determining the amount of VP you could earn from each win starts with your base potential. This is a set number for each rarity and level to which multipliers are applied to reward you VP. Each Tank Part has an independent value for its potential VP… even if it’s a Hero Tank that was purchased as a package, all Weapons and Bodies are accounted for separately in VP calculations.

Weapons tend to have roughly 30% more VP potential from each win than Bodies of equal rarity and level. This is due to the original pricing disparity between Weapons and Bodies. As Weapons often define a playstyle more than Bodies, this also helps discourage players from swapping out Bodies only to augment VP without the work of mastering another Weapon in the arena.

The following charts represent the base theoretical maximum VP potential of each rarity/level Tank Part for a particular day. This is before any modifiers are applied for Rank or upgrade quality.

You’re welcome to pick through these numbers and check out what the potential for your specific build is, but even at a glance it should be obvious how important the level of any specific Part is in relation to VP potential. Once other factors are introduced, this base number will massively affect your overall VP gain from wins, as multipliers can make minor changes in your level more pronounced.

Starting Strong

Now that we’ve discussed the intrinsic VP potential of each rarity and level of Tank Part, let’s get into what factors influence that to arrive at the amount of VP you receive from each win.

First off, each win in a given day with a specific Tank Part will reward diminishing VPs. As we said earlier, the charts above are to indicate what the theoretical maximum is for a particular Part, but in reality you’ll continue to win diminishing amounts of VP indefinitely. The first few wins each day will give you a much larger share of VPs than your 19th and 20th.

By 5 wins in a day, you should be just shy of 50% of your Tank Part’s total theoretical potential. At 10 wins, you’ll have received around 75% of that total potential. By 20 wins, you’ve received right about 95% of all total VP you could possibly get from that Tank Part that day. You’ll never totally stop winning VP with any Part, but the amount you receive will continue to diminish exponentially as you win more and more.

Swapping out Tank Parts doesn’t have to be done at the same time to get your full VP. Each is factored separately then added together to give you your total VP from winning a match. If you’ve already won 10 matches on a Titan/Crossbow and you swap out the Crossbow for a Cannon you haven’t used that day but keep the Titan, you’ll be getting a fresh flow of potential VP from the Weapon, but your Body will still have the diminishing returns of 10 matches won.

Upgrade Quality

Every upgrade on a Tank Part randomizes several stats independently of each other within a range. The overall quality grade (Decent, Good, Great, Excellent, Perfect) is a generalized measurement of how high these rolls are rather than the factor that determines them. The best upgrades are called “Perfect”, but one Perfect may be slightly numerically better than another.

For VP calculations, the quality of all your upgrades up to level 30 is taken as a percentage measurement of how close to numerically perfect they cumulatively all are together. This is used to determine a multiplier between 1 and 2 applied to your base VP potential.

A level 0 Tank Part (or a Tank Part with the worst possible upgrades each level!) is 0% quality, so its multiplier would be 1. A level 30 Part with only absolutely mathematically perfect upgrades would be 100% quality, thus a multiplier of 2. It’s important to note that it’s incredibly unlikely any Tank Part will ever have a full multiplier of 2 in this calculation.

This crucially assumes 100% quality is 30 levels of totally mathematically perfect rolls. A level 15 Weapon with absolutely perfect rolls to that point would be 50% quality (15/30) and have a multiplier of 1.5.

Upgrade costs increase as you get higher, spread across all Components required by the specific Part. Weapons cost more to upgrade than equivalent Bodies, in line with their increased potential VP. At a different level for each Part and rarity, upgrades will begin to require Arachnium and will require increasing amounts until level 30. Epic rarity and higher Tank Parts will require Arachnium starting at the first upgrade, though they do start at a higher level.

Battle Ranking

Your overall Elo rating is the number behind that bar that fills up or drops down when each match ends. This number is used for matchmaking and Rank calculations and increases or decreases based on your wins and losses, but also on your performance in each match, how successful your opponents were in other matches, etc. Though at this scale and speed the system can seem complex, it’s something most people are very familiar with. It is the same basic ranking system used by most major sports leagues.

This Elo rating is also (at the time of writing this article) the only factor in VP calculation that does not rely on your specific Tank Parts. This one is all about you as a Pilot!

The multiplier from your Elo can be anywhere from .5 to 2 depending on your overall position among active players. The lowest Elo score in the game has a multiplier of .5– halving VP received from any win. The highest Elo score will have a multiplier of 2 — doubling VP received from any win. The vast majority of players will fall somewhere in the center of this spectrum, but increasing your rating relative to other players will always increase the multiplier applied to your VPs.

Adding It All Up

So now that we know what factors go into VP calculation, we can simplify it down to a pretty basic equation for how many VPs you’ll receive from your first win each day.

VP=(VPbase) x (Quality Multiplier) x (Elo Multiplier)

After the first win you’ll receive gradually less from each until a new day starts, but you can use the charts above to estimate what that base should be after you reach your win goal for the day.

The SILK distribution based on daily VP you win varies depending on a number of factors. More SILK spent within the Spider Tanks Ecosystem results in more SILK being distributed, whereas more SILK in circulation but not being spent results in less SILK being distributed daily.

This distribution is designed to gravitate around 1000 VP resulting in one SILK during that day’s distribution, but it could be higher or lower any given day depending on the factors mentioned above. This figure also depends on consistent spend in-game, and if users stop burning SILK, there will obviously be no SILK to be added to the remint quantity, reducing this number.

For Victory!

Knowledge is an important part of each battle in the arena, and hopefully this crash course in the math behind your battles lets you get an edge every time you get in the driver’s seat.

Remember, it’s all about victory at the end of the day! Knowing the systems running under the hood in the arena won’t do anything if you can’t triumph over your opponents. So get out there! Blow some stuff up and rack up some wins today!

We’ll be returning to dive into more numbers soon, so if you have any questions about this basic overview, shout them out in the comments below or let us know on Discord!