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Rewarding Activity and Networking in the Gala Music Ecosystem

July 2, 2024
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At Gala Music, we’re all about empowering artists, fans and collectors to create a new world of music where anyone’s success is everyone’s success. Incentives to share are some of the most important ways that we can empower everyone while improving the platform’s long term success and scalability.

Tracing today’s web3 back to its earliest days will reveal a narrative whose backstory began with marketing ideas such as loyalty programs, incentives and networking. The founder of Gala saw an ecosystem where everyone was stronger together, recognizing that if an entertainment company could properly incentivize its users to share the vision with new users, then everyone could benefit from the money saved that would otherwise go to social media advertising companies and their stranglehold on web2 marketing. By pairing this revolutionary idea with the empowerment made possible by blockchain tech, Gala was able to thrive by rewarding its early adopters.

If you’re familiar with Gala Music at all, you already know that you can own NFT tracks for a share in the daily $MUSIC generated by the plays of your track on the platform. But you may not realize that there are tons of other ways (besides track ownership) to start stacking $MUSIC rewards of your own!

Gala Music Rewards

In Gala Music, engagement rewards are simple and (in true Gala fashion) somewhat gamified. Using a daily distribution point system, we are able to add yet another strategic dimension to your Gala Music experience. Each day, a portion of new $MUSIC is available for distribution as rewards for activity on the platform.

Qualifying actions for these rewards are designated in the Whitepaper as Ecosystem Supporting Actions. Making up 25% of the generated $MUSIC on a daily basis, they are designed to promote the growth of a healthy ecosystem and give all users a way to generate $MUSIC simply by engaging with Gala Music. For most rewards, there is no requirement to own NFT items, and for some, there is no spending prerequisite of any kind!

To determine the amount of $MUSIC that a user will receive for their interaction, various platform sharing activities qualify the user for various numbers of points. Then at the end of each 24 hour period, $MUSIC rewards are distributed proportionally to those points.

Below is the current list of point-qualifying actions and how many points are received for each. 

  1. A referred user purchases and pairs an NFT track – 1 Point
  2. A referred user purchases a Jukebox Node – 15 Points
  3. You tip an artist >250 $MUSIC – 10 Points
  4. You purchase and pair a new NFT track – 5 Points
  5. You unlock a new Jukebox Node slot – 50 Points
  6. You purchase an All Access Experience – 5 Points
  7. You redeem a Mystery Box – 5 Points
  8. Listen to unique tracks – Up to 10 Points
  9. You purchase a Jukebox Node – 500 Points
  10. Live stream chat – 1 Point
  11. BEATS live stream purchase – 5 Points

Learn more about the various types of engagement rewards on Gala Music’s Referrals and Rewards page.

Swap $GALA for $MUSIC on GalaSwap

As the Gala ecosystem continues to grow, your referred users will continue to be connected to you for various rewards and situations where you may receive credit for referring them. Do not underestimate the power of referrals in the web3 world. With Gala’s dream of onboarding the first billion users to blockchain in the entire world, imagine how many of those could be your referrals!

How to Share

You’ll find your referral link in multiple locations of your Gala Music account, such as at the top of the Referrals and Rewards page.

Additionally, if you use the social share option on individual tracks to share directly on social media, your referral will automatically be connected when your friends create an account as a result of your share.

That’s it! Get out there and start sharing your favorite Gala Music tracks and referring new users. 🔥

Rewards are waiting.

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